Weekly News 20th May: Ratatouille and Main Street Advances

Weekly News Banner 20th May

Another slow week in Disneyland Paris, but we’re in the run up to the biggest news in many years for Disneyland Paris. Ratatouille is looking almost complete! I would say that in a month from now, we will have rather a lot to discuss. This week however, it’s all Main Street and Ratatouille.

Main Street Refurbishment Continues

Scaffolding has appeared in front of the Boardwalk Candy Palace as the big Main Street USA refurbishment continues to take shape. This adds to the Main Street Transportation hub scaffolding which has been in place for around a month now. It’s a shame that these temporary structures have not been themed making Main Street look more like a building site to paying guests – but in return we will have a refreshed and better looking Main Street. It’s a small price to pay for such large improvements.

 Ratatouille gains a sense of realism

Ratatouille is turning into the flagship Walt Disney Studios Attraction. The one we’ve all been waiting for. The one that is of highest Disney quality. The veranda has appeared on Bistrot Chez Rémy, the toilets sign has been unveiled and a series of street signs all add to the Parisian realism.

What I like most about this development is this level of realism; it’s not enough to be totally realistic, but enough to be this fantasised version of Paris. There would be little use in ‘re-creating’ Paris a mere 30km from the city itself. The imagineers have effectively created a caricature of the city presenting her features but in a way that plays on its stereotypes. This is an amazing development and one that sets the standard for the park. The future is bright at the Walt Disney Studios.

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