Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: A warm Texan welcome

Of the two budget hotels at Disneyland Paris, the Hotel Cheyenne holds the most intrigue. The idea of staying within a western town is something that those fans of western films will have imagined in their heads and Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne does indeed look like something that has come straight out of a film, and is truly a delight to stay in. The new Texas rooms in the hotel even rival those refurbished rooms at Disney’s Newport Bay Club for theme and comfort.

A warm reception

Upon arriving at the Cheyenne, you are instantly struck by the large reception building which holds the reception, restaurant and bar, shop and the new Starbucks location. The reception process itself was quick, easy and friendly as Cast Members guide you through the paperwork and location of your room. Additionally, the new Disneyland Paris Magic Cards are in operation at the Cheyenne; this new card both acts as your room key and a way to pay within the shops and restaurants across Disneyland Paris (with the exception of those outlets in Disney Village that are operated by outside companies).

The Texas room at Disneyland Paris Hotel Cheyenne

Pure Texan charm

The rooms themselves are stunning. Upon entering the room one is completely immersed in the western theme with many subtle (and some not so subtle) Toy Story finishings. The room itself has a certain warmth and feels instantly inviting. These new look rooms are now available in two configurations: a double bed or a double and sofa-bed and these are soft and comfortable to sleep on. The room also features an air conditioning unit and a large HD television featuring a range of European channels. All elements of the room have been thought out in order to better immerse guests inside of this western theme.

As usual in Disney hotels, a phone is provided so that guests can contact reception, as well as a safety deposit box. The bathroom within the rooms feature a bath, shower and a large sink area. The bathroom seems pretty normal for Disneyland Paris, but is still a nice upgrade on the majority of the off-site offerings. The ability to have a bath at the end of a busy park day is always a tempting prospect and a major plus.

Fantastic resort amenities

With the removal of the included breakfast from Disneyland Paris packages, new breakfast offerings have appeared in both the parks and the village. But in the Cheyenne, a Starbucks location has opened within the hotel offering barista-style coffee and breakfast options from the chain’s extensive range. Whilst not to everybody’s taste, the Starbucks location has been very well blended into the decor of the hotel and creates yet another way to get breakfast.

Disneyland Paris Hotel Cheyenne - StarbucksThe Cheyenne features one of the cheaper bars on Disney property, but also rather nicely themed as a saloon-style bar and features prices that are very reasonable. The hotel restaurant is an all-you-can-eat-buffet offering a range of dishes and is suitable for all tastes.

Finally, the shop in the hotel is one of the larger hotel stores and sells the usual hotel lines of flagship merchandise and food and drink.

A budget hotel, but only in price

With the renovation of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, the hotel becomes just one more of the desirable properties on site. In the fight against on-site or off-site, the more Disney hotels at this level of comfort, theme and quality, the more guests will stay on site and will be recommended to do so by their fellow guests and fans. I can thoroughly recommend Hotel Cheyenne to all, it is possibly the best themed hotel on property and has the comfort to match.

Lamp at Disneyland Paris Hotel Cheyenne