Disneyland Paris to eliminate single-use plastics this Earth Month

Disneyland Paris new reusable bags

Disneyland Paris will soon eliminate single-use plastics from the resort including new design plastic bags, paper straws and refillable shower gels

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Villages Nature Tour

The Aqualagon at Villages Nature Paris

Villages Nature Paris is an eco-tourism resort located about 8km from Disneyland Paris. Take a tour around this new environmentally friendly concept.

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Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch Tour

Disney Davy Crockett Ranch Reception - Disneyland Paris

Located 8km away from Disneyland Paris, the Davy Crockett Ranch is an on-site hotel like no other. Take a tour around the resort in this special report

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Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Tour

Sequoia Lodge at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Sequioa Lodge is a moderate resort hotel at Disneyland Paris focusing on the great American national parks. Take a unique tour through the resort.

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Where the magic meets hotels – A tour of the Disneyland Hotel

Located in the heart of the magic, the 5 star Disneyland Hotel has long been the stuff of dreams for Disney fans across the world. Now, let’s take an exclusive look inside.

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Disney’s Hotel Santa Fé – A great budget stay in Disneyland Paris

Disney's Hotel Santa Fe rooms at Disneyland Paris

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fé is a value resort located at Disneyland Paris. Newly refurbished with a cars theme, is it worth a stay? Find out in this review.

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Marvel Signature Dinner: Simply Marvelous

The Marvel Signature Dinner at Disneyland Paris is the best way to meet your favourite Avengers over a good dinner. Check out the full review with photos!

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Hotel New York – The Review!

Stepping into Disney’s Hotel New York is a strange experience, at those doors a strange time warp occurs and you found yourself being plunged directly into 1992. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, there’s a sort of charm about having the opening era of the resort preserved and in pristine condition. But there are also some negatives that come of this, modern life has changed dramatically since 1992 and the hotel has struggled to keep up.

Ahead of its Marvel refurbishment that begins in January 2019, let’s take a look at the hotel as it is right now.

The entrance to the bar at Disney's Hotel New York


The check-in procedure at Disney’s Hotel New York matches all the other Disney Hotels on property. The check-in desk is extremely easy to find (it is literally located right next door to the doors) and you will be greeted by friendly Cast Members. The service here does match the 4 keys that it has been granted; check-in is quick, courteous and your luggage (if left with the concierge) will be delivered directly to your room as and when it is ready.

The Rooms

Disney’s Hotel New York is big. Make no mistake about it, it is huge. Finding your room may take a moment, but luckily the signs are very clear and so whilst time consuming, it is no issue. Perhaps my favourite element of the hotel is the elevators, these ooze class and sophistication with jazz music filling the air. It is a pleasure to hop in these for a brief few moments. 

The rooms are large and very spacious, the majority of rooms are set out as two double beds with a small seating area to the side. Included are all the usual amenities for this level of resort: water glasses, tea and coffee facilities, a mini-bar and iron. The dedication to the New York theme throughout the rooms is rather wonderful stretching from apple motifs hidden throughout to the rather gorgeous Empire State Building lamp (that I really wish I could buy).

Empire State Building lamp at Disney's Hotel New York

The beds are rather comfortable, but they do not seem as soft as those in the Newport Bay Club. The issue I had was with the air conditioning, mine did not seem to want to turn out and then once I managed to get it on, I could not turn it off which negatively affected my sleep. I’m sure if I had made a quick call to the reception that help would have been provided quickly.

2 beds in the centre of the room at Disney's Hotel New York

Another negative was the plug socket situation, I could only find one socket in the room and this was located next to the bathroom. Understandably this can be explained by our different needs in 1992, newly refurbished hotels such as Hotel Cheyenne has plenty of plug sockets and so I am extremely confident that this will be fixed in the upcoming refurbishment.

Overall, the rooms in Hotel New York are comfortable and pleasant enough. If you are truly lucky you may get a park view room, and those are truly stunning. 


