Disneyland Paris Christmas 2017 review

Christmas 2017 at Disneyland Paris truly is bigger and better than ever. That much seemed obvious even before the season began as the list of features was rather long; not only is there a lot of new things to do but they are mostly of a sublime quality. Christmas 2017 is probably the most complete seasonal offering that has ever been provided by Disneyland Paris.

Mickey’s Christmas Big Band

Mickey’s Christmas Big Band is the unexpected star of the season. It’s become almost traditional for Disneyland Paris to offer a Christmas jazz music show and in previous years this has been filled by the Jingle Bell Boys show. This year however, this slot has been filled by a new offering, Mickey’s Christmas Big Band; this show is a complete experience featuring musicians, the Disney characters, live singers and a wonderful choreography.

Mickey's Christmas Big Band at Disneyland ParisOnce again, Disneyland Paris is proving that when it comes to live entertainment that the resort is brimming with talent. The concept has been taken from Tokyo Disney Sea’s Big Band Beat, but the addition of wonderful costuming opportunities and an immense tap choreography is all Paris. Mickey’s Christmas Big Band is a show that the resort can truly be proud of and we can only hope that the run away success provides an incentive for this type of show to become year-round.

Disney’s Christmas Parade

The festive favourite returns for 2017 but with a new soundtrack that really does increase the energy of a parade that was already packed full of joy. Christmas is Here is a truly wonderful song that is a worthy successor to Chante c’est noël and one that will hopefully live in the parks for years to come.

Disney's Christmas Parade at Disneyland ParisThe parade is almost identical to previous years, and this is no bad thing. It is a truly wonderful parade that oozes with festive cheer; make sure to watch the parade from Main Street USA and see the snow fall as the characters and dancers come past.

A Merry Stitchmas!

This year the Royal Castle stage welcomes A Merry Stitchmas, a fun show featuring Stitch and the Disney characters. The show is highly musical with all your favourite Christmas songs. Stitch brings a touch of humour and some Hawaiian Christmas magic (who would have thought you’d be listening to Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is a Christmas show?).

Merry Stitchmas at Disneyland ParisAll in all this show is deservedly popular and features a fun soundtrack and some fantastic costumes.

Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights

This is the only show that is really unchanged at all from previous years, but the magic of seeing Mickey, Minnie and Santa turning on the big Christmas Tree on Main Street USA is unrivalled.This is probably one of the most magical moments that Disneyland Paris provides in a single year. It’s main downfall this year is that it is pitched against the superior Goofy’s Incredible Christmas show in the Walt Disney Studios park.

The Enchanted Advent Calendar

The Enchanted Advent Calendar is a daily show that takes place at 10am by the castle. Essentially the idea is that each morning a child is picked to open the advent calendar door and receive whatever gift is behind it. This is great if your child is the one that has been selected to receive the gift, the rest of the audience watches on and may purchase that gift (and is given a prominent position in the Emporium).

Enchanted Advent Calendar at Disneyland ParisThis concept needs to be worked on, but it is cute for the family involved and the gifts have been items that would be wanted by guests.

Sing me a Merry Christmas

This is the blip on the wonderful Christmas season. The Sing me a Merry Christmas show revolves around hosts (and characters) singing through a Christmas playlist on an iPod. The singing is often quite poor and the song selection is not the greatest – it seems rather baffling that they picked a performer with a very strong French accent to sing this show in English. It makes for a rather cringeworthy show.

Sing me a Merry Christmas at Disneyland ParisThat’s not to say that there are not good moments in the show, the Feliz Navidad section is really good fun especially when the performers take the effort to really involve the audience.

Goofy’s Incredible Christmas

This is the star of the 2017 festive season at Disneyland Paris. Goofy’s Incredible Christmas is a 20 minute journey into the magical world of Santa’s workshop as Christmas is prepared for the boys and girls of the world. What follows is an emotional foray into Christmas filled with magic, Disney characters, wonderful Christmas songs and spectacular surprises.

Goofy's Incredible Christmas at Disneyland ParisThe show puts the Walt Disney Studios park on the map and is possibly one of the best evening spectaculars we’ve ever had in Disneyland Paris (Dreams! still comes out on top, of course). It’s difficult to describe the feelings produced as the park lights up with its Christmas lights but it also a feeling of pride as the resort is finally taking our second gate seriously.

Character Meet and Greets

Santa Goofy is the star of the 2017 Christmas meet and greet at Disneyland Paris; meeting daily in the Front Lot area of the Walt Disney Studios Park, this is a fun meet for all the family. Christmas Mickey and Minnie are meeting (individually) in the Art of Animation but queues do form early so ensure that you arrive early to meet your favourite character.

Over in Disneyland Park guests can meet Marie, Scrooge McDuck, Thumper, Miss Bunny and Sandy Claws.


The decorations are largely unchanged for this year, however there are a few notable differences. The 25th anniversary means that Christmas has taken on a beautiful blue shade. This looks slightly strange during the day, but it comes alive at night as the colours pop and really do look in keeping with the rest of Main Street. The Central Plaza decorations have also been moved into Town Square.

Christmas Main Street USA at Disneyland ParisThe garlands make their return to Main Street as does the large Christmas tree; the sounds of Christmas fill the air with the festive musical loop on Main Street. There is truly nothing like walking into a festive Disneyland Park.

A wonderful Disney Christmas of magic

Christmas 2017 is hands down one of the most magical Christmas seasons that we have seen at Disneyland Paris. The entertainment offerings are truly special and the whole look and feel of the season blends seamlessly into the 25th anniversary. This is a wonderful place to build from and Disneyland Paris has cemented itself as the Disney resort to visit during the Christmas season.

Disneyland Paris and the promotion of new Studio releases

Olaf and Sven in Disney Stars on Parade at Disneyland Paris

Much has been made of the ‘new’ development of Disneyland Paris taking advantage of film releases in the parks. Many hailed the arrival of Moana in Disney’s Art of Animation as the first step and a step that Disneyland Paris needed to take. But is it really that new? The short answer is no, Disneyland Paris actually has a rather rich history of the promotion of new studio releases within its parks. This article focuses on a few of the bigger tie-ins, but there are a good number of examples that could be used.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

The most prominent example of film tie-ins is the Hunchback of Notre Dame (1997) which was used in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. For this celebration the castle was given an overhaul as part of the ‘Festival of Fools’ in order to look like a jester, this castle decoration was striking and whilst it was on brand, it was perhaps less tasteful than decorations that have been used for other celebrations (such as the 15th anniversary).

