This Halloween guide will go through all the shows and characters that you will see this season as well as zooming in on the much-loved Halloween Soirée which takes place on the 31st October.

Halloween 2017 runs from 1st October – 5th November 2017 and sees the season transform into a festival of Disney villains but also a season that takes inspiration from the Mexican festival the Dià de los muertos. This fun-filled season takes place almost exclusively in Frontierland and promises to be a fiesta like no other.

Disney’s Halloween Festival

October 2018

2018/10/01 09:00:00

Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang

Donald as Maleficent at Mickey's Halloween Tricycle Gang

Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang takes place several times a day on Main Street USA. The 25th anniversary tricycles are back and so are some of your favourite Disney characters and villains! This is your unique opportunity to see your favourite characters in their special Halloween outfits including Donald who has turned up as Maleficent!

Characters Included: Mickey, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Duffy, Donald, Cruella, Frollo, The Old Hag, Jafar, Captain Hook, Dr Facilier

Duration: 2 minutes

Tips for watching

With Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang taking place on Central Plaza and Main Street there are any number of viewing locations. Try this though: place yourself on Central Plaza near the Frontierland entrance. If you place yourself correctly you’ll manage to get the castle in many of your photos. Additionally, this is where one of the show stops takes place meaning the characters get off their tricycle carriages and come to interact with guests.

There is also a show stop in Town Square. With the show repeated several times a day, why not try out a few places and pick your favourite?

Halloween Tricycle gang viewing map

Goofy’s Skeletoon Party

Goofy's Skeletoon Party at Disneyland Paris

Goofy’s Skeletoon Party is a festive treat. Inspired by the Dià de los Muertos festivities in Mexico, the Skeletoon Party is an uptempo street party that takes place on the streets of Frontierland. It’s infectious music and rhythm will capture the hearts and minds of all guests.

Characters involved: Goofy, José Carioca, Panchito Pistoles

Duration: 2 minutes

Tips for watching

Goofy’s Skeletoon Party takes place along Frontierland and one of the negative things is that Frontierland is not so set up for a parade such as thing. However, the sound is good in places such as outside the Fuente del Oro restaurant making it the ideal place to stop and watch the show.

The show passes by twice on it’s route (from the Chaparal Theatre to the Lucky Nugget Saloon and back). So after seeing the show once, don’t move away, stop and wait a minute or two for it to come back!

Skeletoon Party viewing position

Disney Character Meet and Greets

Mickey and Minnie in their Mexican Outfits at Disneyland Paris

The Disney Characters are out in force this Halloween and can be found throughout the park. For fans of Mickey, Minnie and Daisy, they can be found by the Cowboy Cookout in Frontierland.

Disney Villains (and fan-favourite Cheshire Cat)  can be found dotted around in Adventureland and Fantasyland.

Character Locations:

  • Cheshire Cat – Near Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups
  • Queen of Hearts – Near Alice’s Curious Labyrinth
  • Maleficent – Near Auberge de Cendrillon
  • The Evil Queen – Near Princess Pavilion 
  • Gaston – Near Chalet de la Marionette
  • Stitch – Near Casey’s Corner
  • Mickey and Minnie – Near Cowboy Cookout
  • Daisy – Near Cowboy Cookout
  • Jack Skellington – Near Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
  • Captain Hook – Near Pirates Beach
  • Jafar  – Near Agrabah Cafe
  • Dr Facilier – Near Adventure Isle

Halloween Night

The Halloween Soirée is one of the biggest nights of the Disneyland Paris year! Taking place from 20:30 – 01:00 on the 31st October, this is an unmissable event for any Disneyland Paris fan! Book on the Disneyland Paris website, on the phone or at the park gates!

Tickets: €49 (€34 for Infinity, Magic Plus and Dream annual passholders)

This event does sell out, so make sure to buy your tickets early! 

Good to know!

The 2017 Halloween Soirée is sold out. Ticket sales have now ended.

What to expect

The Disneyland Paris Halloween party typically involves exclusive meet and greets, shows and parades that will never be seen anywhere else! It is also one of the only chances to visit the park in costume.

The Soirée Programme

Disneyland Paris Halloween Soirée Programme 2017
Disneyland Paris Halloween Soirée Map 2017

Top tips for a great night

  • Make sure to collect your bracelet early. This means that you don’t have to fight for one later in the day. Bracelet collection begins during Extra Magic TIme and just cuts down on queuing later in the day.
  • Try not to attend with too many expectations or too much of a plan. Whilst a good plan means you might get to enjoy your favourite meet and greet, just taking in all the atmosphere and shows will also offer an unforgettable night – after all, not all events make it to the programme!
  • This is a great opportunity to get an on-ride photo in costume, ride wait times are typically short as many prefer to do the shows and parades.
  • Try to relax a bit during the day, the Halloween party is a late night so a mid-afternoon nap might be a welcome break
  • Eat during Disney Illuminations, there will likely be an hour and a half gap between the end of Illuminations and the party beginning. During this time the restaurants are extremely busy. You can skip the food queues and get to the front to the lines for the meets in this time.

Halloween Food

Halloween is also the best time to pick up a tasty treat. These special menus run until 5th November 2017

Halloween Treats at Disneyland Paris

Market House Deli

Halloween Menu at Lucky Nugget in Disneyland Paris

Lucky Nugget Saloon

Billy Bobs

Fuente del Oro

Cable Car Bakeshop

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