Welcome to the new look DLP Town Square!

Hello and Welcome to the new look DLP Town Square.

This redesign has been about six months in the making. About 2 weeks after launching the site, I went into a period of redesign – I wanted something looking nice and clean. Six months and three drafts later, here we are – and I really do hope you like it! The majority of articles made the jump across, some got deleted due to poor quality, all got reformatted, checked over and improved.

I really didn’t like taking the site down for most of the week, but the decision was made due to the huge leap in platform that the time was needed to iron out all problems.

So, have a look around, explore and let me know what you think. Some pages aren’t quite finished, some will always be a work in progress.

Thanks for your patience.


– Let me know what you think. Either via e-mail (info@dlptownsquare.com), Facebook or Twitter.


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