Disneyland Paris & the environment

6 Environmental Goals

As part of Disneyland Paris’ Environmentality scheme, there are 6 main goals that the resort is currently working on.

1 – Reducing Emissions
This is best demonstrated through the work the resort has carried out on renewable energy sources including the Geothermal Energy Centre, but also the upcoming solar panel work at the main Guest Parking Area. This scheme will allow the parking area to have multiple purposes and conserve space whilst also carrying out an important role in energy production.

The Aqualagon at Villages Nature Paris
The Aqualagon at Villages Nature Paris is heated exclusively through geothermal energy

2- Diverting Waste
Disneyland Paris has a bin every 20 meters or so; when walking throughout the park, you will often observe that you are never far from a bin, this encourages cleanliness amongst guests and now many bins across the resort are accompanied by a recycling bin.

Disneyland Paris have two teams who are dedicated to waste management and ensuring that waste that can be recycled goes to the right place. The team also look after comporting and biomethanization. The resort has set themselves a goal of 60% operational waste diversion rate by 2020.

3 – Water Conservation
By having a water treatment plant embedded in the resort, the only European theme park to have such a scheme, the resort produces 2,100m3 of water per day that fills waterways and irrigation system across the resort.

Water Treatment Centre at Disneyland Paris
The Water Treatment Centre, located backstage at Disneyland Paris

4- Biodiversity
This covers the horticultural team, but also teams who work on food produce. The Hotel Cheyenne plays host to the Potager de Rémy which produces 15 different types of vegetable to supply restaurants across the Disney Parks and Hotels.

Beehives at Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch, Disneyland Paris
Beehives at Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch

Disneyland Paris also has 3 beehive areas which can produce up to 3,000 pots of honey per year that are sold in the resort shops (usually in the Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street USA). 

5- Inspiring actions for future generations
Disneyland Paris takes its responsibility in guest and community teaching seriously. Signs across the resort help identify environmental schemes, but also local groups are able to come to the resort and visit places such as the Potager de Rémy to learn about the schemes and their importance.

Disneyland Paris run educational schemes to pass on inspiration for future generations

6- Develop a responsible supply chain
Whilst Disneyland Paris knows that it has responsibility for its own actions, it also has a deep understanding that its size and influence can have a influence on its supply chain. By promoting sustainability at every level, Disneyland Paris can both improve itself, but wider society – something that is highly admirable.

Let's explore how Disneyland Paris helps protect the environment

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