This Halloween guide will go through all the shows and characters that you will see this season as well as zooming in on the much-loved Halloween Soirée which takes place on the 31st October.

Halloween 2018 runs from 1st October – 4th November 2018 and sees the season transform into a festival of Disney villains and colourful, spooky decorations.

Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Mickey Mouse during the Halloween season at Disneyland Paris

The Halloween cavalcade makes its return in 2018, this fun celebration of all things Halloween is sure to make you put a smile on your face as all your favourite Disney characters celebrate the season with you.

New this year, and to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Birthday, is a special surprise that celebrates a Disneyland Paris favourite in a way that you’ve never seen before!

It's good to be bad with the Disney Villains

It's good to be bad during the 2018 Halloween season at Disneyland Paris

Several times a day the Disney Villains will come to the Royal Castle Stage and interrupt Mickey’s big 90th birthday skelebration. This is the perfect occasion to see the Disney Villains all together on stage along with Donald who tries to join in his Maleficent costume, and who knows… maybe after the show, you might just get the chance to meet them!

Disney Character Meet and Greets

The Disney Characters are out in force this Halloween and can be found throughout the park. Characters include:






Josė Carioca

Panchito Pistoles

Cheshire Cat

and the Disney Villains!

Halloween Night

Halloween Maleficent's Court at night Disneyland Paris

The Halloween Soirée is one of the biggest nights of the Disneyland Paris year! Taking place from 20:30 – 02:00 on the 31st October, this is an unmissable event for any Disneyland Paris fan! Book on the Disneyland Paris website, on the phone or at the park gates!

Tickets: €69 (€48 for Infinity and Dream annual passholders, €55 for Magic Plus, €58 for Magic Flex and Fantasy)

This event does sell out, so make sure to buy your tickets early! 

What to expect

This year the Disneyland Paris Halloween Party will include two exclusive dance parties, an exclusive Big Hero 6 show in Videopolis Theatre and a new scary zone on Adventure Isle (this zone is not recommended for young children).

Top Tips for a Great Night

Make sure to collect your bracelet early. This means that you don’t have to fight for one later in the day. Bracelet collection begins during Extra Magic TIme and just cuts down on queuing later in the day.


Try not to attend with too many expectations or too much of a plan. Whilst a good plan means you might get to enjoy your favourite meet and greet, just taking in all the atmosphere and shows will also offer an unforgettable night – after all, not all events make it to the programme!


This is a great opportunity to get an on-ride photo in costume, ride wait times are typically short as many prefer to do the shows and parades.


Try to relax a bit during the day, the Halloween party is a late night so a mid-afternoon nap might be a welcome break.


Eat during Disney Illuminations, there will likely be an hour and a half gap between the end of Illuminations and the party beginning. During this time the restaurants are extremely busy. You can skip the food queues and get to the front to the lines for the meets in this time.

Latest Features

Top Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

Plan your days – There is a lot to do during the Halloween season, from special entertainment to seasonal food. Take some time to make sure you know what you want to do and prioritise!


Mickey’s Halloween Celebration has changed a lot since you last saw it in the park. There are now show stops on Central Plaza stages. Make sure you try to see the show from here for a surprise to celebrate Mickey’s big year!


Special seasonal merchandise: Halloween has some of the best merchandise options of the year. If you’re going towards the start of the season, you’ll find merchandise easily throughout your stay, towards the end find and buy your merchandise early.


Halloween Character Costumes: Mickey and friends have special outfits especially made for the Halloween season! Why not head over and ask if they’re ready for the season and snap some special memories! Oh, and make sure to get your little bag of Haribo sweets from the characters too, it is Halloween after all….

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