Hello Royal Pub, Goodbye King Ludwig’s Castle: A Preview of Disneyland Paris’ New British Restaurant

Disneyland Paris is closing King Ludwig's Castle and replacing it with the British-inspired Royal Pub in February 2023.

For those looking to get a taste of British cuisine at Disneyland Paris, the new Royal Pub is sure to satisfy royal appetites! 

Located in the former King Ludwig’s castle, the Royal Pub will bring a fresh new look to the location, complete with a terrace and bar area. 

Boasting an impressive menu, it will offer craft beers, all-day breakfasts, generous fish & chips, Guinness-braised beef, authentic pies, flatbreads, toasted sandwiches, and salad bowls, as well as the “yummiest desserts in town”. 

To facilitate this change, King Ludwig’s Castle will close on January 8th 2023, the same day as the Planet Hollywood restaurant located next door.

The Royal Pub opens in February 2023 and is operated by Groupe Bertrand, the same group responsible for Rosalie at the former Café Mickey location which opens in late 2023. 

Royal Pub at Disneyland Paris (Concept Art)