25th Anniversary Grand Final Annual Pass Party – Review!

The third Annual Pass party at Disneyland Paris was a celebration for the end of the 25th Anniversary. Were the lessons learned from previous events though?

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The 25th Anniversary: The landmark celebration that changed everything

The Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary has come to an end. But what will be its lasting legacy on the resort? Let’s take a look back at this exciting year.

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Disneyland Paris announces 25th Anniversary Grand Finale annual pass event

Disneyland Paris have announced a 25th anniversary grand finale annual pass event for Infinity passholders. Find out what awaits on this special night.

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New Year’s Eve Party: A perfect way to celebrate

On the 31st December 2017, Disneyland Paris held its first ever New Year’s Eve special ticket event. The evening promised entertainment in the form of a mega parade made up of floats from seasonal and previous parades; a firework display at midnight; a dance party and a range of meet and greets to delight all Disney fans. The Halloween soirée has become something of a sought-after ticket in the fan community and after 2017’s New Year’s Eve party it is clear that this will become a regular fixture in a fan’s diary.

An incredible parade

The main fixture of the evening was the parade that kick-started the evening at 20:30. This parade lasted over one hour and included over 40 parade units and more than 100 dancers. The soundtrack brought back many delightful memories for Disneyland Paris fans as the music featured: Everyday’s a Celebration; Magic Everywhere; Just like we dreamed it; All around the world and Dancin’ A Catchy Rhythm. Hearing those sounds once again in the park made for an emotional experience full of nostalgia – a truly perfect way to end the year in which Disneyland Paris hit the milestone of 25 years old.

The Incredible New Year's Eve Parade at Disneyland Paris

The parade being made up of floats from previous parades (although most notably from Disney Magic On Parade) allowed a new dimension to the festivities, it may only have been 9 months but it was wonderful to see these colourful and fun floats once again. It was also rather special, in this 25th anniversary year, to see the Halloween floats (which have only been used on the 31st October this year). The number of characters (both rare and normal) was wonderful to see and brought delight to the faces of both young and old.

The Incredible New Year's Eve Parade, Cheshire Cat - Disneyland Paris

A parade of this magnitude added to the occasion and really did feel like something truly special; we can only hope that future New Year’s parades keep up this level of amazement.

Character Meet and Greets

Central to any hard ticket event is having a wide range of meet and greets. The New Year’s Eve party made sure that there was some to be had featuring both rare characters and meet and greets in unusual spaces. The highlight was, of course, being able to meet Louis the alligator (for one night only). Queues for this meet and greet very quickly increased into some of the longest of the night, but Louis himself was excellent fun and worth the wait.

Louis the Alligator - Disneyland Paris

Other meets included Chewbacca; Jake the pirate; Genie; Tiana and Naveen; Donald and Daisy (in special New Year’s gold outfits) as well as some of the regular meets such as Darth Vader. All of these looked busy, but fun. One thing that was striking in it being missing was no meet and greet with Mickey Mouse anywhere in the park. Of course, we can meet Mickey daily, but a Disney party without Mickey doesn’t quite feel right.

New Year’s Fireworks

As midnight struck and Disneyland Paris entered 2018, a spectacular fireworks display was held over Sleeping Beauty Castle set to the music that we have come to know and love from The Grand Celebration (April 12th 2017). The fireworks were reminiscent of night-time spectaculars of old at Disneyland Paris and provided a joyous and festive start to the new year. This was a firework show never to forget!

New Year Fireworks at Disneyland Paris

Goofy’s Dance Party

Throughout the entire evening a dance party was held in Discoveryland hosted by DJ Goofy. On the menu were top songs from across the decades providing something for absolutely everybody. The party area itself was quite small and could have been a little bit bigger especially after midnight as it became increasingly popular. A champagne station was provided to help guests celebrate. The song choices were overall very good and were singable and danceable classics. This party was really rocking after midnight and so an extra hour would have been perfect!

Goofy Dance Party - Disneyland Paris

Champagne Stations

Disneyland Paris laid on a number of Champagne stations throughout the evening that offered a glass of champagne for €10, a non-alcoholic children’s cocktail was also on sale in a souvenir glass for €10. The bars were cash-only and glasses were being prepared constantly meaning the queue was fluid and fast. The champagne itself was of a good quality and in plentiful supply throughout the evening.

Champagne Station at Disneyland Paris


Around special events such as New Year’s (and Halloween), the atmosphere in the park can be electric. For New Year’s Eve 2017/18, the atmosphere was one of excitement. The parade really set the tone for the special night and from then on in it just built and built leading up to the midnight hour. Whilst after midnight the park emptied (dramatically quickly), the atmosphere remained at places such as Central Plaza where Cast Members lead a Disney dance, or in Discoveryland for the dance party. The music loop being a mix of upbeat Disney songs really did help, however in places it was quite quiet, at a party a louder soundtrack is more welcome!

