Disneyland Paris & the environment

Final Thoughts

What is particularly remarkable about the work that Disneyland Paris is doing around sustainability is that is isn’t a simple buzzword, it is something that is lived and breathed by Cast Members who are dedicated to their craft; Cast Members such as Nicole, Marilya, Manon and Mireille. 

“Disneyland Paris is like a town” we were told upon learning more about efforts needed to achieve the resort’s ambitious environmental goals. Welcoming thousands of tourists each and every day means that an immense number of Cast Members and outreach activities are needed in order to get Disneyland Paris to its carbon goals. But these efforts are working: the resort has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 13.5% since 2012 and the resort is becoming increasingly sustained by Geothermal heat (40% of heat used in the parks is coming from this source).

Life of Earth - Disneyland Paris nighttime show for Earth Month
Life on Earth is a Disney Illuminations pre-show which is performed nightly during Earth Month (April)

Large scale campaigns are being launched that engage Cast Members (such as Environmentally awards which recognise steps that individuals and groups of Cast Members have taken to reduce their Carbon Footprint), but also has seen Disneyland Paris go out into its wider community; the Disney VoluntEars have hosted workshops at the Potager de Rémy which give young guests the chance to learn more about the origins of their food but also how to reduce the footprint of their food intake.

Can Disneyland Paris do more for the environment? Of course it can, but the steps taken so far are significant and have radically transformed the resort in a relatively short amount of time. The Walt Disney quote ‘Disneyland will never be complete. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world’ is also very true for environmental schemes undertaken. The work will never be finished, but Disneyland Paris is leading the way in the European (and global) theme park world, this is something that deserves to be celebrated.

A huge thank you to the Disneyland Paris Communications and Press teams for allowing such fantastic access to the Environment teams and to all Cast Members we met during our time on this tour. 

Let's explore how Disneyland Paris helps protect the environment

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