Pin Releases – February 2014

We’re already a month into 2014 and so it’s about time we had a look at another pin release poster. As well as some – possibly – interesting pin trading news.

Pin Poster - February 2014A real interesting selection of pins are on offer this month. It almost seems like a tale of two halves, with a little bit of a half time break. Let’s get started with the releases on the 1st February. Two Eiffel tower pins, one represents Mickey and the other Minnie. I like them both, they are subtle Disney references here, there is a clear attempt of a twist in the Paris theme the resort seems to be going for. Next up is the Valentines pin which, rather suitably, is the Queen of Hearts. I understand the choice, I think the pin looks sweet but featuring a ‘villain’ on a love related pin doesn’t make an awful lot of sense to me, nonetheless I quite like it.

The ‘Half Time’ I refered to is the releases on the 8th February which leave a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Two Disney Channel related pins: Shake it Up and Teen Beach Musical. I honestly have no idea what these are, neither do I really wish to know. I imagine these will be printed photo pins meaning the quality will be questionable. Great for fans of the show, otherwise I’m standing well away from these.

Finally, Saturday 15th February sees two Dreams! pins and one Paris pin. The Dreams! pins look exceptional and a lot like the Dreams! pin released in May last year, it had a 3D texture to it. This is a series I want to collect. The final pin of the month is a Paris 101 Dalmatians pin, again it looks nice but I’m not going wild about it.

Limited Edition pins seem now to only be sold in the Pueblo Trading Post (on the day of release, before moving to other stores), this is a move that makes a certain amount of sense seeing as it encourages a pin trading culture.

The ‘news’ is the seemingly monthly Pin Trading Nights, this month you can visit the one in Hotel New York on the 28th February, as far as the pin trading facebook groups are aware, there could be an event on some sort every month in 2014!

Do you like this months pins? Comment below and let us know!