Room for improvement

Whilst the party was a strong success for Disneyland Paris, it is always useful to evaluate and see what could be done better. Nothing is perfect and there are ways to improve just about everything. The comments here are small, but would be helpful for future years:

  • Champagne Stations: These should be included on the park map given with the wristbands. It was often a case of guessing where to find Champagne in the busy crowds towards midnight on Central Plaza. The good news is that these stations were dotted around everywhere, we just need to know where they are.
  • Walkways: If you were walking around Central Plaza prior to midnight, you’ll know that walking around was extremely difficult. A small walkway on the side of Main Street would have been ideal.
  • Closing time: 1am seemed very close to midnight. The atmosphere around the park only grew after midnight. It would have been perfect if we were given an extra hour to celebrate to music, close the rides if you must, but an extra hour of celebration would have been very welcome.

Mickey fireworks at Disneyland Paris

A wonderful evening that has become a yearly ‘must-do’

New Year’s Eve was a truly wonderful night that has entered the Disneyland Paris yearly calendar very strongly. In fact I’m already planning to be there later in the year for this special party and friends who I spent the night with all said the same. The atmosphere was electric and the entertainment was top class. Let’s hope for the same next year.

Is 2018 the most exciting Disneyland Paris year yet?

Happy New Year! And with each New Year period, it’s time to both reflect on the year that has passed but perhaps more fun is to be excited for what lies ahead. For Disneyland Paris, 2018 is set to be perhaps one of the most exciting yet with seasons based on our favourite heroes; galactic warriors and wonderful princesses and dazzling pirates, and that’s not forgetting that it will still be time to sparkle! 2018 is set to be the most exciting year yet for Disneyland Paris!

Saving the galaxy – Season of the Force 2018!

Season of the Force is back on January 13th 2018 for another year of intergalactic fun! Last year’s season was a pleasant surprise and the success of last year will be built upon for 2018. The highlights are back including Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration, the charming and thrilling night time spectacular in the Walt Disney Studios park. This show will be updated to include scenes from the new edition of the Star Wars saga and builds on the huge success of last year. Additionally, there will be a celebration of famous vehicles from the saga with an exhibition from the 501st legion.

Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration
The 2017 edition of Season of the Force made a usually quiet period more active and desirable to visit. Whilst the criticisms of 2017 included that the celebration was small, this year sees some growth and the addition of Star Wars themed attractions in Disneyland Park (which were closed for the duration of the season last year). This truly is becoming one not to miss.

Swashbuckle and Sparkle Princesses – Festival of Pirates and Princesses

The new addition to the 2018 roster at Disneyland Paris involves the Festival of Pirates and Princesses; whilst we still don’t have a lot of information on the season, we do know that there will be a big show on Central Plaza that will involve both Pirates and Princesses. There will also be some themed meet and greets for the season.

Pirates and Princesses logo

This season will take place from late March until May 2018 and will provide a nice filler between Season of the Force and the Superhero spectacular of the summer.

Be dazzled by Disney FanDaze

The item on some Disney fan’s agenda will be Disney FanDaze, we’re still finding out more information about this exciting evening of entertainment but it is already shaping up to be one of the most memorable in the history of Disneyland Paris. This is an evening that is all about fan service of the highest degree, be it classic Disney characters or an evening of attractions and imagineering presentations, this evening will be one to satisfy all Disneyland Paris fans.

The Disney FanDaze Characters

This special evening will take place during the first weekend of June 2018 in the Walt Disney Studios park.

Save the world! – Marvel Summer of Superheroes

Perhaps the most exciting new event of 2018 will be the Marvel Summer of Superheroes, this special summer of unique entertainment will take place in the Walt Disney Studios park and will see a unique show take centre stage in the Studio Theatre (formerly home to Cinémagique), a dance party and much more.

Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris poster

Marvel fans will want to keep an eye on all Disneyland Paris news in 2018 as the Disney’s Hotel New York closes to begin making way to the new Marvel-themed hotel. This special summer will take place from June until September 2018.

Fan favourites return – Halloween and Christmas

One of the stapes of the Disneyland Paris year are the Halloween and Christmas celebrations. In 2017 we saw changes in both celebrations, and it remains to be seen how this will develop in 2018. Halloween should grow back onto Main Street USA once again as this year it was moved entirely into Frontierland (in order for Main Street to celebrate the 25th anniversary). Christmas 2017 saw a large scale growth, 2018 should see some changes to the offering and hopefully further growth into the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Christmas Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris

A sparkling finale – 25th anniversary

The 25th anniversary has enchanted guests since March 2017, however on September 9th 2018 it must end. Until then we can still enjoy all the special entertainment that has been created for this unique celebration from Disney Illuminations, to Disney Stars on Parade via the two new castle stage shows.

