Imagine a world where the magic was unlimited; with a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass you can live your dreams and fantasies for a full year. This guide will help you to navigate through the maze of options and also how to sign up and pay both at home, and in the parks! Much of the annual pass information has been available exclusively in French and so it was always difficult to find which pass was best for you.

What does a Disneyland Paris annual pass offer?

A Disneyland Paris annual pass is quite simply an entry ticket that allows you unlimited access to the Disney parks on days in which the pass in valid. Different annual pass levels have different ‘blockout’ days (days in which you cannot use the pass) so it pays to research the options before you buy the pass. Only the Infinity annual pass offers 365 days of access.

In addition to admission to the two Disney parks, a Disneyland Paris annual pass is a gateway to a number of discounts and special offers across the year on hotels, merchandise and food. The Infinity annual pass also includes VIP viewing areas for Disney Stars on Parade and Disney Illuminations.

Discovery Annual Pass

Disneyland Paris Discovery Annual Pass

This is the basic entry level Disneyland Paris annual pass and is ideal if you are visiting off-season, staying off-site and just want a cheap way to experience the parks. The pass offers no real discounts and only includes parking an an additional fee (the equivalent of 2 days of car parking)

Price: €149

€9 per month following an initial €55 payment

Pass Features

This pass offers no dining, hotel or merchandise discounts.

Good to know

The second and third day after issuing the permanent pass will be considered as additional block out days. If purchasing this pass, it would be best to place your order through the post.

Magic Flex Annual Pass

Magic Flex Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

The Magic Flex pass offers increased flexibility for guests and also begins to offer discounts in the shops and on Disneyland Paris hotel stays. This is a good pass for a family who is looking to save some money but still wants flexibility in their Disneyland Paris stays.

Price: €219

€15 per month following an initial €55 payment

Pass Features

This pass offers no dining discounts.

Magic Plus Annual Pass

Magic Plus Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

Looking for a wide choice of dates to visit the park but are not visiting in the Halloween and Christmas weeks? This annual pass offers a high level of flexibility, good discounts, as well as access to Extra Magic Time

Price: €259

€19 per month following an initial €55 payment

Pass Features

Infinity Annual Pass

Infinity Disneyland Paris Annual Pass

The only Disneyland Paris annual pass that offers unlimited magic for an entire year, 365 days access to the Disney Parks and VIP benefits to give you that special feeling each and every time you enter the Disney Parks. This is Infinity.

Price: €399

€32 per month following an initial €55 payment

Pass Features

  • 365 days park access
  • Parking included
  • 20% discount in Disneyland Paris shops
  • Disney hotel rooms from 107
  • 20% discount on 1 day park tickets
  • Annual Photopass included!
  • 15% discount in Disneyland Paris restaurants
  • 20% discount on Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
  • 10% discount at Golf Disneyland
  • 10% discount at Disney Stores in France
  • 15% discount at the Disney Character breakfast in Plaza Gardens
  • Up to 20 1 day/2 park tickets per year for your friends at a discounted price of 35
  • Reserved entrance to the Disney Parks
  • Extra Magic Time access
  • Free use of strollers, wheelchairs, kennels and guest storage
  • Free non-alcoholic cocktail apertif in table service restaurants
  • Invitations to special events and film screenings – with priority registration!
  • Privilege car park – be the closest to the Disney Parks!
  • VIP areas for Disney Stars on Parade and Disney Illuminations
    • From 10th June VIP Area for Stark Expo presents Energy for Tomorrow
  • Dedicated phone line with concierge service
  • Free access to swimming pools (by reservation) at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Disney’s Newport Bay Club and Disney’s Hotel New York.
  • Access to all annual pass after hours parties.

How do I buy a Disneyland Paris annual pass?

Annual Passes are easier to buy than ever. Gone are the days were all the forms were only in French, everything can be done in English! Disneyland Paris offers four ways to buy an annual pass:

By Telephone

Call Disneyland Paris and simply ask for the annual pass type that you wish to purchase, this transaction will be conducted in pound sterling in the UK.  You will then be sent a standard paper park ticket (or temporary annual pass) which you can exchange in the park for the annual pass. At the park head to the Bureau Pass Annuel and see the nice Cast Members who will ask you to fill out some brief paperwork and take your photo.

