Favourite Land: Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the entrance to Disneyland Park, the first and last place that you will experience in any trip to most visited theme park in Europe. The street is themed to the turn of the twentieth century, and offers a range of experiences that change with the season, as well as dining and shopping experiences that are unparalleled with anywhere else in Europe!

Main Street USA: The most beautiful land?

The first thing you’ll notice about Main Street USA is how urban it feels. This is our avenue to escape reality, as we wander further down the street we get closer and closer to the four fantasy lands of Disneyland Paris. The contrast between one end of the street with a train station – a symbol of nineteenth century modernity – and the other with a fairy tale castle sets up beautifully the experiences that are to follow. The street is aligned with architecture that cannot really be seen anywhere else in Europe and the ragtime sounds of Main Street lift the atmosphere from the moment you walk through the gates. There isn’t overly much in the way of greenery in the land, but it was not designed to be that way, this is an urban experience, a transfer from reality to fantasy.

Main Street Disneyland Paris
Main Street USA is framed at one end by the Castle, and the other by Main Street Station


Main Street USA affords guests to eat full meals or simply a snack in a wonderful themed environment. One of the highlights of the land is Casey’s Corner, a hot dog restaurant with a seating area outside with views of the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Market House Deli is a sandwich and light food restaurant which provides seating in and outdoors in a magical environment. The Cable Car Bakeshop sells specialty cakes and snacks with a decor of old cable car photos and diagrams. This is one of the best places to take a mid-afternoon break in Disneyland Park.

Plaza Gardens is a buffet-style restaurant which has recently been refurbished to provide better quality food to its guests. Many seats in the dining area also offer a view of the castle.

Finally, the fine dining option of Disneyland Park is Walt’s: An American Restaurant. This restaurant offers American cuisine with a French twist and boasts dining rooms themed to each of the five lands in Disneyland Paris.

Cable Car Bakeshop Main Street Disneyland Paris
Cable Car Bakeshop on Main Street USA is the best place to get baked goodies!


In the interests of keeping this article short, some of the shops along Main Street USA will be omitted. Main Street USA offers the biggest and best ranges of merchandise in the entire resort. Plus, this area has the added bonus of being open for a short while after park closing in order to allow you to make those last-minute purchases.

The Emporium is the biggest store in Disneyland Park. The store sells a range of merchandise including clothing, plush toys, pin badges and stationary. Harringtons is one of the most beautiful stores on Main Street USA, specializing in collectibles. The giant dome in the middle of the store means that shopping for some of the finest items that Disneyland Paris sells takes place in one of the finest environments.

Other shops in Main Street USA include Flora’s Boutique, Boardwalk Candy Palace, Ribbons and Bows, Storybook Store, Main Street Motors, Lilly’s Boutique and Dapper Dan’s.

Main Street Disneyland Paris Boardwalk Candy
Boardwalk Candy is one of the many themed stores in Disneyland Paris


Main Street USA gives guests the opportunity to meet plenty of characters. During Extra Magic Hours, characters are readily available in a range of locations, each offering a wonderful photo-friendly back drop. During the rest of the day, characters appear at scheduled times at pre-arranged meet locations.

Main Street is also a focal point for the daily entertainment options such as Disney Magic on Parade and various seasonal entertainment offerings.

Duffy Disneyland Paris
Duffy was once a staple of the Boarding House Meet and Greets on Main Street USA


Not much to see here, there is the Main Street Station, the central point for the Disneyland Railroad and the first thing you will see after passing through the turnstiles. There are also the Main Street vehicles providing for a fun way to pass up and down the street.

Main Street Disneyland Paris
Guests can ride authentic cars on Main Street USA


What Main Street USA lacks in rides, it more than makes up for with atmosphere. Main Street USA is one of the best places to relax and enjoy any day in Disneyland Paris.

Main Street Disneyland Paris Dusk
Main Street USA at Dusk


  • Beautiful architecture
  • Immersive environments
  • Beautiful shops and restaurants


  • Lack of rides