The Disneyland Paris sales take place twice a year in the majority of the shops in the resort. These dates are the same across France and often correspond to January – early February and late June – late July/Early August.

The next sales at Disneyland Paris will be held on:

WINTER 2019: Wednesday 9th January – Tuesday 19th February

SUMMER 2019: Wednesday 26th June – Tuesday 6th August

The sales often see merchandise listed at up to 70% off and offer excellent value for money as well as the chance to get past merchandise lines at a low price. If you have an annual pass there is the chance for even bigger savings as you can use annual pass discount ON TOP of sale reductions.

What are the sales?

The sales in Disneyland Paris often features past merchandise lines at heavily reduced prices. The items are not defective, they are simply looking to clear lines that are no longer stocked in shops.

It is also the perfect opportunity to grab merchandise that you may have missed in the past.

A shop in the Walt Disney Studios park at Disneyland Paris

Where can I find them?

In many (but not all) of the Disneyland Paris boutiques. In recent years Flora’s Boutique has seen the highest concentration of sale items as it becomes transformed into a specialist sale shop.

Main Street Motors and Disney Clothers is a hub of the clothing items in the sales in Disneyland Park. Harringtons hosts the collectible items in the sales lines.

Other stores that have hosted sale items in Disneyland Park include:

In the Walt Disney Studios park:

Disney Village also offers a number of sale items in:

What reductions can I get?

Items are sold as both a percentage discount and as a fixed price discount. Prices can start at as little as 2€ and reductions are often up to 70%.

A second reduction takes place around the mid-point of the sale. These can be both new items and items reduced further. There is no fixed point in the sale period for this to happen and so dates are not guaranteed. There will be items in the sale throughout the six week period, so if you’re not there at the start, don’t worry you won’t miss out!

REMEMBER: Your annual pass discount of 20% (Dream, Infinity) or 10% (Fantasy, Classic, Magic Plus, Magic Flex) is applicable on sale items. You can also take advantage of the Magic Offer if you spend the required amount.

The Emporium shop at Disneyland Paris

What items are in the sale?

Items in the sale will be indicated by a red tag or sticker and can include any lines of Disneyland Paris merchandise from pins to figurines and from t-shirts to jumpers and coats, sales can and do include everything.

New items can be added to the sale daily, so keep an eye on sales stands throughout your stay – you never know if the next ‘must have’ item will be put out tomorrow. Items will sell out fast so if you see something you like, don’t count on it being there tomorrow, buy it right away.

Disneyland Paris sales are a great time to visit and can offer considerable savings on great merchandise. If you spot a great deal or have tips to get the most out of the sales, put it in the comments and help out fellow fans!