Spring: A jolly holiday awaits you!

Spring scene with DLP Town Square Logo

Following on from my translated French press release a few days ago – there is now even more news to share! Pictures to be precise.

Disneyland Paris have revealed two new pieces of artwork based on the festival – one on their Facebook page and the other on twitter. The first depicts some familiar friends from 101 Dalmatians dancing around the spring air with music notes floating all around. – This looks to be heading towards Central Plaza in Disneyland Park.

Dalmatians jump around a spring gardenSource: Disneyland Paris twitter.

I’m extremely excited to see this come alive, the colours and the joy the image gives off allows us an insight into what this exciting season will offer. Spring is always a great time to visit Disneyland Paris – the colours of the flowers in bloom just add to the atmosphere – this year, however, will just be extra special.

A spring scene in Town Square

Source: Disneyland Paris Facebook

Upon entering the park, the mood will be immediately set as you walk into a scene right out of Mary Poppins (which seems only fitting in the film’s 50th Anniversary year). Guests will be plunged right into Mary’s jolly holiday with kite flying, penguin dancing, flowery fun.

Whilst it’s clear this festival won’t be ‘huge’ in its first year – I’m getting very excited to discover all these lovely scenes dotted around Disneyland Park. Spring is a beautiful time of year in the parks – I’m glad the powers that be have decided to make it even more beautiful. As the years go on, I think we can expect big things from Swing into Spring.