What’s New, What’s Next Day 2 Recap: Merchandising!

The event that has sent fantastic positive energy running through the Disneyland Paris twitter feeds continued today, whilst we received slightly less news, what we did read excited many Disneyland Paris fans.

The lucky bloggers and website owners met Régis Alart, a name not unfamiliar to Disneyland Paris fans as he previously worked as a Disneyland Paris ambassador and now works in the merchandising team, more specifically collectables.

The Phantom Manor attraction merchandise is selling well, and this line will soon be extended. (As we’ve already seen with lanyards coming next week).
There are new Vinylmations to come soon, including The Little Mermaid series, Pins have seen a strong 2013 and they seem to be very happy with the way that is going in Disneyland Paris.

Today’s big news was a new ‘Art on Demand’ service in the Disney Gallery Store in Disney Village. The system is simple enough, walk over to a screen, search through the listings and find a piece you like, select how you want it finished, and it’s framing. Take the ticket to the counter and pay. Your art will be at your house in 2-3 weeks.  The beauty of the system is that, whilst over 200 pieces are on the system now, more can be added at any time without having to create more stock. The customer gets the art they want.

You will be able to buy attraction posters (a long-awaited feature from Disneyland Paris fans), and images of Walt and many more Disney related images.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
The invitees were then given a tour backstage at Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Disney Village, see Magic Forum soon for a full report on that.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is the second most popular show in Disneyland Paris after Disney Dreams! and will see a Halloween version added in October, the show will also soon get some new signage.

Some news from yesterday that was reported today was that Tarzan the Encounter will return to Disneyland Paris soon.
The Disney’s Blockbuster Café has changed overnight! The High School Musical themeing has been removed and Iron Man has arrived.

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