Pin Trading May 2014: And the star spangled banner in triumph shall wave

Pin Trading logo outside the Pueblo Trading Post

Another month, another pin trading poster. This time it’s for May and a distinctly American theme has been unveiled.

May 2014 pin poster

So, a mixed bag is in store this month. Let’s take a closer look:

On Saturday the 3rd May get your Star Spangled Banner out because Disneyland Paris is going all American on you. And well, only one of these pins works and that is the Main Street USA pin which actually looks quite nice. I have literally no idea where this USA/UK flag pin merge came from, but it makes very little sense – it makes even less sense when on one of the pins and the lanyard the American flag gets in on the action too. I rarely say this about pins; because even when I don’t like them, I understand that others do, but what on earth were they thinking?

On Saturday 10th May there is a continuation of the Dreams! series featuring Lumière and Olaf. Olaf is interesting in a way as he only appears in Disney Dreams! of Christmas, can we expect a return this year? Time will tell. Nice pins, I’d love to add them to my collection. In another confusing move, a “It’s a small world” pin is also released celebrating its 50th Anniversary. Which was in April. Which was celebrated by a pin (Albeit a global limited release). This pin at least is exclusive to Disneyland Paris and features some nice French artwork.

The most exciting pin is the one released on Saturday 17th May as we begin our Ratatouille countdown. It’s 2 months to go! I like this pin for two reasons, the countdown element, but most importantly that floating ghost Gusteau element is so cool.

Finally, the year of Rapunzel continues on 24th May with a mother’s day pin depicting a baby Rapunzel – that will sell out in mega-time.

Despite my reservations on the American Main Street USA pins, I’m happy with this months collection and I hope to add a few of these to my collection over time.

April Pins: It really is a small world!

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A new month, a new set of pins, and what a set of pins Disneyland Paris have lined up for us this month. There is some form of Pin release every Saturday throughout April with standard releases taking two of the four weekends, a pin day taking place on the 12th April and a Pin Event on the 26th April and a unique Thursday release as Disneyland Paris celebrates It’s a Small World turning 50 years old.

Pin releases for April 2014 in Disneyland ParisA really nice set of pins takes us into the Spring season beginning with the return of the wonderful attraction series: Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. This pin is a must have, the sense of scale looks to have been achieved very well. There is another Alice pins (which will delight Alice in Wonderland fans) as she appears on a Dreams! pin – which amuses me since Alice appears for approximately 5 seconds during the show. A few Eiffel Tower pins keeps that collection going for another month. A rather random Mickey and Minnie love pin (perhaps better suited to February, but oh well…) and finally, a very random (but likely to be much-loved) Grape Soda pin from the Disney-Pixar film UP.

Thursday 10th April sees a special limited release of the It’s a Small World 50th Anniversary pin badge. This is to be sold in a limited number of stores between the 10th-30th April – let’s hope they have a limited number released each day, or else these could vanish very fast. This is a part of a world-wide release it would seem.

Finally, from the regular pins: A Rapunzel Easter pin is on the menu, which will probably sell out in seconds. Despite that, it’s a lovely looking pin.

Pin Trading Day Poster April 2014

It’s Spring in Disneyland Park and a new festival has launched – luckily, the Pin Trading department has joined in. By providing us with an additional Pin Trading Day on the 12th April.  I expect to see pins of the various flower toparies that we’ll be seeing throughout the park. – They should look great!

Finally, a Witches and Wizards Pin Event will be held on the 26th April; I’m totally unsure as what to expect from this – but we could see some very rare characters making their way onto pins. I’d be upset if a Merlin pin wasn’t produced for example.

Well, that’s it for April. Lots of pins to enjoy – what did you think? Let me know!


Disneyland Paris Pins: March 2014

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Another month, another poster. This is the month that Spring arrives, that houses St. Davids and St. Patricks day. So what pins do Disneyland Paris have in store for us?

Pins March 2014 PosterThe answer seems to be, a bit more of the same. The nice Dreams! open edition set continues with the Rapunzel pin which I really do like; the limited edition Dreams! collection continues with the Brave sequence – this is a series that I liked initially, but now disagree with the way they have decided to continue distributing it. It makes no sense to sell half online only, and half in resort only. I don’t like it. The Paris Aristocats pin looks very nice indeed – and is one I’ll try adding to my collection next month, probably. I really like the St. Patricks pin with Scrooge McDuck sitting on the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold, it really does make a lot of sense and looks nice too. But why is it released as early as it is?