It has been an amazing celebration, and one we can only hope that will be matched by whatever comes next following its conclusion.

A key refurbishment – Phantom Manor

Perhaps the most intriguing thing to come from Disneyland Paris this year will not be the seasonal celebrations (as enjoyable as they are), it will be this key refurbishment. Phantom Manor is a staple of Disneyland Paris, that attraction that you can’t miss on any visit (although, there are quite a few of those), and in January 2018 it will close for a period of time for a complete refurbishment. We have no precise re-opening time frame as of yet, all we do know is that the similar refurbishments recently have been of an exceptional quality.

Time will tell what is being reimagined at this highlight attraction, but it’ll be intriguing to know more.

2018 will be unmissable – will you be there?

2018 is going to be another stellar year for Disneyland Paris in which there will truly be something for every type of guest. What are you most looking forward to? Do drop a comment and let me know.

Otherwise, may I take a moment to wish you a very happy new year and all the best for 2018. I hope you have the best year yet!


2017 at Disneyland Paris in photos

2017 has been a year rich in emotions. From Season of the Force to Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, there has been no shortage of things to see and do during this 25th anniversary year. Memories are always stoked by photo and video media, and so perhaps the best way to tell the story (and the highlights) of the year is through a collection of photographs. To find out everything that 2017 offered, read this month-by-month review.


Here are some of my favourite memories of 2017, and I hope some of your highlights are included as well.

Main Street USA as seen from the Castle Club lounge


The Agrabah Café at Disneyland Paris


Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration, part of Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris


Disney Magic on Parade in February 2017 at Disneyland Paris


Sleeping Beauty Castle during the 25th anniversary at Disneyland Paris


The Grand Celebration Parade at Disneyland Paris, April 12th 2017


Maleficent during Disney Stars on Parade at Disneyland Paris


Tangled scene in Forest of Enchantment at Disneyland Paris


Disney Illuminations at Disneyland Paris


Halloween at Disneyland Paris in 2017


Goofy's Skeletoon Party at DIsneyland Paris during Halloween 2017


Disney Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris


Mickey's Christmas Big Band at Disneyland Paris


Pirates of the Caribbean at DIsneyland Paris


2017 was full of amazing memories, 2018 will be full of even more memories. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I look forward to talking to you in 2018!

2017: A coming of age story

Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary confetti

If 2016 was the year best summed up by the word ‘change’, then 2017 is very much a year in which Disneyland Paris has come of age. The resort has grown over the course of the last 12 months in ways that will have seemed far-fetched just 12 months ago. It has been a year in which major events have taken place both within the park and at company level. As we leave 2017, it is time to reflect on another amazing year for Disneyland Paris but a time to head into 2018 with a sparkle in our eyes as we look forward to what is to come.

Let’s reflect on 2017 now month-by-month and see how Disneyland Paris has grown into something new.


As the 2016/17 Christmas season came to an end, all eyes turned to the Walt Disney Studios park which would, for the very first time, host an entire seasonal celebration by itself. Season of the Force aimed to break the deadlock of what has traditionally been a silent season for the resort. The season featured a brand new projection show on The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror which took place nightly; Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration was an instant hit and blended project mapping, pyrotechnics and a stage show. This was joined by Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far, Away and the First Order March.

Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration at Disneyland Paris


Whilst Season of the Force would continue up until the 26th March 2017, February was a month in which Disneyland Paris celebrated a landmark moment in its history. The 1987 convention was signed 30 years ago and to celebrate, Disneyland Paris was joined by the then-president of France François Hollande in order to launch their 25 ans de contribution économique et sociale report. The report detailed how Disneyland Paris has affected both the local, French and European economy over the 25 years of its existence. The event kick started the 25th anniversary celebrations in a way that added some gravity to the celebrations – whilst we, as fans, may celebrate the existence of the resort, Disneyland Paris has had real social and economic change in an area that sorely needed it.


The 26th March 2017 was the official opening of the 25th anniversary, but the celebrations really started the preceding day with a press event like no other. With it, Disneyland Paris launched a new parade (Disney Stars on Parade); a new nighttime spectacular (Disney Illuminations); new shows (Mickey Presents: Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris, The Starlit Princess Waltz); a new attraction (Star Tours: L’Aventure continue); and a sparkling blue overlay that would transform Main Street USA for the coming celebrations.

Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary decorations on Main Street USA

Meanwhile in Disney Village, a new branch of Five Guys opened next door to Vapiano. With the opening, Disney Village really does feel like it is expanding into a destination in its own right.


On April 12th 2017 Disneyland Paris officially turned 25 years old and to celebrate a special day of events was organised. The Grand Celebration took place between 8am and 10pm in Disneyland Park and saw a special show, parades, meet and greets and celebratory atmosphere. The Grand Celebration drew large crowds, many queueing to enter the park from 5am in order to guarantee a good spot in the park for the Grand Celebration show; the show was an hour long spectacular that was streamed worldwide and saw many rare and exciting Disney characters, a large number of whom were making their Disneyland Paris debut.

