Paris je t’aime – August 2013 Pin Releases

Are we really at the end of yet another month? Hot off the heels of the Pin Trading Event which took place last weekend at the Hotel Santa Fe where some of the pins we’ll be seeing this winter got revealed, the following day Pin traders got more good news with the ‘pre-release’ of the August 2013 poster! And it’s a Paris-heavy month once again…

August 2013 Pin PosterThe first thing to note is that this month is quite a ‘pin-lite’ month, unless you love Paris. Once again the headlines for this poster will be stolen by the Paris pins, of which there are 6. I actually quite like these new Paris visuals, but I’m rather unsure why additional Mickey/Minnie Eiffel Tower pins are needed after last months releases. The love pin I’m sure will sell well with Disneyland Paris attracting a large amount of couples. The spinner pin is quite nice, it’s very much in the style of the spinner pins we see each year with the year visual printed on it, and yet another Duffy pin. I really like Duffy’s Parisian outfit (I wonder if we will be seeing this retail in the parks, as the Sulley outfit did). The releases on August 3rd are rounded off by two Lone Ranger pins, the sheriffs badge is quite nice (but perhaps too similar to the Mickey Sheriff pin released in May) and a limited edition pin which will probably not sell too well if Frankenwenie and Tron Legacy film release pins are anything to judge it by.
Saturday the 17th August sees the conclusion (or so we think…) of the Princess locket series with Snow White. The previews of this series last year only showed 8 pins, this was shown again last weekend so let’s assume this series has now finished. The final pin of the month is the Pinocchio good luck/bad luck pin. This series looks really nice and a collection I would really like to add to my personal collection.

The annual pin trading day, which traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of August each year, will take place on the 31st August with a Pocahontas theme. If you’re in the park, the instructions are to meet in Liberty Arcade at 1am and then head over to the Pueblo trading post.

Finally, another new pin!

Picture: David Sochard (Facebook)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Indiana Jones attraction in Adventureland, this cast member exclusive is to be released on the 30th July. I love this pin, as Indiana Jones is my favourite film series, and Mickey, my favourite character, I really need to add this one to my collection.
On sales at Boutique Jessica 1 and 2 as well as at Wild West Show, 3013 editions, one pin per cast member. Cast Member Exclusive. (We felt that as pin collectors, this one needed to be reported).