Two more Eiffel Tower pins, I like both but don’t feel the need to add them to my collection at all. The Minnie fashionable set continues – they look nice if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Finally, the pin I both like and hate. I am a huge collector of the season pins. Love them. So, whilst I like this pin, there is not a chance I’ll actually get hold of one – Rapunzel will sell out in seconds.

So, that’s my opinions on this months pins. Hope you collectors and traders get the pins you want – Have a great month!


Pin Releases – February 2014

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We’re already a month into 2014 and so it’s about time we had a look at another pin release poster. As well as some – possibly – interesting pin trading news.

Pin Poster - February 2014A real interesting selection of pins are on offer this month. It almost seems like a tale of two halves, with a little bit of a half time break. Let’s get started with the releases on the 1st February. Two Eiffel tower pins, one represents Mickey and the other Minnie. I like them both, they are subtle Disney references here, there is a clear attempt of a twist in the Paris theme the resort seems to be going for. Next up is the Valentines pin which, rather suitably, is the Queen of Hearts. I understand the choice, I think the pin looks sweet but featuring a ‘villain’ on a love related pin doesn’t make an awful lot of sense to me, nonetheless I quite like it.

The ‘Half Time’ I refered to is the releases on the 8th February which leave a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Two Disney Channel related pins: Shake it Up and Teen Beach Musical. I honestly have no idea what these are, neither do I really wish to know. I imagine these will be printed photo pins meaning the quality will be questionable. Great for fans of the show, otherwise I’m standing well away from these.

Finally, Saturday 15th February sees two Dreams! pins and one Paris pin. The Dreams! pins look exceptional and a lot like the Dreams! pin released in May last year, it had a 3D texture to it. This is a series I want to collect. The final pin of the month is a Paris 101 Dalmatians pin, again it looks nice but I’m not going wild about it.

Limited Edition pins seem now to only be sold in the Pueblo Trading Post (on the day of release, before moving to other stores), this is a move that makes a certain amount of sense seeing as it encourages a pin trading culture.

The ‘news’ is the seemingly monthly Pin Trading Nights, this month you can visit the one in Hotel New York on the 28th February, as far as the pin trading facebook groups are aware, there could be an event on some sort every month in 2014!

Do you like this months pins? Comment below and let us know!

Pins heading your way in 2014. (Picutres included)

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A couple of weeks ago, Disneyland Paris hosted their end of year pin trading event, as usual it was a chance to preview some of the fantastic new pins on the way in 2014. (Unlike at the Summer event, where the art work said 2014, but they were mostly released in the Autumn). Thanks to Disneyland Paris pin trading facebook pin trading pages, we can show you a few of these pins. Overall, the pins this coming year are very promising, and have two very clear themes: Dreams! and Paris. Paris is going to be everywhere in Disneyland Paris this year, and why not? Not every Disney Park can celebrate being that close to one of the world’s most beautiful cities.
Let’s begin with what is, for me, the stars of the show. The wonderful attractions pins from 2013 return and get even better. We’ve already seen the release of the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster pin in December, January sees the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Tower of Terror and Crush’s Coaster pin. Coming up are some even more amazing pins, Big Thunder Mountain, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, Blanche Neige et les sept nains and Flying Carpets over Agrabah. All of these are essential to my collection, what about yours? I know these have gone down very well with Disneyland Paris fans, which means we are perhaps likely to see even more after this.
Next up, are the Cast Member refresh pins, these are pins given to Cast Members wearing a lanyard with the aim of giving them to guests through pin trades. A good set this year, I really like the Sheriff Woody badge and the Flynn Rider pin.
The next set of pins are of a Minnie Mouse dots theme, these are super stylish and could even be described as ‘Parisian chic’ beginning a bit of a Parisian year for Disneyland Paris.
So, this is the first set of true Parisian pins which are in the style of the Paris metro, they look fantastic and keep very much in the traditional Parisian style. Characters are featured from films including Aristocats, Hunchback of Notre Dame and 101 Dalmatians.
More Parisian pins here, this time in the form of Eiffel Towers, these are Eiffel towers with a very subtle Disney twist, the tip of the tower is made out of a Mickey head. Very nice design, a wide variety of Patterns, I’m sure most people will see at least one that they like. (I’m rather fond of the Cheshire Cat and Mickey ones).
From Paris to America now (with a little Union Flag to keep the British happy?). These pins look ‘ok’. The idea is nice, the execution is ok. I really don’t like the big rectangle shape one featuring Mickey and the three flags. On the other hand, the Main Street USA circular pin really catches my eye.
And Disneyland Paris come out with a new set which I really must own. These look very similar in style to the Dreams pin that came out last May, so I imagine these will be ever so slightly 3D. I really like them, that Rapunzel is going to be hard to find though!
And the Disney Store set continues here with two pins that are going to be park exclusives. The crazy nature of the Disney Store sales means that I won’t be buying these – but good luck to those who do.
Finally, the Valentines Day pin for this year which features the Queen of Hearts (get it? It’s funny.) I really like it, it’s a pin on pin. It’s going to look fantastic in real life.

