Top 5 Disneyland Paris Restaurants

Food at Disneyland Paris holds a special place in the passion of every fan. Here is my Top 5 restaurants in the resort.

Disneyland Paris restaurants hold a special place in my heart, some I just visit as a necessity (I need something to eat whilst I visit!) and others I spend a lot of time in and genuinely love visiting. They become a part of my holidays in themselves as opposed to a necessary tool. I’m often asked which restaurants I recommend, so without further or do, here are my Top 5 Disneyland Paris restaurants.

5. The Lucky Nugget Saloon

This blend of Quick and Table service is constantly evolving into something new and exciting. The restaurant has a wide range of dishes that would likely satisfy all taste buds, plus whilst you eat you’re getting to enjoy a wonderful puppet show.

The shows vary in quality, but the Mickey Mouse show is an example of brilliant storytelling that shows off Frontierland’s story.
But the real star here is the decor, entering the restaurant is like stepping back in time to the gold rush, everything feels authentic, the artwork on the wall (now curtain) is easily my favourite in Disneyland Paris.

4. Agrabah Café

A recent discovery for me is the Agrabah Café restaurant over in Adventureland. I was always, in the past, put off by the lack of information on the food inside. Thank goodness I decided to try it one day, the food is exceptional and the restaurant theme is second to none.

Upon opening, this restaurant was actually a coveted arcade. Whilst the change with some fans is controversial, we can be glad that the soul has been preserved and can be enjoyed today.

Agrabah Cafe restaurant interior

The restaurant is now one of the rare places in Disneyland Paris that serves something completely different. I cannot wait to return and to enjoy this exciting restaurant once again.

3. Café des Cascadeurs

Sitting in the back of the Walt Disney Studios Park, the Café des Cascadeurs is an authentic restaurant and is, in fact, the oldest restaurant in Disneyland Paris.

Whilst sitting in the surroundings of Backlot, the restaurant manages to create a really fun 50’s atmosphere and serves up brilliant and fresh burgers. Ask a Cast Member to use the jukebox for even more fun during your visit!

The interior of Café des Cascadeurs

My hope is that this restaurant survives the Walt Disney Studios expansion as it is a delight to visit and is the best Quick Service quality in the entire resort.

2. Inventions

If you spend any time reading Disneyland Paris social media, you will have undoubtedly heard of Inventions. This buffet restaurant in the Disneyland Hotel is character dining par excellence. You would be hard pushed to find a higher quality of food and character interaction anywhere in Disneyland Paris.
The food options are always rotating but I have never had a bad meal here and the Cast Members generally go out of their way to ensure you are enjoying both the meal and are seeing all of the characters.

Inventions at Disneyland Paris

Very little appreciated is the design of the restaurant, it’s a real mix but generally celebrates the great inventions of the early 20th century. Next time you’re there look up over the buffet and do take a moment to enjoy the artworks on the wall, everything tells a story.

1. Walt’s: An American Restaurant

Walt’s is one of those restaurants that Disneyland Paris fans will love for its design and care for detail. Food fans will love the gourmet food and the general guest will enjoy dining in extravagance. Walt’s ticks all the boxes, service, food quality and design.

Walt's: An American Restaurant

Each of the rooms in the restaurant is designed around a different land, often they are adorned with wonderful pieces of concept art that are a pleasure and delight to dine around. The food is pricey but generally of a high quality and Cast Members will accommodate various requests that you may have.

Honourable Mentions

Of course, there are some restaurants that were not able to be featured on a Top 5 list but these do still deserve an honourable mention:

  • Bistrot Chez Rémy – this fun restaurant is a joy in theme and the food is good. I’m not a fan of the salad starter which takes it out of my list.
  • Au Chalet de la Marionette – I eat here on each trip. The Currywurst hot dog is a favourite, as is the little Figaro gag over the door.
  • Cowboy Cookout – Fun food, live country music and a generous outdoor seating area, what’s not to love?

A food lovers dream?

For theme park food, Disneyland Paris food is overall pretty good. There are some places where I do not enjoy eating at all, and others that I can’t get enough of. There are some wonderfully high-class gourmet food options too, and Disneyland Paris is expanding this all the time.

My Top 5 is mixed with a balance of theme and food quality generally, usually design sways the list as I enjoy dining in an atmosphere that is far away from my everyday.