Weekly News: LEGO, Marvel and Spring?

Lego store blurred

It has been a week of surprises – what should have been a quiet week has been populated with a surprise piece of news and another unexpected piece.

Marvel in the Disney Parks

Here is the surprise of the week. DLRP Express reported that a Spider-Man meet an greet was coming to the Walt Disney Studios Park. The meet and greet will be located next to the Backlot Express Café in the Backlot area – a restaurant that is already partially Iron Man themed. – and bring some much-needed life to the area. This move only adds more fuel to the rumours of a possible upcoming Marvel land.

From the community:

DLP Town Square – Marvel in the Disney Parks: An awaited success or an unwanted party.

Dedicated to DLP – Rumour: Spider-Man meet and greet coming to Walt Disney Studios

DLRP Today: Spider-Man photo location rumoured for Backlot in Walt Disney Studios Park

The long-awaited LEGO Store finally opens in Disney Village

When this site was in its infancy (well, not actually launched yet), I wrote about the closure of Hollywood Pictures – believe it or not, that was eight months ago. Well, after eight months and a good number of delays (including the well documented roof collapse), the store finally opened at 9am this morning. What took months to construct has joined the Disneyland Paris family, and the resort is better for it; the LEGO brand in Disney Village will help break up the large chain of Disney stores, but also offer new lines for guests to enjoy. This morning, twitter was buzzing with photos of the new store, here are a selection of the best tweets (have a look at each account cited below to see even more from the new LEGO store!).





Make sure you go take a look, and follow those above for even more!

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Pin Trading Day Announcement

Pascal Poullain on the Disneyland Paris Pin Trading facebook groups has revealed that this years Pin Trading Day will be on April 12th 2014. No news yet on why, or what will happen – but it’s certainly very interesting!

The Spring Festival

Don’t worry, you’ve not missed anything this week – it still hasn’t been announced. April is one month away, besides some leaked concepts there has been zero communication on this festival. Come on Disneyland Paris – wake up. We want to get excited. As I was saying to Dedicated to DLP earlier in the week, this festival could be deemed unsuccessful if they don’t advertise it soon – nobody will go, as nobody will know it’s happening. Whilst we all love surprises, turning up on an April a day and having someone yelling ‘SURPRISE!’ doesn’t quite cut it as an announcement.

So, announce it soon? Ok. Moving on…

That’s it for this week. Join us next week for more fun community news – and who knows, maybe even something about the Spring Festival.