So, what are your opinions on the 2014 releases that we’ve seen? Obviously this isn’t all of them, but from what we can see, 2014 is a bright year in pin trading. All of the pins have artistic merit.  I can’t wait to see more and add some of these to my collection.

Pin Releases – January 2014

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We’re heading towards the final week of the year, and so it’s time for another new pin trading poster. And it’s good news all round, this month sees some absolutely fantastic pins!

Saturday 4th January really is a bumper pin day in Disneyland Paris with no less than 7 pins released.

The first of which is a Paris limited edition piece featuring Quasimodo in front of Notre Dame, this is a nice looking pin, but is perhaps a slight bit underwhelming compared to the rest of the weeks releases. Another Hunchback pin will be released on the same day as the Disney Store’s website collection continues over in Disneyland Paris (making completing the set for the majority of Europeans a much more difficult task – and a move I’m really not fond of). The pin itself is rather nice and features perhaps one of the most beautiful scenes of the Dreams! show. This will be very highly sought after. The final limited edition pin of the month is actually last month’s Happy New Year pin, which will actually be released in the New Year – a move which makes a lot of sense.
The attractions collection continues for a second month with three stunning pins depicting Pirates of the Caribbean, Crush’s Coaster and the Tower of Terror. Collectors will be pleased to see this beautiful collection continue to evolve. The final pin to be released on the 4th January is the traditional yearly sorcerer Mickey pin. One I’m sure many of you will be adding to your collection.

Saturday 11th January sees a Mickey and Minnie chef pin being released, excellently timed for the Ratatouille themed ride later in the year.

Finally Saturday 25th January sees the continuation of the Good Luck/Bad Luck series that we have seen been released over the last six months or so. These pins have not proven to be the most popular despite their rather nice design.

Overall, a fantastic month for pins, and I can honestly say that it is a month in which I would buy all the pins given the opportunity. 2014 seems set to be a fantastic year for pins. See our preview of what’s to come later in the week.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Pin Trading Releases – December 2013

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It’s the final month of the year, and it’s time for a brand new month of pin releases. This month sees a fantastic mix of pins, so without further or do, here are December’s releases.

Saturday 7th December sees a huge day of releases, with the Christmas 2013 lanyard (that has actually been available in the resort for some weeks now). A Violetta pin, which is a Disney Channel television show – This one looks a tad plain but should satisfy fans of the show. Next up, is a pin I’m incredibly excited about – the Attraction series has returned! I’m not so much of a fan of this one, but it’s still a must have as far as I’m concerned. A Paris Mickey pin which looks a lot like the Signature collection logo for the 20th Anniversary. Finally, the final seasons of 2013 pin for Winter seeing Sneezy with a snowman. I have all the Season pins so far for 2013, and I’d love to add this to my collection.

Saturday 14th December sees 3 princess carriage pins, featuring Merida, Mulan and Pocohontas. These are nice looking pins which will make princess fans happy. Again.

Finally, Saturday 21st December sees a big limited edition pin release. The final princess locket in the series (that began back in January) will be released featuring Tinkerbell (not that she is actually a princess). The Bonne Année pin looks simply amazing, it’s very Dreams-esque. I will need to find a way to add this to my collection. Finally, a Frozen pin depicting Anna and Olaf, which is sure to sell out incredibly fast.

A good month of pin releases, with the return of the attraction pins, as well as the final season and Happy New Year pin.

Will you be adding any of these to your collection?

Rapunzel’s Christmas Pin Event pins revealed!

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One thing we love here at DLP Town Square are pins. Pins, pins and more pins. Every time I go to Disneyland Paris, I always walk away with a bag full of pins. Following this weeks record sell out in the pin event in about 30 minutes, Disneyland Paris published the pictures of the pins that we can expect from the event which takes place on the 14th December 2013 in Disney’s Hotel New York.