This promotional season also featured a parade that also took on the ‘Festival of Fools’ idea which included perhaps one of the most bizarre set of parade costumes in resort history as performers became dancing Parisian buildings. nevertheless, this 5th anniversary celebration of all things Hunchback was certainly effective; the promotion for the new film was difficult to avoid.

Toy Story

Toy Story was celebrated very much like Hunchback with a short special parade. One of the curiosities of this parade was seeing Woody ride a real horse up Main Street USA. This type of parade was a perfect way to introduce guests to the Toy Story characters and allow fans of the franchise to see all the Toy Story characters in one spot. This was a complete parade and is really something that could make an extremely successful return.

Chicken Little

Chicken Little was promoted in the Walt Disney Studios park in 2005 as the film was released. The characters of Chicken Little and Abby Mallard was included on the Disney Cinema Parade. Chicken Little himself was available as a Meet and Greet and a giant billboard poster was placed on the front of Studio 1. More on this can be found by my good friend Steve on Dedicated to DLP who wrote a great piece on Chicken Little in Disneyland Paris.


Prior to Frozen being released in cinemas in December 2013, Disneyland Paris introduced a Frozen float to the then-parade Disney Magic on Parade. This float involved re-imagining the princess float to remove The Little Mermaid and add in Frozen with characters including Anna, Elsa and Olaf.

Frozen in Disney Magic on Parade at Disneyland ParisDisney Dreams! of Christmas was also introduced in November 2013 which featured Let it Go and a storyline which was very much driven around Josh Gad’s character of Olaf. This show was developed in subsequent years to include more Frozen.


Moana was welcomed to Disneyland Paris during a special pre-parade during the Christmas 2016 press event which was followed by a daily meet and greet in the Art of Disney Animation building. This meet and greet lasted until March 2017 and returned during the summer months. It is widely anticipated that Moana will make her return to Disneyland Paris during the Pirates and Princess Festival in the spring of 2018.


Coco officially entered Disneyland Paris during the 2017 Christmas season with special decorations at the Fuente del Oro restaurant. Miguel is present in puppet form.

Promoting films is not a new thing

Disneyland Paris do have a rich history of promoting new Disney releases, this article has proven that. But what is new, and undoubtedly so, is the intensity of promotion. The synergy between Disney’s European resort and the Walt Disney Company marketing machine is really beginning to be felt as each film is arrives. This intensity is to be applauded and continued! Well done Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris announces a MARVELous summer

Iron Man at Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris today announced the MARVEL Summer of Super Heroes that will take place from June 10th – September 30th 2018. This special season will close the 25th anniversary celebrations in spectacular style and will certainly be one of the key highlights of the 2018 offering at Disneyland Paris. Guests will see MARVEL characters make their Disneyland Paris debut including: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Star Lord and Doctor Strange as well as Disneyland Paris regular: Spider-Man. The Summer of Heroes also promises meet and greets as well as a new 360 degree stunt show in the Cinémagique theatre that will be certain to blow us all away.

MARVEL Summer of Heroes: A new season full of surprises!

Disneyland Paris are going heavy into these new seasonal celebrations, particularly those based around popular franchises such as Star Wars or MARVEL. This is truly a wonderful thing for the Disneyland Paris parks as new audiences will be attracted to the resort to enjoy these special offerings and also to fall in love with the Disneyland Paris we all know and love. MARVEL fans will love meeting their favourite super heroes over the course of the summer but the real highlight is the new show that will be taking place in the old Cinémagique theatre. Being able to watch the action-packed world of MARVEL come to life right in front of your eyes will be quite the impressive experience. The show also promises to be immersive and will literally take place all around guests. This feels like the evolution of stage shows at Disneyland Paris, we saw it beginning in Mickey and the Magician with the Lion King scene, but this will be the next-level of that and it certainly is something to be very excited about.

Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris poster

Whilst not much is known about the season so far, we do know that some of the brightest minds at Disneyland Paris and MARVEL are working on this exciting seasonal offering which can only raise expectations. MARVEL have rarely put a foot wrong and it would be unwise to think that they will be starting now.

A new audience and direction for Disneyland Paris

Also notable in the announcement of the Summer of Super Heroes was the location of this announcement: MCM Comic Con Londonthe announcement was targeted towards those most likely to be enticed by super hero adventures – comic book fans. This untapped audience by Disneyland Paris has a lot of potential to make this event extremely popular and to bring a reputation of being the home of MARVEL in Europe. With the new Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel opening in 2020, this audience is clearly going to be crucial to Disneyland Paris moving forward and it would be wise to say that this is clearly just the beginning; MARVEL and Disneyland Paris clearly have a very bright future ahead.

Iron Man at Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris

Another ‘must-see’ for 2018

Disneyland Paris’s 2018 schedule is fast filling up with exciting events planned for almost the entire year already. The MARVEL Summer of Heroes joins Season of the Force and the newly announced Disney FanDaze meaning that there truly is something for everyone at Disneyland Paris in 2018. Long may this current trend continue, Disneyland Paris might be 25 years old, but its best days are clearly still to come.

Disney FanDaze: A unique event for fans in 2018

On Saturday 30th September 2017 I, alongside a number of other fansites, was invited to attend a sneak peak of Disney FanDaze a day before the official announcement. The event itself was fantastic and Disney FanDaze itself is going to be a big hit for many fans. We came into the presentation with many questions and knowing that we wouldn’t find out everything. With this in mind, what do we now know about Disney FanDaze.

The ultimate Disneyland Paris fan event

Disney FanDaze: The Inaugural Party is being billed as the ultimate fan event, and for good reason as there are many different elements to the event and should have something to please most fans. On offer will be exclusive shows and parades, private ride time, character encounters, limited edition merchandise, special food and the opportunity to wear costume! The exciting thing is that this is just the inaugural event and that there’s the promise of more to come in the months and years ahead! The full press release with all the information can be found here.

