Weekly news: New maps & April Pins!

Weekly News banner - Ratatouille Walt Disney Studios Map blurred.

You know when you’re a Disneyland Paris fan when maps excite you. We’re approaching the new map cycle and with it, the summer maps are beginning to arrive in the resort. What opens this summer? Ratatouille: L’Aventure totalement toquée de Rémy of course! And yes, it’s on the map!

Map of Walt Disney Studios zoomed in on Ratatouille


It just goes to show, we are one step closer to the attraction becoming reality – the only thing ‘missing’ is the iconic Gusteau’s sign – but that’s not important. It’s almost ready – just a few short months and we’ll get to experience the attraction for ourselves!

April 2014 Pins

I usually write a blog post about pins each month – and I’ll still do that for these April pins, however we now know the pins being released this month – and it’s a fantastic selection.

Pin releases for April 2014 in Disneyland Paris


I’ll write up my thoughts later, but these are a wonderful set of pins that’ll make a great addition to your collection. Now, moving on to the fantastic Pin trading day – I think it’s rather obvious what the theme is from above: Spring. But it’s always nice to have a little poster to go along with it detailing events for the day.

Pin Trading Day Poster April 2014


Let’s Swing into Spring during this fantastic pin trading event which will offer, no doubt, plenty of Spring pins to add to our collections. Again, I’ll speculate in a future article as to what we can expect from this event.

Swing into Spring: It’s here! – Almost!

Activity at Disneyland Paris this week has been high as toparies have sprung up (forgive the pun) across Main Street USA as pictured in this series of tweets from InsideDLParis.






Art on Demand: It just keeps getting bigger!

Disney Art on Demand launched in Disneyland Paris last year to a high level of praise. Disneyland Paris knows that you like it – and so have added even more art for you to add to your collection.

“To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of It’s A Small World, over 50 new Mary Blair works are now avaliable in the Art of Disney On Demand catalogue. The section covers also covers some films she worked on as Artistic Director”

It's A Small World art from Disneyland Paris' Disney art on demand

Alice in Wonderland art from Disneyland Paris' Disney art on demand


“We’ve also added a number of concept arts of our icon – Sleeping Beauty Castle.”

Castle art from Disneyland Paris' Disney art on demandSo – what do you think? Will you be buying any of these? Let me know!

That’s about it!

That’s all for this week. You may notice our temporary spring re-design – this won’t last long , so enjoy it while you can. Furthermore, I’ll soon be heading off to Disneyland Paris – any picture or video requests are welcome!

Have a great week!