Marvel Signature Dinner: Simply Marvelous

The Marvel Signature Dinner at Disneyland Paris is the best way to meet your favourite Avengers over a good dinner. Check out the full review with photos!

Every day during the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes, the Manhattan Restaurant in Disney’s Hotel New York hosts a special Marvel dinner; this dinner is a buffet-style meal with meet and greets with the Marvel Avengers. Its set-up is very different from other character dining meals which really does make it feel like a refreshing break from tradition and allows for a much more relaxing and refined dining experience.

Marvel Signature Meal at Disneyland Paris

The Manhattan Restaurant

The dinner takes place away from the Disney theme parks in the heart of the Disney Hotels area, this may seem far away but It adds a layer of relaxation to the dinner. There’s nowhere to rush off to, the views from the windows are of a calming lake; it just feels nice and refreshingly different and like a high-end restaurant which is worthy of the ‘exclusive’ nature of the new signature packages.

The dinner is included with any Marvel Signature package stays, or can be booked separately 3 days prior to the meal at a price of €69 (includes one soft drink). Customers with the dinner pre-paid simply hand in their vouchers at the start of the meal and enjoy. Without vouchers, you pay at the end of the meal upon exit.

Marvel Signature Meal at Disneyland Paris - Cake

The Food

Whilst much of the buffet was a very standard Disneyland Paris buffet, there were a few notable differences which added to the American theme of the dinner. The first was a hot dog stand; the second was a build a burger stand, this stand included multiple different types of buns and toppings; the last special stand was a Shawarma section, which ties into the first Avengers film.

Marvel Signature Meal at Disneyland Paris - Macaroons

The food quality was generally speaking OK, it was not at the level of the Inventions buffet but it was decent and there were plenty of options for all tastes. The real star of the show at the food section was the deserts, these were mostly Marvel themed and included some very cool options including cakes, macaroons, tarts and mousses; all of these featured the Avengers elements and looked absolutely fantastic, the effort here was very much appreciated.

Marvel Signature Meal at Disneyland Paris - Mousse

Character meet and greets

The character meet and greets at the Marvel dinner work a little differently to the normal Disney character meal offerings. Here, characters will not walk up to your table and meet with you, instead you will be escorted to the meet and greet location to meet the characters with a fun backdrop and with Disney PhotoPass+ photographers!

Marvel Signature Meal at Disneyland Paris - Thor and Captain America

The privacy of the meet and greet is really something quite special and means that the interaction is longer, more valuable and you are in no way rushed or hurried through the process. It is a quality meet and greet time with the Avengers that makes the meal special. You would not get this anywhere else in the resort and makes this meal a must.

Marvel Signature Meal at Disneyland Paris - Black Widow and Captain America

Overall thoughts

The Marvel Signature meal at the Hotel New York is simply fantastic. There really is no other way to describe it, you get nice food in an usual atmosphere and you also get a fantastic meet and greet experience.

If you are a fan of Marvel, this meal is a must, it is the standout experience of the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anybody.


The Marvel Signature Meal at Disney’s Hotel New York costs €69 and can be reserved 3 days in advance (annual pass discounts are accepted). It can also be reserved as part of the Marvel Signature Package which is bookable on the Disneyland Paris website. The dinner runs until Sunday 30th September 2018. 

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