Disney FanDaze Welcome

The blogger event

To announce the plans for the first Disney FanDaze events, Disneyland Paris invited a whole host of fansites from across Europe. The aim? Give out the information of what is to come but also to give fans a small snapshot of what the events will actually be like – and if they manage to recreate the atmosphere of the bloggers event it will be something very special indeed, the emphasis was clearly on the fun.

The Disney FanDaze Characters

The cocktail reception

As we arrived in the Walt Disney Studios park we were escorted to the Art of Disney Animation where we were greeted by Mickey and his friends – the official line up of the core characters of Disney FanDaze. The characters initially posed for photographs before coming out to greet the guests. Once this was done we made our way to the bar to try the ‘Crazy Blue’ cocktail. It was after this initial drink that we were escorted to Studio 1 for the main event: dinner and the Disney FanDaze presentation.

Emmanuel Lenormand and Marilyn Magness present Disney FanDaze

The Disney FanDaze presentation

The presentation itself was expertly handled and took place on the main walkway through Disney’s Studio 1 – it was a pure delight to eat in this intimate environment and a unique experience in itself, and something I hope FanDaze gives us more of; we fans love our unique and unusual experiences. The presentation was hosted by Emmanuel Lenormand and Marilyn Magness and the passion that was being exuded from the two of them was so warming to see and equally infectious, the passion was genuine and really allowed for me to feel that a lot of heart is being put into this event. They started off by defining what makes a Disney fan (Hint: It’s a transformation of the heart and somebody who credits that transformation to Walt Disney) before launching into all the details of the events.

The Dance your DuckTales parade

I must admit, when the introduction to the DuckTales parade began with that theme song, a big grin came on my face and, yes, I started singing along (it’s DuckTales, how can you not?). Scrooge came onto the stage with Marilyn and Emmanuel and the Dance your DuckTales parade was announced, I’m a big DuckTales fan and so immediately this appealed to me and it was immediately clear that the same could be said for many in the room who grew up with the Disney Afternoon cartoons. I think this is easily going to be one of the FanDaze highlights.

Max Live: Getting Goofy with it

A bit of Powerline came on from A Goofy Movie and Max came out to announce a special one of a kind show, Max Live will be the ultimate concert to Disney fans who know and love A Goofy Movie. It’s going to be one of those moments that you’ll just have to be there for. The concept sounds really intriguing and could be a lot of fun.

Disney FanDaze characters

Character fans – this one is for you!

Over 50 characters were announced to be present at the Disney FanDaze inaugural party and just some that we already know of are: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Duffy, Shellie-May, Roger Rabbit, Tale Spin, Joy, Sadness, Bolt, Mittens, Hiro, Youkai, Nick and Judy. There’s a lot more to be announced making this a character lover’s dream.

Limited Edition Food and Merchandise

One of those exciting announcements is that there will be new limited edition Disney memorabilia on offer; at the moment we have no idea what this could be, but I am willing to bet that it will be something extremely exciting. Limited edition food was heavily mentioned during the event leading me to believe that the offerings will be very special indeed, but again we will have to wait a little bit longer to find out exactly what this entails.

The special surprise!

At the end of the evening we were treated to a very special surprise of many of the Disney characters that will be at Disney FanDaze coming out to meet all of us. The idea was to give us a real feeling as to what the Disney FanDaze inaugural party might be like, and if it is anything like the finale to this event it is clear that it will be both spectacular and memorable.

So… my opinions on Disney FanDaze

The most striking thing about the whole blogger event is how much passion both Emmanuel and Marilyn had for the event, and even better that it was genuine. For a while now Disneyland Paris fans have been asking to be able to meet their favourite rare characters and whilst seeing them on parades and events has been fantastic, there’s never really been a way to interact with them. It looks like Disney FanDaze will be changing all that and that they will be listening intently to the fans. The fans are at the centre of this event, this is an event made for fans, by fans. 

And the best news? This is only the first event,there are clearly lots of ideas still being created for future events (and even for this event!) meaning we have a lot to look forward to in the years ahead. I’m also very pleased to see merchandise and food getting a high billing and being a key marketing point for the event – as a Disney Parks fan we are all interested in good merchandise but also unique foods and we really are getting that here.

We still don’t know pricing, a precise date (other than the first weekend of June) and what exactly will be happening – but all this will come in time and you’ll read it first on fan websites such as this one!

This is a promising move for fan events at Disneyland Paris – let’s hope this is a success. I think it’s clear from fan reaction that this inaugural party has a lot of intrigue and we will be hearing a lot more about it in the weeks and months ahead. It truly is fun to be a fan at Disneyland Paris!

To be the first to find out all the news on Disney FanDaze, make sure to keep following this website, or sign up to the official website to get the news straight to your inbox! 

Disneyland Paris Halloween 2017 review!

The talk prior to Halloween 2017 was that the reduced offering would render Halloween a small nothing festival. Gone were the Main Street USA decorations and the Castle Stage show, instead we would see the 25th anniversary take priority. But what became of the Halloween season in 2017? In short, it is a fantastic celebration that has undergone radical transformation – and for the better!

A Dià de los Meurtos theme

It becomes immediately obvious that this yer Halloween at Disneyland Paris is a dià de los meurtos spectacular. The Mexican theme has very much been adopted across the land with fantastic skeletons wearing traditional Mexican dress; lamps and banners have been erected across the land that truly bring out the fiesta. This is, of course, topped up with a new area loop that both feels like a festival but also has the heart of this Mexican version of Halloween.

Halloween skeletons in Frontierland at Disneyland ParisWhat’s more, it simply makes sense. Frontierland at Disneyland Paris has always had a Mexican theme about it with the Fuente del Oro restaurant and the Pueblo trading post shop, this blending just feels so right and Disneyland Paris really have captured a unique look on Halloween that cannot be seen in any other Disney park and it is sublime.

Goofy’s Skeletoon Party

The star attraction of Halloween 2017 is Goofy’s Skeletoon Party which is one of those unique shows that works beautifully in its surroundings. Effectively this party is a very short moving parade through the central street of Frontierland. The best thing is that it is short enough to never create too much of a bottleneck in Frontierland but fun enough to bring a feel good atmosphere in the land. The song is beautifully catchy and brings grins to the faces of all who watch on.