Make sure to take photo ID as this will be checked by the Cast Member.

In the park


Buying an annual pass in the park could not be simpler! Simply visit the ticket booth at the entry of either Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Studios Park and receive the Temporary Annual Pass. Take this pass to the Bureau Pass Annuel (located next to Discoveryland in Disneyland Park) and fill in the necessary paperwork, pose for a photo and have your photo ID checked.

Alternatively you may take your park ticket to the Bureau Pass Annueand exchange it for an annual pass by paying the necessary difference in price.

Good to know

If you received your Disney park tickets as park of a package (with your hotel stay), these are not eligible for upgrade in the park and you would be required to pay the full annual pass price.

By post


Buying an annual pass has recently been made simpler by the translation of annual pass documentation into English. Simply download the annual pass order form and follow the steps. Once completed simply return the form, with a photocopy of your ID and a passport-style photograph and send it to:

Disneyland Paris

Annual Pass by Correspondence

77 777 Marne-la-Vallée

Cedex 4


Your new annual pass will be sent back to you by recorded mail within 10 working days of receipt by the Disneyland Paris teams.

Online (France only)

Nothing could be simpler than ordering your annual pass online, however this service is currently only offered in France.

Simply visit the Disneyland Paris website and follow the purchasing steps. You will be required to fill out the forms and submit your photograph online. Your new annual pass will be sent straight to your door!

How do I renew an annual pass?

The good news is that when you renew an annual pass, you get a 4 month bonus… for free! This offer is valid when you upgrade in the two months prior to your previous pass expiry. Again, there are two very simple ways to renew your annual pass:

In the park

Visit the Bureau Pass Annuel to pay, update your details and to get your new annual pass card. Nothing could be simpler and you’ll be enjoying your new annual pass in no time!

By Post

Download the form from the Disneyland Paris website, fill in all your details remembering to attach your passport photo and a photocopy of your ID and then send it by post to:

Disneyland Paris

Annual Pass by Correspondence

77 777 Marne-la-Vallée

Cedex 4


Your new annual pass will be delivered to your house within 10 working days of the form being received by the Disneyland Paris teams.

How do the Disneyland Paris annual pass perks work?

Many of your Disneyland Paris annual pass perks can be taken advantage of by simply presenting your pass at the point of purchase. If booking a Disney hotel you will need your annual pass on hand during the booking process and be prepared to read the long membership number printed on the card.

For Infinity passholders, VIP placings for the parade, Disney Illuminations and swimming pool slots can be reserved by ringing the dedicated Infinity pass concierge (the telephone number is printed on the accompanying documentation received on purchase) and booking from 14 days in advance. Again, you will need to read out the long annual pass membership number. You will then receive a confirmation email to take to City Hall (Disneyland Park) or Studio Services (Walt Disney Studios Park) for the VIP parade and Illuminations placings, or in the case of the swimming pool the relevant hotel concierge desk. Parking is available for swimming pool passholders at the hotel upon presentation of the confirmation email.

What is annual pass sponsorship?

Annual Pass sponsorship is a great way to get some extra time added onto your annual pass for free, as well as giving your friends a cheaper annual pass. How do you do it? Nothing could be simpler.

How to sponsor

Take your friend to the Disneyland Paris ticket office windows, and ask to sponsor their annual pass. On your first sponsorship you will be given a form to fill in, the ticket office will then stamp your form. Collect three of these and you will receive a 6 month pass.

In addition, your friend will receive a 10% discount on the price of their annual pass.

Claiming your six months

At the end of your pass validity, take the completed sponsorship form to the Bureau Pass Annuel and a six month annual pass will be created for you and you can then go and enjoy the Disney Parks.

I’ve heard about Classic, Fantasy and Dream Annual Passports, what are these and how do I get one?

The Classic, Fantasy and Dream annual passports are legacy, discontinued annual passports. These were on sale until the 29th March 2017. As such, these passes continue to be in circulation and will likely be running until around October 2018.

All information correct as of : 5th May 2018