The Princess & Pirates Festival arrives in Disneyland Paris from 31st March – 31st May 2018. Choose your side and take part in dazzling entertainment or swashbuckling adventure!

Very little is known about this new season, this guide will be continuously updated with the latest news and special events.

Latest News

From the 2018/19 Disneyland Paris Brochure: 

Are you a princess or arrrrrr you a pirate?

Choose princess and you’ll be swept of on an enchantingly royal fairy tale with the likes of Cinderella, Moana and Belle. Choose pirate and you’ll set sail on a swashbuckling adventure with a crew of Disney Characters including Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Mr Smee. With the chance to meet your heroes, dress up*, and immerse yourself in a brand new street sensation, this is a sparkly 25th Anniversary surprise you won’t want to miss.

Questions and Answers

When will the Princess & Pirates festival take place?

Disneyland Paris’s Princess & Pirates festival will take place between 31st March – 31st May 2018.

What can I expect from the Princess & Pirates Festival?

The Princess & Pirates festival will include a new street celebration and Disney Character Meets.

Can children dress up?

Children under 11 years old will be able to dress up. Any guests over 12 will unfortunately not be able to dress up.

How do I book?

Booking is through your usual Disneyland Paris channels including via the official website. Entry is included in your usual park admission.

Photos & Video

Princess & Pirates Festival at Disneyland Paris