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland Paris

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland ParisThe concept is extremely simple, skeletons, dragons, Goofy, Panchito and Jose, scarecrows and a wonderfully decorated car. They file by in a joyful and energetic dance that you can simply see the performers love the parade. My initial reaction was that this is better than Mickey’s Halloween Celebration and I do stick by that; for me, the dià de los meurtos and fiesta theme is something so unusual and unique that it deserves to be developed and Frontierland can take it’s rightful place as the home of Halloween.

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland Paris

Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang

The infamous Tricycle gang. This looks and sounds strange, and it is. But it is strange in the best possible way. I loved the Tricycle gang. The music hits Main Street USA and it is a party. One of the most infectious songs in the history of Disneyland Paris begins playing and suddenly all conceptions of what the Tricycle gang was evaporates and joy takes over. The parade itself is high-energy and simple. The characters come by in their Halloween outfits followed by some Disney Villains.

Donald as Maleficent at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang

Captain Hook at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle GangWhilst there is not much to this show, but it is a really enjoyable few minutes with an infectious rhythm and does deserve to get a new run next year with that wonderful music.

Mickey Mouse at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang


Of course a big highlight for many at these seasonal celebrations are character meet and greets. The real highlight are Mickey and Minnie in their new Mexican-inspired outfits. These outfits look fantastic and clearly many guests agree with queues stretching to about 1h30 on the opening day – and they are worth it. They look spectacular and again immerse guests into the Dià de los Meurtos theme of 2017.

Mickey and Minnie in their Mexican Outfits at Disneyland ParisTo replace the castle show, the Disney villains have been moved to their own meet and greets which is much better than the show at the castle stage and scrum in previous years. Now you are fully guaranteed to see the characters you want to see and won’t have to fight for it which should make everybody happy.

A wonderful Disneyland Paris Halloween

This new vision of Halloween was a sheer delight to experience, the new theme in Frontierland is clearly here to stay as significant effort has been placed in producing it and what a wonderful feeling that is. We finally have that unique Halloween that we’ve been so yearning for and long may it last. Let’s hope that this Mexican theme continues to grow in conjunction with the traditional Halloween celebrations, if it does then Halloween will be spectacular.

Do make sure to read my good friend Steve’s review of Halloween over at Dedicated to DLP

The importance of “Theme integrity”

Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris

For many, meeting a Disney character is integral to their experience of a Disney park. There are legions of Disney guests who do not care for rides and go to the resort exclusively for the characters. Amongst these fans, the words “character integrity” have emerged, essentially meaning that characters remain true and proper to their personalities, for example it would be inappropriate to see Jafar do the cha-cha-slide (no matter how amazing a prospect that sounds). But this ‘character integrity’ brings about a larger issue that is largely undiscussed in the Disneyland Paris community, the idea of ‘theme integrity’.

Chateau de la Belle au Bois DormantIs theme integrity really that important?

Everything in a Disney park really should immerse guests in a story and anything that detracts from that story is a violation of this idea of ‘theme integrity’. Put simply, if Jafar doesn’t dance, Big Thunder Mountain doesn’t have Jack Skellington projected onto it. We have recently seen excellent themed work from Disneyland Paris. When Big Thunder Mountain was under its year-long refurbishment, effort went into creating themed construction walls that really worked for the story of Frontierland where the easier option would have been to throw up the green walls with the image of the builder Mickey and have left them there for a year.

Disney parks go to great efforts to create these themes during construction and it is always frustrating to see temporary solutions being implemented for a quick fix. However, this year Disneyland Paris have been forced to move their Halloween celebrations from Main Street to Frontierland due to the celebrations of the 25th anniversary. There is no reason to be against this decision, guests will get to experience two great seasons and really enjoy them to their full. That was until the ghosts of Main Street moved:

This is an example of complete disregard for theme. Phantom Manor does not require ghosts outside and on its lawns. The ghosts only distract from the story and the mood that Phantom Manor successfully creates. On Main Street, these ghosts really do work and look good; additionally, they add to the story as each fits into the theme of the area in which they are placed (take for example the baseball ghost, who is usually placed on top of Casey’s Corner), here they do not look good at all and it really does feel as if they’ve been shoe-horned in. Disneyland Paris do need to know when it’s OK to simply leave things as they are.

Should we care?

Temporary modifications can be quite alright and, yes, as a group of fans we’ll learn very quickly to live with the Halloween decorations described above. But the wider issue still exists, there are elements of Disneyland Paris staff (and it is not something limited to Disneyland Paris as this does happen worldwide) that have little regard for the original stories that are being told. Whether this is a breakdown between imagineering and entertainment, it doesn’t really matter; what does matter is that as a fan community we stand for high-quality show elements and that when we see something that we believe is not quite right or could do with some improvement that we say just that. Striving for Disneyland Paris to be the best it can be is no crime, by critiquing you are not being a bad-fan, you are simply standing up for something you think should be held in higher esteem. Disneyland Paris are on the right track, their efforts are getting much better and it really is noticeable and for me can transform an experience. There is still room for improvement, but that’s always going to be true.

Starlit Princess Waltz review

Starlit Princess Waltz - Aurora at Disneyland Paris

Aurora takes centre stage in this beautiful princess pageant The Starlit Princess Waltz. Too often the princess shows in Disneyland Paris have involved nothing more than twirling to generic music, this show seeks to change that perception and produce something more. But has it been a success?

Yes and no. This show is more than the normal princess show, but it still consists of primarily twirling and dancing. Having said that, it is much more enjoyable than previous shows of the same type at Disneyland Paris. Whilst the show does leave guests satisfied, you do wonder if Disneyland Paris can do more with the princesses.

Starlit Princess Waltz - Aurora at Disneyland Paris

Plot and staging

The basic plot of the show is that Aurora is inviting guests to join her for as her royal guests. Rosie and Louis are our master of ceremony for this show and Louis clearly hasn’t read his fairy tales as when each princess arrives on stage, he announces the “wrong one”. It’s kind of cute, kind of funny and allows princesses to dance with masks and fans. It’s a fun moment that, whilst it has a plot, is rather flimsy but looks good and is entertaining. It is when the show moves into its second half that it really becomes excellent. The dancing is skilful and is much more than twirling and once the princes arrive the lift between Aurora and Philip is a spectacular moment.

