New pin trading rules at Disneyland Paris

Pin Trading has been a regular fixture at Disneyland Paris in recent years with a big community of traders visiting the resort regularly. Whilst there are no pin releases for a while, Disneyland Paris are now promoting brand new rules for pin trading:

  • Trading only allowed at the pin board in Pueblo Trading Outpost
  • Wash your hands with Hand Sanitiser before trading
  • Do not touch the pin board
  • The pins will undergo a quarantine period away from guests
  • No pin trading from Cast Lanyards.
  • Respect social distancing whilst queuing for the pin board

These new rules become effective immediately at Disneyland Paris. This is good news for pin traders and collectors as it represents a new and safe way to trade pins and meet up with friends.

The new re-introduction of trading follows the successful reopening of Disneyland Paris last week and the strict health and safety rules that guests must follow.

What do you think of these new rules?