First Visual released for the Festival of the Lion King & The Jungle

Festival of the Lion King and the Jungle visual at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris have released the first official visual for the Festival of the Lion King & The Jungle season

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5 tips to have the best Halloween 2018 at Disneyland Paris

Halloween 2018 is the best yet at Disneyland Paris! These tips for Halloween will help you get the very best from your time at the parks during the season

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Everything you need to know about Christmas 2018 at Disneyland Paris

Christmas 2018 is set to be the biggest yet in Disneyland Paris. Planning your trip early? Find out what to expect across the two Disney parks.

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Disney Loves Jazz: Review

This Disney Loves Jazz review looks back at the latest Disneyland Paris hard ticket event including characters, music and the special concert

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Disneyland Paris announce 2019 seasonal celebrations

Disneyland Paris 2019 Visual

2019 in Disneyland Paris is looking set to be a spectacular year. In a glitzy Paris press conference, the resort revealed all the seasonal events.

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The 25th Anniversary: The landmark celebration that changed everything

The Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary has come to an end. But what will be its lasting legacy on the resort? Let’s take a look back at this exciting year.

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A new Halloween season announced by Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris have announced their 2018 Halloween season; this year the celebrations will coincide with the celebrations for Mickey’s 90th Birthday.

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Creating the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

Marvel Summer of Super Heroes Press Conference at Disneyland Paris

During the launch event for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes at Disneyland Paris, a press conference took place that revealed the secrets of the season. Now it is time to reveal those secrets!

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Disney Character Tea Time at the Lucky Nugget Saloon: Review

Disneyland Paris now offers a special tea time with the Disney Characters at the Lucky Nugget Saloon. Find out more about this new happening and find out if you should give it a try on your next visit!

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Marvel Summer of Super Heroes: Review

Marvel Summer of Super Heroes opening at Disneyland Paris

The Marvel Summer of Super Heroes has arrived featuring new shows, characters, food and more. Read the review now!

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How Disneyland Paris conquered the feel good factor

Pirate Minnie at the Festival of Pirates and Princesses at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris, in recent years, has conquered the catchy music and the feeling of pure joy. Find out how exactly they have done this.

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What to expect at the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

Marvel: Super Heroes United concept art at Disneyland Paris

During Summer 2018 the Marvel Super Heroes are arriving in Disneyland Paris. Take a look at why you should be excited for this new season.

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