We’ve all been there. Waiting to meet our favourite character and the queue is so long that it eats up half of your day. Disneyland Paris is using a system called Lineberty to help manage the queues at selected locations and allow you to go off and enjoy the other attractions of Disneyland Paris while you wait.

But how do you use it? Luckily, it is really simple as I guide you through here.

Where can I use Lineberty?

The system is currently in operation at the following locations at the Walt Disney Studios Park:

  • The Incredibles (Art of Disney Animation)
  • Disney Characters on Toon Plaza (Usually Mickey and Buzz)
  • Captain America during the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes
  • Restaurant En Coulisse (until 31st August 2018). – Only two cash registers between 11:45 – 15:00, the rest of the registers will not need reservations. 

Don’t forget, the Walt Disney Studios Park is now fully covered by WiFi, so you don’t need to worry about the app eating up your mobile data!

Step 1 – Download the App

You’ll first need to download the Lineberty app:

Download on Apple App Store

Download on Google Play

When opening the app, make sure to turn on location settings (Not essential, but it does allow you to easily locate the right options) and notifications (so that you get alerted when it is time to go to your meet and greet).

In the application settings menu, you can also attach your phone number – then Lineberty will also send you an SMS ticket when it is your turn. Perfect for when you leave a WiFi zone.

Step 2 – Select your Experience

On the application menu, find ‘Walt Disney Studios’ and select your experience. Remember to let the application know how many people will be in your group so that the Cast Members know how many people to expect.

Reservation slots for each day open at 09:45 (CET). Make sure you’re quick, popular meet and greets can fill up within minutes!

Step 3 – Enjoy the Parks

You are now able to enjoy your time within the Disney parks. Keep checking back on the Lineberty app which gives you an estimate of how long you will be waiting. This will allow you to better plan your day and the other attractions that you will be doing inside the park.

A Lineberty ticket

Step 4 – Your Meet and Greet is getting close

When your meet and greet is getting closer, Lineberty will send you a notification (and SMS message) letting you know that you should be heading to the location of your meet and greet.

Head on over and wait for your time to arrive.

Nearly your turn - Lineberty

Step 5 – Enjoy!

That really is all there is to it! You will receive another notification when it is your turn, simple check-in with the Cast Member and enjoy your meet and greet with no wait.

Perfect really!

Your Turn - Lineberty