Goofy at the Grand Celebration at Disneyland Paris on April 12th 2017

The Grand Celebration was a day that Disneyland Paris fans will never forget.


With the 25th anniversary now in full-swing, it would be forgiven to think that the resort would become more quiet, however the opposite is true. In May, Disneyland Paris hosted the European premiere for Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales was the US and International title). Whilst the film was screened in the Gaumont cinema in Disney Village, Disneyland Park (and Central Plaza) hosted the red carpet event including a small show, interviews for guests and the live stream and local and international media.

Johnny Depp with the Jack Sparrow Animatronic at Disneyland Paris

Smaller events took place park-wide and we got our first glimpse of the Jack Sparrow animatronic in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean renovation as official photos were released with Johnny Depp and the animatronic.


On June 19th 2017 Euro Disney SCA was withdrawn from the Euronext Paris Stock Exchange following a buy-out of shares by The Walt Disney Company, this was then followed by a mandatory buy-out of all remaining Euro Disney shares for €2 each. This meant that Euro Disney SCA became a fully owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. This is perhaps the most momentous day of the year as it represents a significant shift in how Disneyland Paris is owned and operated, the results of which are starting to be seen but it will take a significant amount of time further to see the full effects of this process.

The Dutch Garden at Disney's Newport Bay Club, Disneyland Paris

A temporary Dutch Garden was created at Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel; this beautiful, yet temporary, feature outside the front of the hotel. The garden included 115 varieties of flowers.


Perhaps the busiest month of the Disneyland Paris year. At the start of the month the Forest of Enchantment returned for a summer engagement at the chaparral Theatre in Frontierland. The show was slightly updated for the new season including a backing screen and some small content changes.

On 4th July 2017, Disneyland Paris launched their Tuesday is Guest Star Day mini-parade. Each Tuesday a different rare character will be highlighted with a small mini-parade before Disney Stars on Parade. The name is inspired by the ‘Tuesday is guest star day’ feature on the old Mickey Mouse Club television show.

On 8th July 2017 the very first Electroland music festival took place at the Walt Disney Studios Park with acts including NERVO, Steve Aoki and Richard Orlinkski.

Disney's Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel concept art for Disneyland Paris

During the Disney Parks and Resorts panel at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Disney announced that Disney’s Hotel New York will be given a Marvel renovation to become Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel. We do not yet know much about this renovation other than it will include characters such as “Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider Man and more”. Disney’s Hotel New York will close for the renovation in October 2018 and works are expected to last one year.

Finally, at the end of July, Disneyland Paris opened the renovated Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. This renovation features Captain Jack, new effects, a new auctioneer scene, a Hector Barbossa animatronic and other surprises. This was a well done renovation that is both exciting and puts some new energy into a Disneyland Paris classic.


In 2017 a quiet month was a rare occurrence, but August was a month in which very little happened.All the summer entertainment and long opening hours continued for the entire month. But, on the last day of the month there was a hint that September was not going to be so quiet.


On September 1st, Disney FanDaze was announced. This was followed later in the month by a special bloggers event that was aiming to whip up excitement in the fan community.

Disney FanDaze characters

Whilst FanDaze was seeking to create excitement for Summer 2018, there was still plenty going on in the month. Towards the start of the month the Rendez-Vous Gourmand took place in La Place de Rémy. This small-scale festival showcased the regional food and drink of France at taster portions at good prices and was a real success.

RunDisney returned in 2017 for its second edition. This year the event grew to include a 10km race in addition to the 5km and half marathon of last year.


October saw both the first day of the new-look Halloween celebrations and the first edition of Extra Magic Time. Halloween was given a 25th anniversary make over with shows including Goofy’s Skeletoon Party and Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang. Frontierland was redesigned with a Day of the Dead theme. The season was packed with fun and ended with a spectacular Halloween party on October 31st.

Mickey and Minnie in their Mexican Outfits at Disneyland Paris

Extra Magic Time replaced the Extra Magic Hours, the primary difference was that the extra time was now only one hour instead of two but spread across two parks. Whilst this change was met with both surprise and a level of scepticism, the changes have allowed for increased choice for guests, which can only be a good thing.

Then, at the end of the month in London, Disneyland Paris announced the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes that will take place in the summer of 2018 as the finale of the 25th anniversary celebrations. The setting of the announcement in London was symbolic in that it took place at MCM Comic Con which symbolised a branch being held out to new guests who would not usually visit Disneyland Paris.


Every November Disneyland Paris launches a new edition of Disney’s Enchanted Christmas, and this year was no exception; however what is perhaps the exception is the magnitude of this year’s celebrations. This year was quite possibly the biggest Christmas season that Disneyland Paris have ever produced featuring a new projection show; multiple new stage shows; new music and meet and greets. The festive spirit was very much alive at Disneyland Paris in 2017.