As plots go, there is very little here as in many of the princess shows at Disneyland Paris. It would be great to see a princess show that has a longer running time and a real storyline. Having said that, it is enough to leave you fulfilled.

Starlit Princess Waltz - Disneyland Paris

The staging of the show is spectacular. The new stage, especially designed for this show, looks phenomenal and works well for this very show. The choreography breaks some new ground for princess shows in Paris which is nice as the fear of the show being too same-y has not materialised.


Music is a big part of this show, it doesn’t take any particular princess song and plays it as a dance track. This is all original, all new and actually rather good. The style of the music changes to reflect each princess’s music style – for instance the Rapunzel introduction has the air of At last I see the Light about it. It all works very well and ensures the music is fluid.

The second song is a more general piece that has a very clear and powerful message, that all girls are princesses, it’s the core message of the show and this song is a powerful way to power this message home.

Starlit Princess Waltz - Disneyland Paris

A nice twist on the Princess show

Princess shows are formulaic in Disneyland Paris, and this show doesn’t break the usual formula, however it is longer than prior princess shows and uses the stage effectively. The choreography is more complex than prior shows and that really does boost the enjoyability factor.

This is a nice show that is short enough to not eat up too much time into your day but has that wow factor. Next time though, it would be nice to see something very different with more plot.

Mickey presents: Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris review

Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris - Characters

The 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris has allowed for the return of stage shows on a refurbished castle stage. This stage, located next to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, is typically used during the seasonal celebrations but left empty during the rest of the year. The anniversary celebrations sees a renewed focus on this stage with two unique performances presented daily.

Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris is a show of pure joy and allows guests to see their favourite characters up close and personal. It is a true celebration of Disneyland Paris and all of its lands, a show for all fans to savour.

Staging and choreography

The show uses the castle stage rather beautifully with the castle being used as a central background piece which is especially useful towards the end of the show when characters pose for photographs for guests. As a wide open space characters and dance moves are able to be land-specific and give a real feeling of being a celebration of that area. This is most effective in the celebration of Adventureland as characters create a boat and appear to be sailing down a river.

Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris - Adventureland

The finale of the show is staged especially well as characters flood both the stage and the ground below the stage and allow Mickey to be centred. When watching the show is feels like a celebration – exactly what this show sets out to do. It is not the most spectacular show that you will ever see, but it is a show of happiness and celebration and the staging and choreography really does hinge on these messages.


The amount of characters in this show is staggering, a large cast consisting of many characters that fit several different lands. The selection is near-perfect and has a character for everybody. The surprising inclusion of Max as a leading character is a welcome choice – it is often nice and pleasing to see a character on stage that we rarely see in the parks. The inclusion of Duffy will also please many fans as, again, he is very rarely seen within the park in recent years.

Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris - Characters

Whilst the range is very strong, these are all characters we have seen often in the parks in Paris in the past (with the exception of Max) and it would have been nice to have some different and rarer characters in the show. A small criticism for a show that is flawless in most ways.


The strongest aspect of this show is the musical score, it is extremely infectious in the best possible way. Each land has a unique and distinct sound and original song – each work alone as a perfect reference to each land and work together to make this fantastic show a complete piece.

The highlight is the Happy Anniversary song which is also currently the park opening announcement song. It is this song that sums up the feeling of this special celebration year and provides a fitting finale to a great show.Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris - Mickey

An excellent show

This show is not the biggest, the grandest or the most spectacular show you will see at Disneyland Paris but it is the one that feels as if it has the most heart. It is a show the creates the feeling of joy and celebration to the anniversary year (where other pieces of entertainment are lacking this crucial element).

The show is enjoyable and I hope we get to see more shows like this in the future that manage to encompass a lot of themes, characters and are as strong on the music. Bravo Disneyland Paris, this is exactly the type of show that we were looking for.

Disney Stars on Parade: A 100% fun parade!

Disney Stars on Parade is the new daily encounter with the Disney characters in Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris. This new parade is full of bounce, fun and excitement and marks a real change in parade style for Disneyland Paris. Out are the old floats that have been present in Paris for ten years and in are new and dynamic floats and a soundtrack that is so fun it’ll have you bopping away and fill you with absolute joy. These eight new floats have a unique soundtrack and a unique look.

Discover the Magic

The initial float of the parade is striking. It sets the tone that this parade is very different from anything that we have
seen before and is impressive. A giant book comes down the street and on either side Mickey and Minnie wearing the now famous ‘steampunk’ costume.  These costumes are wonderfully detailed and look like something that has come straight out Discoveryland.

Mickey and Minne are followed by Goofy who is floating up and down on a jetpack who is followed by a giant telescope with Chip and Dale.

Each character on the float, much like the entire parade, are located up high up allowing everybody to get a fantastic view of the parade no matter how far back they are in the crowds, a fantastic initiative and should cut down in the last minute kids on shoulders or pushing through to the front.

Discover the Magic float in Disney Stars on ParadeThis particular float is absolutely stunning and really does set the tone for a parade that is totally unique in any Disney park – a parade based in Steampunk designs of our favourite films. The problem? Whilst this float does exactly that, it falls apart quite quickly before re-picking it up for the dragon. Whilst this is not a problem – the parade is still fantastic – it does take away from a global theme which this parade does not have.

Discover Friendship

This Toy Story inspired float has one of the most impressive kinetic effects. Whilst the characters are very much front and centre in any parade, this parade has skilfully allowed performers to bring the wow factor as well. The star of this float is the giant wheel with performers rotating around to an incredible height. In many parades, this moment would be the highlight, however in this parade it is relegated to the place of a ‘cool moment’.

The characters themselves are the usual Toy Story affair, Buzz, Woody and Jessie can be found in, or around, the float which is colourful and fun in design.

Discover Friendship float in Disney Stars on Parade

Discover Adventure

If a float was given a land as an identity, this float encapsulates Adventureland. The dancers dressed in fantastic outfits which are spellbinding and the choice of characters are very much a Disneyland Paris classic. The issue here is not so much character choice but the lack of Baloo. Baloo is present as a static element of the float and not as a character. When we think back to Disney Magic on Parade, Baloo brought a lot of fun to that segment and is a real miss on this parade.

