Rapunzel’s Christmas Pin Event pins revealed!

One thing we love here at DLP Town Square are pins. Pins, pins and more pins. Every time I go to Disneyland Paris, I always walk away with a bag full of pins. Following this weeks record sell out in the pin event in about 30 minutes, Disneyland Paris published the pictures of the pins that we can expect from the event which takes place on the 14th December 2013 in Disney’s Hotel New York.

On first glance, I wasn’t too keen on these pins. But upon second glance, I’m starting to love them. Let’s talk about them pin by pin.

The first pin is still my least favourite. It’s essentially Rapunzel tugging a sack of presents by her hair, with a mini pascal inside the sack. It’s a cute one that’s certain. It’s also the most plain of the lot.
The second pin is a fantastic one, It’s Mother Gothel and Rapunzel decorating a Christmas tree with Rapunzel’s hair being used as Tinsel. This one is fantastic, and it’s so rare to see these two characters on a pin.
The third and fourth pin can be considered almost as a pair, one pin sees Rapunzel and Flinn sharing a sled, whilst the other shows Maximus and Pascal acting as a Reindeer.  You can see that these two link up, effectively making one pin.
The final normal pin of the series is the most beautiful pin I think Disneyland Paris has ever created. It’s not particularly festive, but it is that famous gondola floating light scene with two attached at the bottom by a chain. This one is going to be mega collectible. (And if anyone wants to grab one for me, please do e-mail me. I’d be forever grateful!)

We then move into the round pins which are a feature of every pin trading event, day or night. This event sees Rapunzel, Pascal and Flynn in festive attire. (You won’t see these in the shops after the event, these will sell out).

The final pin looks to be a very special one. It’s a jumbo pin, the word Tour meaning Tower gives it away as being Rapunzel’s Tower from the film.  I can’t wait to see this pin in real life.

Rapunzel’s Christmas will be an extremely popular event, featuring many super-collectible pins. If you see these in the shops in the following days, be sure to buy them up as they will hold great trading value in the future. Not that I’m expecting to see these in the shop, the savy traders will snatch them all up pretty quickly.

If you’re going, have a great time! (And don’t forget one of your favourite DLP websites!)