Weekly News: Windows, Music and Watchdog

Weekly News 23rd May banner

A busy week for Disneyland Paris fans. Ratatouille continues to advance at fast speed, the resort was featured on the BBC’s consumer-rights program Watchdog and a wonderful new window display has gone up in Discovery Arcade. It’s the weekly news of course! (And actually on a Friday for once!)

Ratatouille Area Loop Tested In New Video

Music is a key part of a Disneyland Paris experience, each part of the park has it’s own unique sound and Ratatouille is no different. The loop we’ll be hearing along La Place de Rémy will be a mix of the original Ratatouille score (one imagines the same will be true for the attraction as well).

The French Disney fansite Radio Disney Club took this video featuring an area loop test from everybodies favourite fence in Toy Story Playland.

I’ll wait until I’m in the area to pass judegment, but from what I hear from this video; it sounds good! I would like a slower, romantic loop for those twilight evenings when the area is illuminated. But that’s just me.

My friend, Disneyland Berry also disclosed a few new pieces of Ratatouille information:

  • The queue area will hold around 70 minutes of queuing space.
  • Narration on the attraction will be in both English and French
  • Cast Members will wear luxurious and exclusive new costumes.
  • Ratmobiles will have variants in 5 different colours.
  • La Place de Rémy will be joined by Allée des Marchands and Rue Auguste Gusteau
Wonderful New Window Display In Discovery Arcade

OSRAM have been a sponsor of Disneyland Paris for well over a year now, and their presence is being felt more and more as time goes by. And that is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Rather, on the contrary, it’s a good thing. This new window display designed by David Goebel is a wonderful demonstration of just what Disneyland Park is – a great themed adventure. I’m glad that if an advertisement was going to be placed, it has been done in this tasteful way. In fact, it actually improves on the previous display. To all involved in this – bravo!

Disneyland Paris On BBC’s Watchdog Over Hotel Refurbishment

For so long, Disneyland Paris fans have been wanting these hotel refurbishments. But it would seem that some guests are less than pleased.

This BBC Watchdog report (Possibly UK only!) laid some very interesting claims about the resort. Most of which are true. But unlike the report claims, most of which are not hidden anywhere – and are communicated to guests.

Disneyland Paris is currently in the process of a large-scale hotel refurbishment plan, currently Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay Club is going through this refubishment. Disneyland Paris told the travel agent that the featured family (The Cook-Thomas family) who are due to be going in June 2014. However, the travel agent did not pass this information along to the family who only found out after a friend did some research and told them.  You don’t have to research far, as a quick look on the UK Disneyland Paris website quite clearly states the works, and what will be closed. Oddly, for a short Disneyland Paris break, the family seemed more concerned with all-you-can-eat buffets and a Jacuzzi – naturally the closed facilities disapointed them. Disneyland Paris offered a cancellation, or a hotel upgrade (at cost). So, a smiley presenter – looking thrilled to be getting a license-fee paid trip to Disneyland Paris – set off on a hidden camera style tour to investigate what was really going on. (Obviously, the result was going to be, exactly what Disneyland Paris’ website said would be going on). So, happy presenter is sent on his way to look at the hotel restaurants. These are closed. But don’t worry – Dinner is still served in the Convention centre. The decor isn’t quite as nice – but the food is more than likely the exact same quality. The Swimming Pool is advertised as being closed on the Disneyland Paris website. The intrepid reporter went to investigate. Sure enough, just as Disney stated. It’s closed. The presenter looks to camera and states what is closed, almost in a way that makes him sound surprised. But it’s printed quite clearly elsewhere.

Perhaps the most flabbergasting moment of the report is the look of shock when the reporter decides to open a door with large letters on it “Chantier, Interdit au Public” and finds a building site. These areas of the hotel are ‘forbidden’ for a reason. But don’t worry guys – it’s all Disney’s fault!

Or is it? It’s clearly all the Travel Agent’s fault. Not passing on key information to the customers is a huge issue. But researching your destination before visiting is key, especially a year-round theme park resort such as Disneyland Paris. Nevertheless, the customer changes hotels and will be enjoying their holiday (presumably at Disney’s Hotel New York).

Disneyland Paris released a statement – which you may read here. 

So, as a Disneyland Paris fan, you probably are not surprised on my viewpoint. Nevertheless, I’d love to hear yours. Comment below, or send them to me via e-mail or twitter.

A Half Marathon Heading To Disneyland Paris?

Let’s end on some better news shall we? This morning Disneyland Paris’ Cast Member association CastMemberland operated a fun-run. Nothing out the ordinary there? But shortly after an image appeared on Instagram of a button given at the finish telling Cast Members to get ready for a Half Marathon on September 1st 2015. Is this the long-rumoured RunDisney event? Well, this news clearly wasn’t intended on being released today, as the images on instagram have now been deleted.

So, speculate away Disneyland Paris fans!


And that’s about it this week! Thank you for reading, have an excellent weekend! (And enjoy the holiday weekend if you are in the UK!)