Discover Adventure float in Disney Stars on ParadeThe Lion King/Jungle Book split is a tried and tested formula at Disneyland Paris and falls rather flat in this parade. Where Disney Stars on Parade is dynamic and fun, this float is static and lifeless. The float itself is not overly striking and does not really incite any form of excitement. The fantastic choreography and music really does carry this segment through that feels like it is only there because of the popularity of the franchises.

The biggest issue with this float though is the costume for the character of Mowgli who looks more like Fred Flintstone than the intended Jungle Book. This is an easy issue to fix however and I am confident that a solution will be worked on.

Discover Imagination

This is one of the breathtaking floats of the parade. From seeing the Lost Boys dancing in front of the float the imposing swinging pirate ship with Peter Pan. This float is a delight for the eyes, Captain Hook sits on top of Skull Rock and has a chair that can move from side to side meaning that the entire audience can get that perfect view of him, this is followed by Peter Pan hoisted extremely high on a pirate ship swinging backwards and forwards.

Discover Imagination takes on a dreamlike look with the giant moon and skull rock and is a true standout of this parade.

Discover Imagination float in Disney Stars on Parade

Discover a new world

Perhaps the least impressive of the Disney Stars on Parade units in the Discover a New World section and the only reason for this view is that it feels rather static. Essentially, the float is a giant Crush that does nothing except speak a few lines. Whilst the Crush does look very good, the parade is extremely kinetic and this float simply isn’t.

On the other hand, however, the dancers that go with this float are in some of the most beautiful costumes designed for a parade. They scream ocean and do look stunning.

Discover a new world float on Disney Stars on Parade

Discover Enchantment

The centrepiece of this parade is undoubtedly this particular unit. Maleficent returns to Disneyland Paris in this wonderful steampunk look. The float, the performers and the music are spot on in this fantastic float that does quite literally steal the show.

Whilst the fire effect is on and off (and you have to be quite lucky to see the fire perfectly), the float itself is imposing and magnificent, this is a work of art and its pleasing to hear the crowds gasp as they see her for the first time. The fire effect adds a whole new level to this, the bright yellow flames are incredible and deserve every single clap of admiration they receive from guests. Moments like this make holidays and force people to come back and tell their friends.

Discover Enchantment float on Disney Stars on ParadeIt’s rare that one float missing will significantly weaken the parade, but if this float were to be removed the parade feels much less impressive and would leave you feel disappointed. This is a testament to the design teams who have worked on this piece both in Paris and in the US.

Discover Romance

After the villain, the heroines. The princess carriages from Disney Magic on Parade return for Disney Stars on Parade providing both continuity and similarity. There is not much to be said about this particular section of the parade as it is so similar to the previous offering at Disneyland Paris. There is a strong rumour that the princesses will be getting their own float in the next year or so and it is very much-needed.

Discover Romance float in Disney Stars on ParadeNevertheless, this is still a wonderful part of the parade and the new music and choreography do make for a pleasant moment and it simply would be impossible to have a Disney parade without the princesses, the two just go together perfectly.

Discover Wonder

The grand finale of the parade is Frozen themed. This float is simply magical, it feels both like it has come straight out of the film and toy-like. This is the first time that both Kristoff and Olaf have been on parade at Disneyland Paris making this a significant attraction in itself. This float is simply fun. Kristoff leads it out, Olaf sits atop of Sven and the royal sisters are on a castle balcony. As Frozen simply gets more and more popular, it was about time that the film received a dedicated float and this one is perfect.

Discover Wonder in Disney Stars on ParadeAs the grand finale, the float also sends snow falling in the air and covers guests as they wait for it to pass by or follow the end of the parade. This effect really does add a lot in atmosphere and gives Disney Stars on Parade a magical send off.


Any new parade needs a new score, and Disney Stars on Parade is no exception. Whereas Magic on Parade had one song playing in a loop throughout the entire parade, this new offering has a full score that accompanies each float making it more story-like in nature.

The main score Lost in the Magic is spectacular, bouncy and fun (and now available on CD within the resort) and as the parade progresses each float has a unique sound with echoings of Lost in the Magic throughout to create a truly linear score. It can only be hoped that one day Disneyland Paris allow us to buy the entire score just like they did for the Once Upon a Dream parade which had the same musical feature.

This parade is energetic and has music to match, this song will be a Disneyland Paris classic.


Disney Stars on Parade is a new and fun experience to be added into the park, with the emphasis on the fun. Parades are always highlights of days and trips and this parade will be no exception, it is possibly one of the best parades produced by Disneyland Paris and leaves the entire crowd smiling, an accolade which is truly special.

Is this Parade perfect? No. Is this Parade very strong? Almost certainly yes. Is it one of the best parades we’ve had at Disneyland Paris? I would say so. Disney Stars on Parade is a huge improvement on Disney Magic on Parade, it’s toe-tapping, smile inducing fun. And after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? Mission very much accomplished and bravo Disneyland Paris for trying (and succeeding) at something very different.

12th April 2017: An unforgettable day

It was clear that the 25th anniversary day would be one of surprises from the offset. The level of secrecy that surrounded the day was unprecedented for Disneyland Paris where leaks seem to be common. The reality of the day itself was even grander than expected; the day was full of magic and saw even more sparkle pumped into the resort. This was a day created for Disneyland Paris fans and, thanks to the live streams provided by the resort, the whole world was invited!

In the lead up to the event, all the talk surrounding the day was started by the time needed to be at the resort gates. 6am seemed to be the agreed time by all and so early nights were had and alarm clocks were set. April 12th was going to be a day like no other.

An electric atmosphere

A large part to the enjoyment of any big event is the atmosphere, and for the Grand Celebration it was electric. From the moment you arrived at the resort and queued for security, there was a feeling of excitement and anticipation the likes of which is rare to experience at Disneyland Paris.

Moving through to the turnstiles, guests sang Happy Birthday to Disneyland Paris in multiple languages with guests doing their best to join in with languages they didn’t understand. It was magical. And then once in the park this only continued with guests looking on excitedly at all the things before their eyes – characters and events that perhaps they never thought possible at Disneyland Paris. It truly felt like we were a part of a once in a lifetime celebration and that everybody there knew it.