Disney’s Hotel New York has two restaurants (Parkside Diner and the Manhattan Restaurant), for breakfast both of these are in use. I took my breakfast in the Parkside diner. Once again, I was very impressed by the breakfast spread which included everything from baked beans to croissants and cured hams. All elements were nicely cooked or prepared and service was attentive with Cast Members at each moment making sure that I was happy with my breakfast.

Breakfast at Disney's Hotel New York (a selection from the hot food buffet)

Whilst I did not try it, a room service breakfast was also available. 


With all Disney stays, the check-out procedure was a dream, simply leave your room key in the box next to the hotel entrance and head to the parks to enjoy your final day. Nothing could be simpler. 

If you activated the MagicPass (with a charge Card), your purchases will automatically be debited from your bank card without you needing to do anything.

Hotel New York (outside) at Disneyland Paris

Final Thoughts

Disney’s Hotel New York is a fine hotel that merits its four key status. The New York theme is bold and strong throughout which is to the hotel’s credit. Whilst elements are time- warpish and outdated, these are minor concerns with a full refurbishment coming up.

I would strongly recommend a visit before the January 2019 closure date and experience a piece of Euro Disney history that we will shortly be losing. 

This Hotel stay was provided by Disneyland Paris for the InsidEARS Ready 2018 event. A review was neither requested or agreed with them and all opinions presented within the review are honest and fair. 

Disneyland Paris sets out future plans at InsidEars Ready 2018

On Friday 18th May, Disneyland Paris held the very first event for their new influencer community ‘InsidEars’; the event, called InsidEars Ready 2018′ gave a glimpse into the plans that the resort has for 2018 and beyond.

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Hotel Ibis Val d’Europe Review

Looking to visit Disneyland Paris on a budget? The Ibis Val d’Europe could be the answer. Located next to the RER this comfortable hotel is perfect for a cheap stay. Read the full review now.

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Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: A relaxing woodland retreat

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is a mid-budget hotel which is heavily inspired by the American woodlands and national parks. The theme is carried into the hotel set up which is a mix of a main building hotel complex and a number of lodges which are slightly removed from the main building but are interconnected by covered walkways. The hotel also featured many of the amenities that are expected from higher end hotels such as a swimming pool and gym as well as two restaurants.

The check-in process

Upon entering the hotel lobby (from the car park or bus stop side), the check-in is immediately on the left hand side. This is clearly sign posted and indicated with Disney Cast Members on hand to show you the way. The actual check-in procedure follows the usual Disneyland Paris process involving receiving your registration form whilst in the queue line which you will need to complete for each guest (although more basic information is requested for supplementary guests). Doing this whilst in the queue line will make the rest of the check-in process much smoother and quicker.

Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Once you are called up the process is quick, easy and painless. A Disney Cast Member will present you with your documents including park tickets, room key and provide you with information on the park, breakfast options and extra magic time.

If you arrive too early, a luggage service is available and is situated just outside the entrance, upon handing in your luggage you are given a ticket which you simply bring back later in the day to collect your luggage.

The Hotel

The hotel itself is beautiful, the guest areas in the Main Building give off a distinctly woodland feel and creates a cozy atmosphere that is so perfect throughout the winter months. Inside the bar area is a large open fireplace (which is often turned on) with seating located on either side. Outside here there is a large area of decking which both allows for a space to breath and also a place to sit and enjoy the views over Lake Disney. The shop is also of a good size and offers a wide range of Disneyland Paris merchandise.

The Redwood Bar at Disney's Sequoia LodgeOutside of the main building, lodges can sometimes be difficult to find, but covered walkways are available with sign posting available. The remote feeling of the lodges can offer a welcome break from the busy main building which is welcome after visiting the busy Disney parks.

Walkways around Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The Room

The rooms in the Sequoia Lodge hotel have been given a Bambi-inspired makeover in recent years. The rooms are quite large for the price paid. Inside are two double beds with a good number of pillows on each bed, a table and chairs and a cabinet with television. The windows are extremely large which allows for a good view from any room (especially the lakeside view rooms). The bathroom is split in two sections; one section containing the bath and toilet, the other the sink and luggage racks and are separated by a door.

