On November 18th 1928, Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie. 90 years on, and it’s time to celebrate in a worldwide party for the leading mouse himself! Disneyland Paris is no different, with 90 days of celebrations from October – December, this is a party for the whole world!

A caketastic celebration!

Main Street Cupcake for Mickey's 90th birthday

Cakes will pop up all over Disneyland Park – one for each land to be precise – these giant cakes are all part of the show.

At the cupcakes, you will meet the Pastry Ladies, talk to each to get a special badge!


Main Street – By Main Street Statuin

Frontierland – Close to Lucky Nugget

Adventureland – Close to Adventure Isle

Fantasyland – Next to Meet Mickey Mouse

Discoveryland – Near Autopia

and that’s not all, before the parade each day, the Pastry Ladies will take part in a special celebration! 

Mickey's PhilharMagic

Mickey’s PhilharMagic is finally making it to Paris. Taking place in the Discoveryland Theatre, this is a story that’ll take you right through the magic and music of your favourite Disney films.

This one is sticking around once the World’s Biggest Mouse Party comes to an end, so don’t worry if you can’t make the celebrations!

A Halloween Skelebration

This Halloween, Mickey has prepared a little surprise. During Mickey’s Halloween Celebration keep your eyes open for the new float Mickey’s Illusion Manor; there may well be a few tricks and treats in store!

An enchanted ChristMouse

Mickey's Christmas Big Band at Disneyland Paris

Minnie has prepared a special Christmas surprise for Mickey. Keep your eyes open, this surprise could happen anywhere, and at any time!

Mickey's 90th Birthday Annual Pass party

A special annual pass party for the Mickey 90th celebrations has been announced for Autumn 2018. More details are still to be announced such as dates, and activities.

Stay tuned!

November 18th: A day of Celebration

Of course, the big day itself cannot go without some special celebrations! Disneyland Paris always throw Mickey a fun party on his birthday; and why should this special year be different.

Nothing has been announced yet, but as soon as it does, all the information will be right here.

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Top Tips for a mousetastic celebration

Mickey Mouse in Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris

This is a celebration of a life time, special souvenirs are on sale to mark the occasion. Why not wear some Mickey ears and show the mouse some love?


The Mouse Party straddles across two other seasons, make sure you plan your days carefully as it’ll be nearly impossible to see everything in one day.

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