On first glance, I wasn’t too keen on these pins. But upon second glance, I’m starting to love them. Let’s talk about them pin by pin.

The first pin is still my least favourite. It’s essentially Rapunzel tugging a sack of presents by her hair, with a mini pascal inside the sack. It’s a cute one that’s certain. It’s also the most plain of the lot.
The second pin is a fantastic one, It’s Mother Gothel and Rapunzel decorating a Christmas tree with Rapunzel’s hair being used as Tinsel. This one is fantastic, and it’s so rare to see these two characters on a pin.
The third and fourth pin can be considered almost as a pair, one pin sees Rapunzel and Flinn sharing a sled, whilst the other shows Maximus and Pascal acting as a Reindeer.  You can see that these two link up, effectively making one pin.
The final normal pin of the series is the most beautiful pin I think Disneyland Paris has ever created. It’s not particularly festive, but it is that famous gondola floating light scene with two attached at the bottom by a chain. This one is going to be mega collectible. (And if anyone wants to grab one for me, please do e-mail me. I’d be forever grateful!)

We then move into the round pins which are a feature of every pin trading event, day or night. This event sees Rapunzel, Pascal and Flynn in festive attire. (You won’t see these in the shops after the event, these will sell out).

The final pin looks to be a very special one. It’s a jumbo pin, the word Tour meaning Tower gives it away as being Rapunzel’s Tower from the film.  I can’t wait to see this pin in real life.

Rapunzel’s Christmas will be an extremely popular event, featuring many super-collectible pins. If you see these in the shops in the following days, be sure to buy them up as they will hold great trading value in the future. Not that I’m expecting to see these in the shop, the savy traders will snatch them all up pretty quickly.

If you’re going, have a great time! (And don’t forget one of your favourite DLP websites!)

Disneyland Paris November 2013 pins

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As we move away from the Halloween season and ebb ever closer to Disney’s Enchanted Christmas and 2014, another set of pins are due to be released in the resort. As usual, the poster has been released:
Quite honestly, whilst I like most of this months pins, I’m not blown away by any of them I’m afraid. Let’s take a closer look week by week.

Saturday 2nd November sees the release of the 2014 pins, each year Disney Parks creates a new ‘look’ for the year, and whilst I really like 2014’s look, 2013 just had that bit extra. However, that doesn’t translate into pins, and I really feel like the 2014 pins are very nice to look at. I especially like the use of the Sorcerer Mickey image in the pins, and like the 2014 ‘Disneyland Paris’ pin, perhaps this is a collectible set across all the resorts? The booster set really catches my imagination, I really like the characters in front of various Disneyland Paris landmarks. I will certainly be adding that to my collection.
Saturday 16th November sees the release of another good luck/bad luck pin, this time featuring Belle. I’d be interested to see the good luck side if the ‘bad luck’ side is Gaston. The Beast makes both perfect sense and no sense since Belle never wanted to be locked up. I really, really like the Mickey Mouse birthday pin and hope it is still available the weekend afterwards when I will be in the resort, however I suspect it will not be. It looks to be a lovely pin, perfect for the Disneyland Paris audience.
The final weekend releases take place on Saturday 30th November and feature yet another Princess locket, this time featuring Merida from the film Brave. The final locket should be released next month (and will be Tinkerbell). Speaking of Tinkerbell, the Christmas limited edition pin will be released this weekend as well. I find it a rather uninspiring pin for a limited edition, despite its nice design.

The Pascal pin is a preview release for the ‘Rapunzel’s Christmas’ pin event which will take place in Disneyland Paris on the 14th December (poster below). Whilst this event will feature Rapunzel heavily, something bugs me about the price for what seems to be a very simple pin. However, an ebay search on release day will prove that it will be a very popular pin. (Rapunzel is VERY collectible in the Disney pin world).

Overall, I’m happy with the pins, but only one jumps out as a must have. What are your thoughts?

October 2013 Pin Releases

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Another month down, and we head into the Autumn months and Disneyland Paris’s spooky Halloween season, and some exciting Halloween pin releases! Umm… well….

So, no new Halloween pins, however I understand that last years pins will be put back on sale, and we go straight into Christmas. I adore the 2013 Christmas visuals and this years booster set looks fantastic, the two stand alone pins are Chip and Dale and a Mickey and Minnie Pin (This one being remarkably similar to last years). Duffy is hugging a Mickey gingerbread man in his pin.

