How Disneyland Paris conquered the feel good factor

Disneyland Paris, in recent years, has conquered the catchy music and the feeling of pure joy. Find out how exactly they have done this.

Visiting Disneyland Paris is always a joyous occasion, that feeling of leaving your worries behind you will always be there. Everywhere you look in the park is carefully contained and the outside world rarely creeps in (thanks to berms such as the Disneyland Hotel or the Studio 1 building). In recent years Disneyland Paris has looked upon seasonal celebrations as a way to keep guests happy and seeing something new upon each and every visit. 

These seasonal celebrations are always something to behold; a new parade, exciting decorations and thrilling shows, it’s all here. What these celebrations also bring is a feel good factor like nothing else; by this I mean mostly music that just makes you want to tap your feet and dance. Let’s take a little look at a few notable toe-tappingly good moments.

Vive la Vie – Mickey’s Halloween Celebration

Directly following the 20th anniversary celebration was a Halloween season that introduced a Halloween cavalcade; alongside this was a new song. Vive la Vie became an instant hit. It’s fantastic rhythms, catchy lyrics, this is a firm Disneyland Paris fan favourite. 

Spring Fever – Swing into Spring

In 2014, Disneyland Paris launched Swing into Spring, a festival that was inspired by the delights of music and the colours of Spring. The main show of the season was the Spring Promenade (which later become Goofy’s Garden Party). Whilst the principal theme was a remix of the Elvis song of the same name, it still had the desired effect of raising spirits and inspiring people to dance along. 

Sunny Bunnyland – Minnie’s Little Spring Train

Fast forward to 2015’s version of the Spring season and Disneyland Paris have introduced the Minnie’s Little Spring Train. This was a short cavalcade featuring many favourite Disney characters. However the characters were overshadowed by the joyous Sunny Bunnyland song and particularly the Cast Member flashmob that took place on Central Plaza. A real highlight of the previous few years in Disneyland Paris.

Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang

Halloween was completely reimagined for the 2017 season. The cavalcade gave way to the Tricycle Gang. This show included fun costumes but an even more fun song that invited guests to clap along. Guests took to it and clapped and cheered as the short cavalcade strolled past. 

Christmas is Here 

The Christmas Cavalcade grew in 2017 to become a larger feature on the Disneyland Paris calendar, alongside it a special and unique song, Christmas is Here captured the spirit of the season perfectly. This song was everywhere during the season and the celebration was better for it. I hope this song returns in 2018, it is our new Chante c’est noël. 

I am a Princess, I am a Pirate

That brings us to 2018 and the new Festival of Pirates and Princess. The main show – Disney Pirate or Princess: Make your Choice show features an intensely catchy song that is both easy to learn the words to and easy to learn a simple dance for. A perfect storm for a memorable experience. 

More fun songs on the way? 

Disneyland Paris have proven that they are the masters of getting a fun and catchy song out there. It’s unlikely that this will change as more festivals, seasons and shows loom on the horizon. In fact, there’s only going to be more of this in the future – and that is exciting!

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