Mickey's Christmas Big Band at Disneyland Paris

Perhaps the highlight of the season is Mickey’s Christmas Big Band which really does represent a renewed focus at Disneyland Paris for live music, signing and dancing.


For the Christmas period in 2017 (and continuing into early 2018), Disneyland Paris performed Mickey and the Magician in French sign language for the very first time. This new way of presenting the show was presented as a co-operation between the Entertainment, Mission Handicap, Accessibility and Operations teams. A great initiative to end the year!

Mickey and the Magician Finale

A year of transition, excitement and promise!

2017 has been a year that has seen Disneyland Paris transition into a fresh destination, one that offers excitement around each corner and one that has a lot of promise for the future. 2017 feels like a turning point for Disneyland Paris, and the future looks bright.

Disneyland Paris Christmas 2017 review

Christmas 2017 at Disneyland Paris truly is bigger and better than ever. That much seemed obvious even before the season began as the list of features was rather long; not only is there a lot of new things to do but they are mostly of a sublime quality. Christmas 2017 is probably the most complete seasonal offering that has ever been provided by Disneyland Paris.

Mickey’s Christmas Big Band

Mickey’s Christmas Big Band is the unexpected star of the season. It’s become almost traditional for Disneyland Paris to offer a Christmas jazz music show and in previous years this has been filled by the Jingle Bell Boys show. This year however, this slot has been filled by a new offering, Mickey’s Christmas Big Band; this show is a complete experience featuring musicians, the Disney characters, live singers and a wonderful choreography.

Mickey's Christmas Big Band at Disneyland ParisOnce again, Disneyland Paris is proving that when it comes to live entertainment that the resort is brimming with talent. The concept has been taken from Tokyo Disney Sea’s Big Band Beat, but the addition of wonderful costuming opportunities and an immense tap choreography is all Paris. Mickey’s Christmas Big Band is a show that the resort can truly be proud of and we can only hope that the run away success provides an incentive for this type of show to become year-round.

Disney’s Christmas Parade

The festive favourite returns for 2017 but with a new soundtrack that really does increase the energy of a parade that was already packed full of joy. Christmas is Here is a truly wonderful song that is a worthy successor to Chante c’est noël and one that will hopefully live in the parks for years to come.

Disney's Christmas Parade at Disneyland ParisThe parade is almost identical to previous years, and this is no bad thing. It is a truly wonderful parade that oozes with festive cheer; make sure to watch the parade from Main Street USA and see the snow fall as the characters and dancers come past.

A Merry Stitchmas!

This year the Royal Castle stage welcomes A Merry Stitchmas, a fun show featuring Stitch and the Disney characters. The show is highly musical with all your favourite Christmas songs. Stitch brings a touch of humour and some Hawaiian Christmas magic (who would have thought you’d be listening to Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride is a Christmas show?).

Merry Stitchmas at Disneyland ParisAll in all this show is deservedly popular and features a fun soundtrack and some fantastic costumes.

Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights

This is the only show that is really unchanged at all from previous years, but the magic of seeing Mickey, Minnie and Santa turning on the big Christmas Tree on Main Street USA is unrivalled.This is probably one of the most magical moments that Disneyland Paris provides in a single year. It’s main downfall this year is that it is pitched against the superior Goofy’s Incredible Christmas show in the Walt Disney Studios park.

The Enchanted Advent Calendar

The Enchanted Advent Calendar is a daily show that takes place at 10am by the castle. Essentially the idea is that each morning a child is picked to open the advent calendar door and receive whatever gift is behind it. This is great if your child is the one that has been selected to receive the gift, the rest of the audience watches on and may purchase that gift (and is given a prominent position in the Emporium).

Enchanted Advent Calendar at Disneyland ParisThis concept needs to be worked on, but it is cute for the family involved and the gifts have been items that would be wanted by guests.

Sing me a Merry Christmas

This is the blip on the wonderful Christmas season. The Sing me a Merry Christmas show revolves around hosts (and characters) singing through a Christmas playlist on an iPod. The singing is often quite poor and the song selection is not the greatest – it seems rather baffling that they picked a performer with a very strong French accent to sing this show in English. It makes for a rather cringeworthy show.

Sing me a Merry Christmas at Disneyland ParisThat’s not to say that there are not good moments in the show, the Feliz Navidad section is really good fun especially when the performers take the effort to really involve the audience.

Goofy’s Incredible Christmas

This is the star of the 2017 festive season at Disneyland Paris. Goofy’s Incredible Christmas is a 20 minute journey into the magical world of Santa’s workshop as Christmas is prepared for the boys and girls of the world. What follows is an emotional foray into Christmas filled with magic, Disney characters, wonderful Christmas songs and spectacular surprises.