This months Princess carriage is Snow White, and looks nice (if you like princesses). The fantastic Phantom Manor lanyard has arrived, perfect for your attraction collection pins! I really like that the Phantom Manor spooky wallpaper has been used on the lanyard, I know there are lots of fans of this attraction and so this is going to sell very well.
Moving onto the end of the month and Frozen, Disney’s 52nd Animated Classic makes its debut in the pin trading circles. The Olaf pin is going to sell very well (and I think he’ll be an incredibly popular character), especially since he will be hosting ‘Disney Dreams of Christmas’. The Princesses Anna and Elsa appear on their own pin as well.

The good luck/bad luck series continues with Snow White, those of you who follow my pin posts know I’m a huge fan of this series and would love to add this to my collection as well.  The princess lockets continue too with Pocahontas being released later in the month.

And that’s it for another month! I hope some pins on the poster catch your interest, I know I’ll be buying those Christmas pins!

September Pin Trading Releases

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That’s all folks! The Summer holidays are over and we’re back into Autumn and another month of pin trading releases. We’ve been blessed with great pins so far this year, with some fantastic collections appearing on the poster each month, is September any different? Of course not!

Whilst the princesses continue throughout 2013 at Disneyland Paris, they have been joined by an excellent looking Halloween Duffy, which looks an utterly charming pin. These Duffy pins of late have been very well designed. The usual Dwarf season pin, this time Doc will be welcoming us into Autumn and its beautiful yellow-orange colours. Dusty the Plane will be flying into Disneyland Paris boutiques in an open edition pin that’s sure to attract the children’s attention. The excellent good luck/bad luck spinner series continues with this Aladdin/Genie pin.

Thought the Princess Medallions were finished? Of course they aren’t, this time Mulan will be getting her medallion, Disney Dreams! is finally getting a lanyard featuring all the beautiful images and characters from this spectacular night-time show. Fans of the Nightmare before Christmas will be happy as well, with three pins dedicated to the film, perfectly timed for its 20th anniversary.

We love this month’s pins and lanyard, a real must for our collection is the Autumn Doc pin (Seasonal pin collection!), as well as the Nightmare before Christmas 20th anniversary pin. We’d also love to add that lanyard to our Disney Dreams! pin collection.

What are your opinions, tweet us @dlptownsquare or leave a comment below

Paris je t’aime – August 2013 Pin Releases

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Are we really at the end of yet another month? Hot off the heels of the Pin Trading Event which took place last weekend at the Hotel Santa Fe where some of the pins we’ll be seeing this winter got revealed, the following day Pin traders got more good news with the ‘pre-release’ of the August 2013 poster! And it’s a Paris-heavy month once again…

August 2013 Pin PosterThe first thing to note is that this month is quite a ‘pin-lite’ month, unless you love Paris. Once again the headlines for this poster will be stolen by the Paris pins, of which there are 6. I actually quite like these new Paris visuals, but I’m rather unsure why additional Mickey/Minnie Eiffel Tower pins are needed after last months releases. The love pin I’m sure will sell well with Disneyland Paris attracting a large amount of couples. The spinner pin is quite nice, it’s very much in the style of the spinner pins we see each year with the year visual printed on it, and yet another Duffy pin. I really like Duffy’s Parisian outfit (I wonder if we will be seeing this retail in the parks, as the Sulley outfit did). The releases on August 3rd are rounded off by two Lone Ranger pins, the sheriffs badge is quite nice (but perhaps too similar to the Mickey Sheriff pin released in May) and a limited edition pin which will probably not sell too well if Frankenwenie and Tron Legacy film release pins are anything to judge it by.
Saturday the 17th August sees the conclusion (or so we think…) of the Princess locket series with Snow White. The previews of this series last year only showed 8 pins, this was shown again last weekend so let’s assume this series has now finished. The final pin of the month is the Pinocchio good luck/bad luck pin. This series looks really nice and a collection I would really like to add to my personal collection.

The annual pin trading day, which traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of August each year, will take place on the 31st August with a Pocahontas theme. If you’re in the park, the instructions are to meet in Liberty Arcade at 1am and then head over to the Pueblo trading post.

Finally, another new pin!

Picture: David Sochard (Facebook)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Indiana Jones attraction in Adventureland, this cast member exclusive is to be released on the 30th July. I love this pin, as Indiana Jones is my favourite film series, and Mickey, my favourite character, I really need to add this one to my collection.
On sales at Boutique Jessica 1 and 2 as well as at Wild West Show, 3013 editions, one pin per cast member. Cast Member Exclusive. (We felt that as pin collectors, this one needed to be reported).