Is it safe to visit Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris successfully reopened on 15th July 2020, alongside the reopening are stringent new health and safety protocols that guests and cast members must follow.

But for a lot of guests, the question that still remains is that of whether it is safe to visit Disneyland Paris? The simple answer is overwhelmingly, yes. The Disneyland Paris teams have done a lot of brilliant work that seeks to reassure guests and keep them safe.

Face Masks

All guests are required to wear face masks for their entire visit to Disneyland Paris. The only exception is for children under the age of 11. There are no other exceptions. Cast Members are enforcing this very strongly, denying people not wearing them access to the resort area, and if you remove it for any reason in the park, you are very quickly asked to put it back on.

Want a selfie in front of the castle? Wear a mask. Want to enjoy the three inversions on Hyperspace Mountain? Wear a mask. It really is that simple. There are consequences for not doing so which include you not receiving your on-ride photo all the way to removal from the resort. There is zero tolerance for not wearing it.

If you need to buy more masks during your visit to Disneyland Paris, they are sold in packs of 2 for €1.90 with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.

Hand Sanitiser Gel

Hand Sanitiser Gel is widely available across the resort. Before going on attractions, a cast member will ask you to put some on, same in restaurants before you eat and going into a boutique.

For attractions, you’ll find sanitiser at the entry of the queue, at boarding, and at unloading. You are asked to sanitise at each of these stations. The result is that your risk of infection is obviously much lower. The sheer amount of sanitiser is truly reassuring and I have not yet seen one dispenser empty.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is something that we have all been getting used to over the course of the past few months. In Disneyland Paris guests are asked to remain at least 1 metre apart from other parties which is enforced by stickers on the floor showing you where not to stand. The vast majority of guests are following these rather strict instructions, and even those who don’t did not seem to be breaching them intentionally (we all forget sometimes and move forward a little bit!).

In large queue lines where distancing is not possible, Disneyland Paris have installed large plexiglass walls. The result does look somewhat maze-like, but it is extremely effective in allowing for distancing in all situations and scenarios. In public, open, areas, Cast Members are also enforcing distancing where they see it crowding up. Such examples are at the park entries and exits at the start and end of the day.

Enhanced Cleaning

Everywhere you look in the park you will see cleaners. Where there is a high touch area, such as the sword in the stone, you will see much increased cleaning – I saw the Sword in the Stone being cleaned around every 10 minutes (there is also a hand sanitiser station next to it). The park is super clean and looks fantastic for it.

Inside restaurants, after each guest every table and chair is throughly cleaned to remove all germs with highly powered anti-bacterial material.

Overall, I was impressed by the level of cleaning.

Character Meet and Greets

The biggest change that guests will need to get used to is the new look character meet and greets, for now you will not be able to get too close to your favourite characters. Instead, the new selfie spots will allow you to still have meaningful interactions with your favourite Disney characters; the only real difference is that you won’t be able to get a hug or autograph.

The interactions that are on offer include immersive dives into the worlds of Marvel, Frozen and Mickey and the Magician, each is extremely special and a truly magical experience.

This is a magical time to visit

I was cautious going in to Disneyland Paris, four months of pretty strict lockdown had made me more nervous of breaking my ‘bubble’. I need not have worried, everything is taken care of and I feel much safer than even my local supermarket. Disneyland Paris is not just the happiest place on earth, but probably the safest too.