A Standard Room at Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The bed was comfortable and allowed for a comfortable night sleep, however plug sockets were a real issue in the room with only a couple being provided and them being the opposite side to the room as the bed. A plug near the bedside table (as is provided in the Cheyenne) would be extremely welcomed here.

Bambi touches in Disney's Sequoia Lodge

The little touches of Bambi extended to the section on the top of the wall being given some Bambi characters which are illuminated when the main room light is switched on; a Bambi mural on the wall and a Bambi figure on the lamps above the bed. All of which are very tastefully done and add to the delight of the room.


When it is time to leave the hotel, simply return your key to the hotel lobby. A little post box is placed next the check-in, simply post your keys in here and leave the hotel and enjoy your last day in the parks. Once again, the luggage room is available to guests on their departure day.

Final Thoughts

Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is a wonderful hotel for those staying as a family and want all the benefits of a top hotel without the high price tag. The hotel is both comfortable and convenient and can offer a welcome retreat after a day in the park. Whilst there are some small issues with the room (plug sockets being the major one), the stay is extremely comfortable and the hotel staff attentive to your every need. I cannot wait to return later in the year.

The grounds of Disney's Sequoia Lodge

Villages Nature: A new direction for Disneyland Paris?

A Cabin at the Villages Nature project

As the blurb on the Villages Nature website details:

The seed of the idea for Villages Nature was planted in the early 2000s. Two major players in the French and European tourism industry, who had never worked together on such a large project, came together around a unique vision. Over the decades since then, Euro Disney S.C.A. and Pierre & Vacances-Center Parcs have worked hand-in-hand with the community to develop this project, involving the public authorities at every level as well as the citizens of the host region.

The question that should be posed is why? Why would Euro Disney SCA join in with such a project? The first point to dismiss is that this is not simply another Disneyland Paris hotel. In fact, this is not a Disneyland Paris hotel project in any way. Villages Nature sits on the periphery of the resort. This is an investment by the Disneyland Paris operating company, an investment that is due to open in 2017. However, this is an exciting development and one that should excite you.

The Lake at Villages Nature
The Lake at Villages Nature

Villages Nature and Disneyland Paris

So what will be the link? Villages Nature will be located next door to the Davy Crockett ranch hotel just south of the A4 motorway from the Disney theme parks. There will be no Disney presence on the site and so it will not be much of a Disney product. Guests to the Villages Nature will be able to buy theme park tickets and take a day off the site if they so wish. So the link is slight, but it is an important development to Disney fans as it adds another revenue stream into the company.

An Eco Tourism resort

Villages Nature is a new style of resort, the focus is on being green. The project extends the scope of the East Parisian tourist zone and diversifies it. Euro Disney SCA have already committed their business to become increasingly environmentally friendly, this development permits the company to further extend this goal and become the European leader in this regard.

One of the core aims of the development is to preserve its natural environment and even to some extent enhance it, the idea is to allow nature and man-made environments to cohabit in a sustainable fashion. It is in effect a revolution in the way tourist destinations are created, and who better to initiate this than two of the biggest players in tourism: Euro Disney and Center Parcs.

A Cabin at the Villages Nature project
A Cabin at the Villages Nature project

Where does this align Euro Disney?

This development is a realignment of the Euro Disney company.  It also presents a unique opportunity to diversify its offering a gain an extra revenue stream from those who perhaps are unlikely to visit an amusement park. The development, whilst sitting on its own will also draw audiences to Disneyland Paris. If Villages Nature guests can be tempted to spend a day in Disneyland Paris during their stay, it can only be a good thing.

Euro Disney SCA have been a catalyst for investment in the previously deprived east Parisian basin. The Disneyland Paris theme park development has permitted a thriving town to grow on its doorstep and has transformed the area. Euro Disney are once again at it with Villages Nature is revolutionising tourism and especially green tourism.

Villages Nature can only be a good thing for Disneyland Paris fans. New money seeping into the company will improve the all around performance of Euro Disney as well as providing a new destination for European families. This is one to certainly keep an eye on.