Taking photos at a Disney park is all part of the experience. Getting magical photos together, as a family, with the Disney Characters; on an attraction; or by the castle is a real must for each holiday. But a phone photo might not easily capture the bigger picture. Disney PhotoPass+ is the answer! Put your camera away and let the Disney photographers capture your magical memories. This Disney Photopass+ guide will let you know where to find the photographers and how to get your entire holiday’s photos on one card!

What is Disney PhotoPass+?

Disney PhotoPass+ is the name Disney have given to their photography service; when a Disney photographer takes your picture, you will be given a PhotoPass card – take this to the counter to view and make a purchase of your photo. Guests who have purchased the Disney Photopass+ card are eligible to have unlimited photos during the card validity as digital download files – prints can still be purchased across the resort as well!

How do I buy a Disney PhotoPass+?

Buying a Disney PhotoPass+ is actually very simple, they are on sale in the majority of boutiques across the resort including in your Disney Hotel. If you are buying your Disney stay through a package (hotel + park tickets), then you will also have the option of purchasing your PhotoPass+ when you book your hotel.

Disney PhotoPass+ currently sells in the resort for €69.99 and is valid 10 days from activation.

Are you a Annual Pass holder at Disneyland Paris? Then good news, you can get a PhotoPass+ valid for the entire duration of your annual pass!

Infinity Passholders: Free, simply take your Annual Pass to Flora’s on Main Street to pick up your annual PhotoPass+

Magic Plus: €49 in Flora’s on Main Street.

Magic Flex: €55 in Flora’s on Main Street.

Can I still get photos without the PhotoPass+?

Yes, you can still get photos with characters and on rides without paying for a Disney PhotoPass+.

With characters, simply take them on your own personal camera and enjoy. Disney Photographers will still take your photo and give you a card which you can take to photo boutiques to get printed.

On the attractions, you can simply buy a printed attraction photo as normal.

How do I view my PhotoPass+ photos?

If you have a Disney Photopass card given to you by a photographer, simply visit any Disneyland Paris photograph stand (the main outlet for this will be Flora’s Boutique on Main Street USA) to view your photo.

If you have a Disney PhotoPass+ card, photos can be viewed in Disneyland Paris boutiques, but also on the Disneyland Paris Photopass app (available on iOS and Android devices) as well as on the official Disneyland Paris Photopass website.

Photos remain linked to your account for a period of 365 days so make sure to download the photos once you return home!

Where can I get photos with my PhotoPass+?

To use your Disney PhotoPass+, simply hand your card over to the Disney Photographers with characters, or at the attractions simply visit the Photo desk at the attraction exit.

If you don’t have a PhotoPass+ you will be given a temporary card at the character locations to turn into prints!

With the Disney Characters: 

  • Meet Mickey Mouse (Disneyland Park)
  • Princess Pavillion (Disneyland Park)
  • Meet Captain America (Walt Disney Studios Park)
  • Goofy (Front Lot, Walt Disney Studios Park)
  • Toon Studio Meet and Greets (Walt Disney Studios Park)
  • Meet Darth Vader (Disneyland Park)
  • Morning characters in the Disney Hotels

At the Disney Attractions:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Buzz Lightyear Lazer Blast
  • The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaser – Starring Aerosmith

My photos are missing! What can I do?

If you are still on-site, then there is no need to panic! Go to any boutique that has a Photo sales area (all the Disney Hotels have this) and just tell them where your photo was taken, what time and they will do their best to help you!

If you have already left the resort, you will have to do this via e-mail. Luckily, the PhotoPass+ service will do everything they can to help. Simply contact them on their official website.

Getting the most out of your PhotoPass+

Disney PhotoPass+ photographers in the Walt Disney Studios park

Keep your PhotoPass+ card handy, you never know where and when Disney characters and unique PhotoPass+ opportunities will pop up!

Remember to claim all your on-ride photos, these will add up during your trip and are a great thing to have!

Download your photos from the website rather than the app. The website will give you the full resolution files!

Don’t claim your ride photos through the QR codes, these will give you low quality versions. At the ride photo desk, you’ll get a high quality image that is cropped to only feature you and your family.

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