How to survive hot days at Disneyland Paris

How do you survive the hot weather whilst at Disneyland Paris? Luckily the park provides plenty of ways to keep you cool during your visit!

Its summer and the heat has arrived. Whilst going to Disneyland Paris is a fun experience, you may be worried about how you will cope with the heat – especially with the long days and opening hours. Luckily, surviving the heat at Disneyland Paris is not particularly difficult and numerous ways are provided to cool down (without parting with extra cash!).

Here are my top tips for surviving the summer at Disneyland Paris!

Make sure you are carrying water

Let’s get the obvious one out the way first: carry water. This may seem like advice you will get everywhere, but it is also very true and extremely helpful for whenever you may find yourself in a queue or waiting for a show/parade. If you do not have a water bottle, you can purchase a souvenir bottle in almost any Disneyland Paris boutique; alternatively you can head to a restaurant, boutique or cart and buy yourself a bottle of water. Once you have your bottle, refill it often.

There are numerous water fountains in the parks (there is usually one attached to each toilet block and within the queues for many attractions. Restaurants will also gladly fill up your bottle upon request.

Keeping hydrated is the number 1 way to make sure you enjoy both the heat and the parks to their fullest!

Summer in Adventureland at DIsneyland Paris

Get inside the cool buildings!

Disneyland Paris buildings are mostly air-conditioned! Going inside will give you a brief rest from the intensity of the heat and allow you to cool down. A few top tips: try attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean or The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror where you will spend a significant amount of time indoors. Alternatively, why not book yourself into that sit down meal that you always wanted to do – its both the perfect way to cool down and take a break during the long summer days.

Mist Sprays

There are mist sprays located at several points within the parks (next to Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing, near Bella Notte and by Hollywood Boulevard to name just a few). These offer some instant relief and are easy to just dip in and out of.

The good news? Don’t worry about getting wet in these either, they are a very light dusting of mist and so whilst you’ll leave feeling refreshed, your t-shirt will not be soaked either. That’s a win-win situation right there!

Take a break

Again, another obvious tip here. If you are staying on site then this one is nice and easy for you; take a break during the day. An hour or two back at the hotel room (in the pool if your hotel has one) is a perfect way to freshen up and relax at the same time.

There’s also plenty of places to sit and chill in Disney Village over a cold drink or snack – and now even in the Disney theme parks as the Bistrot Chez Rémy has resumed its bar terrace offering and Victoria’s on Main Street now offers a cold milkshake, ice tea and bar service. It’s surprising how that short break can make all the difference in surviving the hot day.

Golden Forest Club Lounge at Disneyland Paris's Sequoia Lodge

Now, go and enjoy your holiday!

Now that you are all armed and prepared for the hot weather, make sure you go and enjoy the lovely weather at Disneyland Paris this Summer. Its a great time of year to be visiting with great weather, long opening hours and enhanced entertainment offerings