[dt_quote font_size=”h4″ background=”fancy”]”It truly felt like we were a part of a once in a lifetime celebration and that everybody there knew it.”[/dt_quote]
12th April 2017 Grand Celebration turnstile queue

The Grand Celebration

The main event was a show that took place at 9am exactly on Main Street USA. Nobody knew quite what to expect except ‘big’. There was a feeling in the air that whatever we were about to witness would be something sensational. The reality was even better, this was a show that Disneyland Paris (and Disney fans in general) could only have dreamed of. There were so many characters and performers that it was impossible to know where to look. Each time you felt like you’d seen it all, something else would come along to shock and dazzle you. Each time you blinked a new character would appear and occasionally very obscure characters at that.

The show was exceptional and gave each land it’s ‘time to sparkle’, after the VIP’s (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Chip, Dale, Clarice, Goofy, Max, Duffy and Shellie-May) introduction it was time to move onto Main Street, then Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and Fantasyland. Each symbolised by a set of characters that would be at home in these lands and each accompanied by some of the most incredible costumes that Disney has ever created for their dancers.

[dt_quote font_size=”h4″ background=”fancy”]”This show was an absolute triumph for Disneyland Paris, it proves to the world that our entertainment teams are the best that Disney has to offer and once again made Paris the envy of the Disney world.”[/dt_quote]

The grand finale of the show-based section was ingenious. The delight from fans as they heard segments of past shows mixed together to form a ‘Disneyland Paris megamix’ was infectious. This, combined with the sheer number of ultra-rare characters to the resort made this one of the most exciting few minutes of live entertainment ever produced in the resort.

The extra surprise of 1,000 cast members performing a flash mob down Main Street USA was a pure delight and added to the emotion and pride that fans take in the resort. This show was an absolute triumph for Disneyland Paris, it proves to the world that our entertainment teams are the best that Disney has to offer and once again made Paris the envy of the Disney world.

The next big landmark anniversary for the Disney parks community is the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World resort, the gauntlet has well and truly been thrown down. Disney have never before produced a show of this calibre and it is truly pleasing to see Paris be the recipient of this honour.

The Grand Celebration Cavalcades

For those who didn’t manage to see everything during the one-hour spectacular, two Grand Celebration cavalcades were laid on during the day for guests to enjoy the sight of these rare characters and beautiful costumes one more time. These cavalcades were bursting with fun and excitement and each second felt special and exciting.

The cavalcade really helped add some extra magic to the day as we were once again allowed to stand in awe of what we were in the middle of living. The energy coming from these special shows was infectious as confetti was flying all over the park as Everyday’s a Celebration blasted out of the speakers. Such was the emotion after the cavalcades that many people didn’t move wanting to secure their spot for the second showing which was an hour and a half later.

[dt_quote font_size=”h4″ background=”fancy”]”Such was the emotion after the cavalcades that many people didn’t move wanting to secure their spot for the second showing which was an hour and a half later.”[/dt_quote]

The kiss goodnight

Perhaps one of the most emotional moments of the day (which was full of emotion and celebration) was the kiss goodnight. This perfect ending saw the Everyday’s a Celebration song slowed down and the entire VIP gang back together on Main Street station to say goodnight to guests in their exclusive one day only outfits. Whilst there was not much to the show, it was a perfect farewell and closing of the day. It managed to stir some sadness deep down that such a special day was over and remains one of my favourite memories of the day.

An unforgettably magic day

When the history of Disneyland Paris is written, it is littered with amazing special events that are often billed as being once in a lifetime. It is to Disneyland Paris’s credit that they are able to pull over such magical big events; but the 12th April 2017 felt like a new chapter beginning. As lavish as an opening ceremony, this was a rebirth of Disneyland Paris and, as Catherine Powell mentioned in her moving speech, together we will help write the resort’s future. As new chapters begins, old ones must end, but this day didn’t end a chapter, it provided a nostalgia for what we have been so fortunate to enjoy at Disneyland Paris whilst also offering a small glimpse of what is to come.

The Grand Celebration was a day that made me immensely proud to be a fan, I was honoured to be in attendance and I know many at home were thrilled that Disneyland Paris live streamed the events so that many more fans could there virtually as well. It is a day that will live on in Disneyland Paris history as an extraordinarily special day and a day for Disneyland Paris fans to be immensely proud of.

[dt_quote font_size=”h4″ background=”fancy”]”It is a day that will live on in Disneyland Paris history as an extraordinarily special day and a day for Disneyland Paris fans to be immensely proud of.”[/dt_quote]

How much Frozen is too much Frozen?

Anna in Disney Magic on Parade

There is always a lot of talk about the latest hype item and its place (or normally lack of it) in Disneyland Paris. In November 2013, Disneyland Paris updated its parade to include characters from the film Frozen. At this time, these characters were dubbed as being from ‘the upcoming film’. Here we are three years on and the Frozen characters have created a polemic. So how much Frozen is too much?

What is there at Disneyland Paris?

Since November 2013, the Frozen sisters have enjoyed their time on Disney Magic on Parade daily. The section of the parade consists of half a float decorated in a Frozen landscape with a small Olaf waving to his fans. This float replaced The Little Mermaid section of the parade.

During the Christmas season Disney Dreams! becomes Disney Dreams! of Christmas which has a very heavy Frozen plotline. Olaf hosts the show which features multiple numbers from the film’s soundtrack. The show is widely regarded as a lesser version of the main Disney Dreams! show, but still delights guests and sets a wonderful Christmas tone to end a magical park day.

Olaf during Disney Dreams! of Christmas

Merchandise. Lots of it. Frozen is the hit film of the moment, guests love it and it still makes a fortune in merchandise sales. It only makes sense that Disneyland Paris follows up on this. The merchandise is mostly targeted at the child audience and there is very little in the way of adult merchandise.

So what about Frozen Summer Fun?

In 2015 Disneyland Paris debuted a new season based on the film. Frozen Summer Fun could really be described more as a ‘mini-season’ than a full-scale season in the same vein as Spring, Halloween or Christmas but manages to pack in various fun elements that makes it a joy to take part in.

