Pin Trading: Indiana Jones Event pins!

The next pin event to be held at Disneyland Paris is on the 20th July, and that means more Disneyland Paris pin badges! Just to remind you, these pins are not usually featured on the monthly pin release poster released by Disneyland Paris, but you will still see these on the park shelves after the events, and as most Disney fans are interested in pin trading, it’s only fair we tell you about them. And it’s great news for fans of Duck Tales!

Indiana Jones event pinsThe pictures are quite small, but this is the poster that Disneyland Paris proves. The pins look beautiful and fit nicely into the Indiana Jones themed. These will make great traders as the Duck Tales characters are quite rare on pin badges. Expect the film based pins to be available in park stores after the event. The round pins are the most sought after pins and will be sold out at some point during the event.

For those of you going to the event, have a great time!