The thing about Disneyland Paris is that there are always so many conversations that can be had it’s just impossible to write about them all. Here are the conversations we’ve had, feel free to comment and join in the conversation.

Tower of Terror and La TerasseCoup de Cœur

What makes us Disneyland Paris fans? Is that we like walking through the park or going on an attraction? Our lives have been touched by the detail and beauty the imagineers have worked on. This series pays tribute to that through a focus on one aspect of the park illustrated by text and images.



Light Ears in front of the castleLight’Ears

Love them or hate them, Light’Ears arrived in Disneyland Paris in summer 2013. But did the launch go smoothly, were the ears popular? We wrote a few articles about Light’Ears, our thoughts and the take up. We came to the conclusion that perhaps guests haven’t been persuaded, see why and a few thoughts on how this could be changed.



Gaumont Cinema in Disney VillageFilm Reviews

A lot of what you see in Disneyland Paris is inspired by things that have been on the big screen. We’re huge fans on the seventh art, take a read of our reviews of the latest Disney releases which we then give a star rating. We don’t review all Disney films, but the major releases should get an article.



King and Queen looking at burning itemsDebates

We can’t always be in total agreement, and not everything in Disneyland Paris is perfect. Our debate articles aim to provide two opposing points of view on a relevant topic. Our first article features national holidays and why Disneyland Paris celebrates St. Patrick’s and St. David’s day over the French Bastille Day.



Main Street Station during the 20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris20th Highlights

As the 20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris came to an end, we took a look back at the various features and new attractions that were enjoyed throughout the 18 month celebration. The park was in celebration mode for an entire year and a half, guests could enjoy new shows and parades every day including one of the biggest nighttime spectaculars in the world: Disney Dreams!