Goofy's Incredible Christmas at Disneyland ParisThe show puts the Walt Disney Studios park on the map and is possibly one of the best evening spectaculars we’ve ever had in Disneyland Paris (Dreams! still comes out on top, of course). It’s difficult to describe the feelings produced as the park lights up with its Christmas lights but it also a feeling of pride as the resort is finally taking our second gate seriously.

Character Meet and Greets

Santa Goofy is the star of the 2017 Christmas meet and greet at Disneyland Paris; meeting daily in the Front Lot area of the Walt Disney Studios Park, this is a fun meet for all the family. Christmas Mickey and Minnie are meeting (individually) in the Art of Animation but queues do form early so ensure that you arrive early to meet your favourite character.

Over in Disneyland Park guests can meet Marie, Scrooge McDuck, Thumper, Miss Bunny and Sandy Claws.


The decorations are largely unchanged for this year, however there are a few notable differences. The 25th anniversary means that Christmas has taken on a beautiful blue shade. This looks slightly strange during the day, but it comes alive at night as the colours pop and really do look in keeping with the rest of Main Street. The Central Plaza decorations have also been moved into Town Square.

Christmas Main Street USA at Disneyland ParisThe garlands make their return to Main Street as does the large Christmas tree; the sounds of Christmas fill the air with the festive musical loop on Main Street. There is truly nothing like walking into a festive Disneyland Park.

A wonderful Disney Christmas of magic

Christmas 2017 is hands down one of the most magical Christmas seasons that we have seen at Disneyland Paris. The entertainment offerings are truly special and the whole look and feel of the season blends seamlessly into the 25th anniversary. This is a wonderful place to build from and Disneyland Paris has cemented itself as the Disney resort to visit during the Christmas season.

Disneyland Paris announces a MARVELous summer

Iron Man at Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris today announced the MARVEL Summer of Super Heroes that will take place from June 10th – September 30th 2018. This special season will close the 25th anniversary celebrations in spectacular style and will certainly be one of the key highlights of the 2018 offering at Disneyland Paris. Guests will see MARVEL characters make their Disneyland Paris debut including: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Star Lord and Doctor Strange as well as Disneyland Paris regular: Spider-Man. The Summer of Heroes also promises meet and greets as well as a new 360 degree stunt show in the Cinémagique theatre that will be certain to blow us all away.

MARVEL Summer of Heroes: A new season full of surprises!

Disneyland Paris are going heavy into these new seasonal celebrations, particularly those based around popular franchises such as Star Wars or MARVEL. This is truly a wonderful thing for the Disneyland Paris parks as new audiences will be attracted to the resort to enjoy these special offerings and also to fall in love with the Disneyland Paris we all know and love. MARVEL fans will love meeting their favourite super heroes over the course of the summer but the real highlight is the new show that will be taking place in the old Cinémagique theatre. Being able to watch the action-packed world of MARVEL come to life right in front of your eyes will be quite the impressive experience. The show also promises to be immersive and will literally take place all around guests. This feels like the evolution of stage shows at Disneyland Paris, we saw it beginning in Mickey and the Magician with the Lion King scene, but this will be the next-level of that and it certainly is something to be very excited about.

Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris poster

Whilst not much is known about the season so far, we do know that some of the brightest minds at Disneyland Paris and MARVEL are working on this exciting seasonal offering which can only raise expectations. MARVEL have rarely put a foot wrong and it would be unwise to think that they will be starting now.

A new audience and direction for Disneyland Paris

Also notable in the announcement of the Summer of Super Heroes was the location of this announcement: MCM Comic Con Londonthe announcement was targeted towards those most likely to be enticed by super hero adventures – comic book fans. This untapped audience by Disneyland Paris has a lot of potential to make this event extremely popular and to bring a reputation of being the home of MARVEL in Europe. With the new Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel opening in 2020, this audience is clearly going to be crucial to Disneyland Paris moving forward and it would be wise to say that this is clearly just the beginning; MARVEL and Disneyland Paris clearly have a very bright future ahead.

Iron Man at Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris

Another ‘must-see’ for 2018

Disneyland Paris’s 2018 schedule is fast filling up with exciting events planned for almost the entire year already. The MARVEL Summer of Heroes joins Season of the Force and the newly announced Disney FanDaze meaning that there truly is something for everyone at Disneyland Paris in 2018. Long may this current trend continue, Disneyland Paris might be 25 years old, but its best days are clearly still to come.

Christmas 2017: A Christmas with extra sparkle

Disneyland Paris Christmas 2017 visual

Christmas 2017 at Disneyland Paris is lining up to the extremely special, after the smaller Halloween celebrations questions were being raised about how Disneyland Paris would be treating Christmas especially with the 25th anniversary running at the same time. We did not need to be worried, Christmas 2017 at Disneyland Paris is shaping up to be the best yet!