Elsa in Frozen Sing along
Elsa in Frozen Sing along

Frozen Sing-along, which also takes place as part of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, is a fun show that takes place in both English and French. It’s not a show on the same scale as Mickey and the Magician and so it would be unfair to judge it using the same criteria. What it does is done very well and provides a really fun 30 minutes with the film’s characters and songs.

There are also opportunities to see the characters in a carriage ride and in Disney Dreams! with the inclusion of the hit song Let it go!

So is this too much Frozen?

Put simply. No.

Frozen is the franchise that makes Disney a stack of cash for the moment. Will it always be this way? Probably, the success seems to have sustained so far and will only increase with the sequel in a few years time. It is realistic to say that Frozen will remain popular for years to come.

Frozen Summer Fun will not be back next year, but what can Disneyland Paris do to create a real presence for Anna and Elsa?

Boosting the Frozen presence

Anna and Elsa need to be characters that guests can meet. Disneyland Paris tried this during the 2014 Christmas season and it simply didn’t work – or rather it did but Disneyland Paris refuse to admit to this as the princesses gained such long queues they were deemed to be too popular.

Anna in Disney Magic on Parade

So how do we control this? Anna and Elsa need to be placed inside the Auberge de Cendrillon and you would have a guaranteed sell out for each and every sitting. Ideally, a Frozen ride would be a fantastic addition, but I would also very much like to see a musical much like the one that has recently debuted in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.

When does it get too much?

This is the million dollar question. A question that has no answer. When Toy Story is considered, we seem rather ambivalent towards it. Recently, a new Toy Story puppet show debuted in The Lucky Nugget Saloon and we didn’t say ‘Woah, too much now’ despite the fact it has 4 rides, a land, a restaurant (technically, even though it is pretty much closed down), numerous meet and greets, a large merchandise line and parade inclusion.

There’s no such thing as too much as long as the execution is right, the characters are good and it’s not too much in your face. So let’s look forward to more Frozen in the parks. And as soon as possible – please?

Season of the Force is the Season Disneyland Paris was looking for

Problem. Once the Christmas season has reached its conclusion, the weather in Marne-la-Vallée turns cold. Very cold. Most theme parks in this part of Europe close for the Winter period, but not Disneyland Paris. It is a year round operation, but they don’t need to close – a lot of Disneyland Paris is indoors. But the resort does suffer during this part of the year, crowds are lower and prices are also lower. And suddenly, along comes a new season with the aim of changing all that: Season of the Force.

What is Season of the Force?

The Season of the Force will take place in Disneyland Paris between 14th January until 26th March 2017, the season will include shows and events relating to the Star Wars saga at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Shows will attempt to pull guests towards either the Dark side or the Light; the first order will march through the Walt Disney Studios Park with a special appearance from Captain Phasma; there will be meet and greets and Stormtrooper Patrols across Production Courtyard as they hunt out the rebel spies. All this accumulates in the finale of the day during this season, a special Star Wars projection show on the Tower of Terror – but this is no simple projection show, it’ll also feature live characters in the park.

X-Wing Visual from Star Wars: Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris

The Walt Disney Studios Park as focus

The Walt Disney Studios park occupies an odd place at Disneyland Paris. On one side of things, it is a park that is loved by the management. If Disneyland Paris is getting something new, it’s likely to be at the Walt Disney Studios Park. Take a moment to think about it: Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster, Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, Ratatouille, Toy Story Playland and most recently, Mickey and the Magician.

However, what is unique about Season of the Force is that a season has taken the Walt Disney Studios Park as its focus – this is something new. Seasonal celebrations have tended to shy away from the younger park. Christmas has managed to seep into the Studios in the form of a few lights, a modified entrance loop and, in the past, a special parade soundtrack. But this is new, the Walt Disney Studios Park is being given the opportunity to shine in their own right.

A long critique of the second gate in Paris is that it simply is not a ‘full-day’ park. Providing Mickey and the Magician is extended, this winter could very easily be a season where one could enter the park at 10am and not leave until closing time of 6 or 7pm. The most notable reason for this is the Star Wars projection show on the Tower of Terror.

Star Wars at Disneyland Paris – A brief history

Star Wars has quite the history at Disneyland Paris, and the Season of the Force is not the first, nor will it be the last, time that the popular intergalactic saga will be a major part of a Disneyland Paris trip. Star Tours is one of the staple attractions in Disneyland Paris and will, in March, see an upgrade to Star Tours 2: The Adventures Continue. Since July 2015 young Jedi have been able to train alongside Jedi masters in order to defeat Darth Vader in the Jedi Training Academy.

Disneyland Paris also experimented last year, upon the release of The Force Awakens, with a Star Wars Night. The event was a moderate success and seems to have served a wider purpose, that being preparing for the eventual Star Wars season. The Star Wars season has been a long time coming, variants have taken place for a long period in the American resorts varying from seasons to the ever-popular Star Wars Weekends.

Amazing timing. Or terrible timing?

There is a real buzz around the Star Wars saga at the moment. Disneyland Paris have been terrible in handling this recently, for example closing Star Tours immediately following the major success of The Force Awakens, an event that should have been planned years in advance. In fact, the opening of Star Tours 2: The Adventures Continue will be directly as the Season of the Force concludes in Disneyland Paris. Could this Star Wars offering be run simultaneously with the 25th Anniversary in Disneyland Park? This addition also misses the Rogue One buzz – however it could also ride the tails of its success. Hopefully Disneyland Paris place an advert for this new season before the film this Christmas.


However, having said all this, Disneyland Paris are inviting a new audience to visit the park as a real Star Wars destination in a period that is usually ignored by travelling tourists. This season will be measured on how well it manages to bring in crowds in a season that traditionally is less visited. In this sense, it can only succeed.

A wonderful addition

It’s about time that Disneyland Paris got its own Star Wars additions in the line up. The fact that there is very little in the parks already that celebrates this film is almost crazy. The return of Star Tours will be a wonderful day. This season acts as a filler in the Disneyland Paris calendar, and it is hard to think of a stronger filler. This will attract new fans, new guests and create a real buzz around a Walt Disney Studios Park that has become a day-long affair.

As somebody who likes Star Wars, I cannot wait to experience this season in the Winter. It’s time to brush out the hat, gloves and scarf and embrace a new season in Disneyland Paris!