It’s a Small World 50: How Disneyland Paris will celebrate!

This week Disneyland Paris celebrates the 50th Anniversary of it’s a small world – Disneyland Paris have revealed how they will take part in the global celebration. The attraction, famous of its Sherman Brothers score, first launched at the New York’s world fair in 1964.

On Thursday next week, all the Disney parks across the world will take place in a series of events centered around the attraction and its core themes. Disneyland Paris is no different.

It's a Small World 50th Anniversary agenda - Disneyland Paris

This certainly is a day you do not want to miss – be sure to arrive at opening time to ensure you have the best possible chance to take part in the ‘surprises’ that have been lined up for the day – to celebrate a special line of merchandise has been created (including a Pin) where a percentage of profits will go straight to UNICEF.

Let’s take a closer look at the events listed on Disneyland Paris’ programme.

Small World 50 Marathon - Disneyland Paris posterThis first event is a marathon, take a ride or two on it’s a small world throughout the day and help UNICEF. You’ll also have a sense of being part of history on this very special day.

Small World Childrens Rights conference - Disneyland Paris poster

The first big event advertised will be the Children’s Rights conference taking place at Videopolis. This event seems to be set up as if to be a lecture on the issues facing Children’s Rights across the world in the presence of experts in the field as well as a representative from Disneyland Paris (Most likely discussing what Disneyland Paris is doing in the community in this area). This presentation will only be delivered in French.

Small World 50 - Attraction history conference poster - Disneyland Paris


The final big advertised event also takes place at Videopolis in Disneyland Park and will be delivered in both English and French. This one certainly looks set to be a fantastic event with imagineers present discussing the ride and it’s importance to the Disney Parks. If you’re in Disneyland Paris this Thursday, make sure you attend this one – you won’t regret it!

Make sure you create your own Small World doll and sing along to the famous song on the it’s a small world 50th anniversary website where you can donate money to UNICEF simply be enjoying the activities!

This will be a very special day to be in Disneyland Paris – profit from the events and make sure you take your place in history. I hope that Disneyland Paris continue with these types of events – it’d be great for the fans to participate more and learn about the resort and attractions that they love.