Goodbye Disney Village sign

Disney Village signHow often have you seen this sign and thought “I’m back!”. Well, as of today you might need to wait for another site to have that happy thought, as overnight it was removed. This may come as no shock to those who follow @insidedlparis on twitter as a few days ago, the lettering of ‘Village’ were removed.

The arch was first erected in order to welcome guests to Disney Village and became the icon of the village, just one search for ‘Disney Village’ gives you all the images of this arch you could possibly imagine. However last year the methods of entering Disney Village and the two Disney parks changed and now you needed to pass by the tents near the Walt Disney Studios parks (and on busy days you can also pass through the old Disneyland Park arches), the Disney Village arch actually found itself to be the exit of the entire resort.

Disneyland Paris themselves have even used this arch for their own publicity for the village in resort recently, see the below advertisement for the upcoming ‘British Festival’ taking place next weekend

I really like the Disney Village sign, it is one of the icons of the resort, I really hope it returns in some form soon! It just wouldn’t feel the same without it.