Take a first look at the Avengers Deployment Vehicle at the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris

As we approach the launch of the Avengers Campus at Disneyland Paris, the resort has revealed the vehicle that will transport the Avengers superheroes around the land – The Avengers Deployment Vehicle (ADV).

The official description from Disneyland Paris:

Stark Industries has always sought to make the impossible possible. The company’s mission statement is to bring to life innovations that only exist in our wildest dreams, in order to identify, recruit and train the next generation of Super Heroes. Today, CEO Tony Stark takes a new leap forward and introduces a new high-tech revolution.

Only months after the Quinjet landed in Paris, Stark Industries unveils today the first exclusive images of the Avengers Deployment Vehicle or “ADV”. Designed by Tony Stark in collaboration with Shuri from Wakanda Design Group, the Avengers Deployment Vehicle will deploy Super Heroes to various key locations throughout Avengers Campus, for them to meet new recruits and jump swiftly into action.

Stark Industries once again pushed back the boundaries of creativity. The vehicle was designed following a futurist aesthetic and equipped with cutting-edge technology. The sleek look and feel reflects Tony Stark’s sophisticated definition of style and the ambition that defines the Avengers. The Avengers logo is a strong identity marker. As for the oversized wheels and the angular-shaped bodywork, they symbolize strength and power – just what users look for in a vehicle that is powered by Wakandan Vibranium. This ultra-resilient energy source flows through all elements of the ADV and protects the driver and cargo alike.

There are unique side doors that allow for swift access and a peek at the interior; the rear open bay lets recruits greet the Super Heroes aboard! A great way to inspire new recruits as they cross paths with the vehicle amidst training!

The Avengers Deployment Vehicle has newly been delivered to Avengers Campus. It only awaits Super Heroes to power it up, for the greatest joy of future recruits. Come and hear its motors hum this summer at Avengers Campus!