A Christmas in two parks!

The biggest news is that finally the Walt Disney Studios Park is joining in on the Christmas fun! Goofy will be taking control of the Christmas celebrations in Goofy’s Incredible Christmas which will be an evening projection show on The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror. The show is looking set to include a range of Christmas themes with some Goofy touches. As Disney Dreams! of Christmas will not be returning this year, this will be your evening fix of festive magic. It’s also looking very probable that you will be able to see both this new Christmas show and Disney Illuminations in the same evening!

There will also be a brand new show coming to the Walt Disney Studios Park called Sing me a Merry Christmas! which will performed multiple times a day and will feature a Christmas sing-a-long featuring many of your favourite Disney Characters. This show sounds like it’ll be very exciting and hopefully full of festive cheer. The Walt Disney Studios park has always been following far behind Disneyland Park when it comes to seasonal celebrations and so it is very pleasing to finally see it come to life.

Finally, Disney Characters will be wearing festive outfits to celebrate the season including Goofy in his Santa costume!

Disneyland Paris Christmas 2017 visual

Disneyland Park hosts a sparkling Christmas

Unlike Halloween where the season was essentially banished from Main Street USA, Christmas will once again fill the entire park and will blend the Christmas that we have come to know and love with some brand new elements that will add that 25th anniversary sparkle to the celebrations.The Disney Christmas Parade is back and will be performing twice per day and will feature all your favourite floats from the previous years and the snow on Main Street USA. Mickey’s Magical Christmas Lights are also back and will see the large Christmas tree be illuminated in song and Disney magic, this is a truly wonderful show that fills guests with the festive spirit. One watch of thing and you’ll know: it’s Christmas. Also back is the ever-fun Frozen sing-a-longthe show is a good laugh the doesn’t take itself too seriously. It certainly is worth seeing on any Disneyland Paris trip.

New additions to the Disneyland Paris Christmas are more exciting than ever. The Castle Stage will be taken over by Stitch for the “A Merry Stitchmas” show. Mickey and the gang will be teaching Stitch the meaning of Christmas in a show of song and dance. This really does sound like it  will be a lot of fun and could encapsulate the meaning of Christmas. The wonderful thing about Happy Anniversary Disneyland Paris has been the number of characters on stage at once, hopefully this new show will see as many characters on stage to delight guests. Another new show is Mickey’s Christmas Big Band, this show sounds very much like the previous big band show in Videopolis but with more in the way of characters. If this show is anything like the previous show then we are in for a treat!

One of the more intriguing events that will be taking place this Christmas is the Enchanted Advent Calendar, this unique event will take place between the 1-25 of December at the foot of Sleeping Beauty Castle. There is very little information on this show that has been released by Disneyland Paris but it sounds very intriguing and if it turns out to be different every day, then it could be one of the most exciting elements of the 2017 Disneyland Paris Christmas.

And of course, the Disney Characters will be there to celebrate the festive season including Marie, Scrooge McDuck, Thumper and Miss Bunny. Additionally Santa Claus will be meeting in Meet Mickey up to and including 25th December. Finally, Miguel from the new Pixar film Coco will be at the Fuente del Oro.

Disney's Christmas Parade at Disneyland Paris

A wonderfully enchanted Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017 at Disneyland Paris will be more magical than ever and is potentially one of the most exciting seasons we have had at Disneyland Paris in recent years. Each Christmas feels as if the park undergoes a transformation and becomes a new park, this year that feeling will be intensified. It’s equally pleasing to see the Walt Disney Studios park joining in the season, there has never been any reason why the seasons couldn’t extend outside of the Disneyland Park, and this is hopefully just the start of a wonderful expansion and a new era of entertainment at Disneyland Paris!

Halloween 2017 at Disneyland Paris: A trick or a treat?

As Autumn approaches and the last few radiant warmths of summer glimmer, the Disneyland Paris announcement machine begins to kick into action and the end of year festivities begin to take precedence. The last few months of any Disney Park year are jam-packed with a flurry of activity and special activities. Halloween and Christmas will soon be upon us and the 2017 offerings have been announced by Disneyland Paris.  The primary question on most fans lips was: how would the 25th anniversary festivities affect the seasonal celebrations? Let’s take a look at Halloween 2017 at Disneyland Paris.

Two new Halloween shows for 2017

The highlight is that Disneyland Paris will be introducing two new shows Goofy’s Skeletoon Party and Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang will be taking place in Frontierland and Main Street USA respectively. These shows seem focused around new concepts that will allow the 25th anniversary festivities to remain on the castle stage for the duration of October. Goofy’s Skeletoon Party will also see rare characters Panchito and José from The Three Caballeros make a welcome return to the park.

