Disneyland Paris Tickets

Finding the right ticket for Disneyland Paris at the right price is really easy and there are real savings to be had. This Disneyland Paris ticket guide will help find you the best deal for the most magical of days out!

One day tickets

Disneyland Paris offers multiple ticket types with different prices; but this doesn’t need to be confusing. It basically means that if you are likely to be there when it’s less busy, it will also cost you less to get in! You also need to decide how many parks you want to visit.

It is cheaper to visit 1 park, however the flexibility of park hopping is only offered on a 2 park ticket. 


The cheapest ticket that Disneyland Paris offers. Visiting a this time usually means the park will be very quiet.

1 day/1 park

UK – Adult £38 – Child £32

EUR – Adult €49 – Child €42

1 day/2 parks

UK – Adult £53 – Child £48

EUR – Adult €69 – Child €62


The parks will still be quiet, but there could be some longer queues for the most popular attractions.

1 day/1 park

UK – Adult £49 – Child £43

EUR – Adult €63 – Child €56

1 day/2 parks

UK – Adult £64 – Child £59

EUR – Adult €83 – Child €76

Super Magic

Likely to be a very busy period meaning longer queues for all attractions

1 day/1 park

UK – Adult £56 – Child £51

EUR – Adult €73 – Child €66

1 day/2 parks

UK: Adult £72 – Child £66

EUR – Adult €93 – Child €86

Super Magic Plus

These tickets are valid on any day of the year. Perfect if you want a Disneyland Paris ticket but are not sure which day you would like to visit.

1 day/1 park

UK – Adult £61 – Child £55

EUR – Adult €79 – Child €71

1 day/2 parks

UK – Adult £76 – Child £70

EUR – Adult €99 – Child €91

Multi-Day Tickets

Looking to visit for multiple days? Good news! Disneyland Paris offer multi-day tickets which offer significant discounts on buying multiple one-day tickets.

These tickets are valid for 1 year from purchase and all days must be taken within 7 days of first use.

All that’s left to decide is how many days you want to stay! Alternatively why not use these tickets and combine your stay with a trip to Paris?

2 Days

UK – Adult £116 – Child £102

EUR – Adult: €150 – Child: €133

3 Days

UK – Adult £142 – Child £128

EUR – Adult: €185 – Child: €166

4 Days

UK – Adult £174 – Child £139

EUR – Adult: €226 – Child: €180

How to buy

There are multiple ways to purchase Disneyland Paris tickets. The easiest way is through the Disneyland Paris website or by telephone. This saves you time at the gates as you won’t need to queue up and you can go straight to the park gates and enjoy the magic.

You can also buy tickets directly at the park gates. Ticket offices are located at the front of the Disneyland Park (underneath the Disneyland Hotel) and at the entrance of the Walt Disney Studios park (to the right hand side of the turnstiles).

Top Tips to get the best deal

With so many ticket types how can you get the best deal?

  • Know when you want to go! It sounds so simple, but knowing the date you want to visit the Disney parks means that you are much more likely to pay a lower price for your visit.
  • Visiting on weekdays. Weekdays are quieter than weekends (except during the school holidays) and the pricing matches this! If you can go in the term time on a week day then there are fantastic savings to be had!
  • Consider an annual pass. It might sound expensive, but annual passes are generally speaking cheaper than a three day ticket, plus you’ll get the annual pass perks!
  • Shop around. Whilst the information in this guide relates to Disneyland Paris official pricing, many websites may offer special deals on tickets. These offers will be constantly changing so keep checking as you approach your Disney trip
  • Disneyland Paris constantly review their pricing – that means price increases! These price increases often happen in late March and early November. But you can beat these prices changes! Simply book before the prices go up! If you book an open-dated ticket or a dated ticket before Disneyland Paris up their prices, then you still get entry at the lower price – perfect!

There are many types of Annual Pass friends tickets. The dedicated guide page for these tickets have all the information you could possibly need!