Yacht Club: Restaurant Review

The Yacht Club restaurant is a table service outlet in Disney's Newport Bay Club. Serving a range of dishes, could this be the sleeper hit of the resort?

Disney’s Newport Bay Club features two restaurants – one of which is a buffet Cape Cod, and the other a table service location known as the Yacht Club.

As part of the InsidEars Hotel and Resorts Discovery weekend, DLP Town Square was invited to dine at this restaurant. 

Theme and decor

As you may imagine, and fitting in with the New England nautical theme of the hotel, the Yacht Club takes on a very nautical flavour. Dotted around the restaurant are beautiful models of yachts with naval decor throughout the whole restaurant. 

Inside there are two rooms, the main dining room and a secondary private dining area (primarily reserved for groups). The combination of decor, lighting and sounds make this feel like a high-class and premium dining experience. 

Private dining room at the Yacht Club - Disneyland Paris

The most beautiful of the tables is the ‘Captain’s Table’. This table seats 7 guests in a circle close to the window with a lake view. 

Captain's Table at the Yacht Club - Disneyland Paris

Additional fun details come in the way of the napkins which are folded to resemble a boat when arriving at the restaurant – it is details like this that are the Disney Difference, and it’s a joy to see that alive here.  

Yacht Club Napkins at Disneyland Paris


The menu is a primarily nautical affair opting for more seafood dishes, but with plenty of offer for those who are not fond of fish. 

For starter I took the Vegetable Soup which, presumably, is seasonal. The portion was just the right size for me – I’m not much of a starter person – and was nice and light. The only negative here is that it was a touch too salty, but I still enjoyed regardless. 

For Main I took the cod, tartare sauce and fries. The presentation of the dish looked pleasing, and the taste matched it. The cod was nice and flaky with plenty of flavour. For those expecting a traditional English Fish and Chips, this is not it but it does tickle the tastebuds and is beautifully cooked. The portion was plenty big enough for me as I found myself struggling towards the end. 

Cod and Chips at Yacht Club - Disneyland Paris

Desert was the Tarte aux Pommes (or Apple Tart in English). This, for me, was the highlight of the entire meal. It came presented beautifully with these fine apple slices laid delicately upon the thin pastry base, with a scoop of ice cream on top, all finished off with two small slices of fresh apple. For one, the taste was divine and for second, the fresh apple slices provided that wonderful contrast that set this dish apart. I would eat at this restaurant again especially for the Apple Tart! 

Tarte aux Pommes at Yacht Club - Disneyland Paris

Should you eat at the Yacht Club?

All things considered, is the Yacht Club worth a try on your upcoming Disneyland Paris visits? Without a doubt, the decor feels luxurious and fits with the theme of the hotel and the food is generally of a high standard, I did not hear a complaint about it’s quality throughout the meal. 

Yacht Club Menu at Disneyland Paris

Obviously, if you’re a day guest, this restaurant is quite a walk – I would still say it is worth a visit though – but for guests of the Disney hotels, there is no doubt that you should take a visit. 

My tip? Try to book at sunset and enjoy the stunning views over Lake Disney – trust me, that is one mighty fine view! 

Sunset at Disney's Newport Bay Club - Disneyland Paris