A halloween pumpkin man in Frontierland at Disneyland ParisMickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang seems to be a new concept that, on paper, sounds very odd and rather out of keeping with the season – however, with the quality of recent Disneyland Paris entertainment, I have no doubt that this show will be exceptionally well executed and will be a valuable addition of our Halloween season. The details on the two shows have been kept vague and so suspense will ramp up in the lead-up to the new season.

But what about the 25th anniversary?

All indications are that this continues pretty much as normal throughout the season of Halloween. The Halloween offering has been adapted in a way that will not impact the anniversary festivities either in a positive or negative way. The two are to be regarded as separate entities and never shall they meet. Is this a wise idea?

Halloween decorations on Main Street USA at Disneyland ParisIn short, no. Whilst the 25th anniversary festivities are important and for this one year should take priority, there is room to merge the two and create a Halloween with a special 25th flare. Small additions here and there to the schedule, minor modifications to decorations and shows. A range of Halloween merchandise with the rather beautiful 25 insignia included on it. This solution of the two being incompatible with each other is confusing.

Smaller in scale, but still exciting

Whilst Halloween is going to be slightly smaller in scale this year, the inclusion of the 25th suite of entertainment means that there will be a lot to do within the resort during this season. Additionally, the Halloween celebrations do not sound bad; while, yes, the the fan favourite cavalcade is taking a break, it is being replaced with new offerings. Who is to say that these new offerings do not find themselves being enjoyable and that fans begin demanding for their inclusion in the future?

Disneyland Paris celebrates Halloween from October 1st until November 5th 2017. 

25: A park that sparkles

Central Plaza statues - Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary

Project Sparkle has all lead up to this. The 25th anniversary is here and the park has got a complete overhaul; blue and silver are the colours that have been chosen to represent this most magical of celebrations. These colours appear across the resort allowing the second gate of Disneyland Paris to join in the celebrations in its own way.

Main Street USA

The first big striking decoration in Disneyland Park is the decorated Main Street Station, fans of the resort have become familiar with decorations on the station but never quite like this. The large 25th anniversary medallion is animated and quite literally sparkles as it transitions from the 25th logo and the castle. During the day it’s less impactful than late at night when the effect is truly mesmerizing.

Main Street Station - Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary

Once on Main Street, the gazebo has been given a 25th anniversary makeover  – somewhat unnecessarily. The beautiful colouring on the gazebo is taken over by a rather ugly silver tarp which has been quickly and roughly put over the roof and features a Tinkerbell on the very top. At night this feature comes alive with sparkles spiralling round the roof at slight intervals. Whilst it does look nice in the evening, the feature seems slightly unnecessary and it decoration for the sake of decoration.

The decorations on the Main Street itself are quite minimal, gone are the gold banners of the 20th anniversary, in their place are blue and silver 25 medallions, these look very classy and still allow Main Street to shine in its own splendour which is a very nice touch.  Each lamp-post has a small Tinkerbell on the top of it in different positions and are a very nice touch.

Another Disneyland Paris staple are the Central Plaza decorations. Each of the four zones of Central Plaza receives a 25th anniversary statue and each are in the silver and gold colourings. They look nice enough especially at night when they are illuminated at quite literally sparkle in the night sky.

Central Plaza statues - Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary

Disneyland Park

Elsewhere in Disneyland Park decorations are minimal and this is for the best – not because the decorations are ugly, but rather because the 25th anniversary is a celebration of the park. After Project Sparkle, over the top decorations were not required as the park sparkles all over from the extra love and care that the refurbishment teams have been giving.

The extra decorations are pretty much limited to photolocations that celebrate the most famous attractions of the park’s past 25 years ranging from Big Thunder Mountain, to Dumbo and the Mad Tea Party. These are very nice touches and very welcome.

Walt Disney Studios

The Walt Disney Studios has also been allowed to join in the 25th anniversary, again in a very minimal way. Unlike the 20th anniversary where the Studios park only received a basic banner with the anniversary logo, the Studios gets a good number of specifically created banners that look exceptional. These banners represent Disney characters in a sort of constellation type look and looks very nice.

It’s always been a pet peeve that the Walt Disney Studios park gets overlooked in seasonal entertainment at Disneyland Paris, it’s nice that whilst the park is still overlooked somewhat that it has not been totally ignored and that the entire resort is joined in celebrations.

Main Street at Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary

Special Character looks

The Disney characters, as usual, have joined in the celebrations and have been given blue and silver style costumes and are happy to meet guests in these costumes during the day on Main Street USA. The costumes are very nice and classy, certainly fitting of the celebration look.

Mickey and Minnie 25th anniversary costumes - Disneyland Paris

It’s time to sparkle!

Overall, the decorations for this 25th anniversary are minimalist and refreshing. They are generally speaking very strong and allow for the park to shine as was originally intended 25 years ago. The decorations reflect this and evoke a celebration and an homage to the park.