Disneyland Paris to take part in the European Heritage Days 2018

Disneyland Paris has announced its participation in the European Heritage Days scheme this coming September. For two days on September 15th and 16th 2018, Disneyland Paris will be offering guests the chance to discover how it celebrates and protects French heritage through experiences that focus on food, architecture, history, and artisan trades.

The days will feature special guided tours and a dedicated mobile application that will allow guests to explore the inspiration behind Disneyland Paris, but also highlights the unique and specialised jobs that make the resort so unique in Europe.

Disneyland Paris and its specialist jobs

Disneyland Paris hosts over 500 different types of jobs, many of which are unique and specialist in nature such as coppersmiths, gilders, cabinet makers, and stained-glass window creators. These jobs are deeply rooted in French tradition and highlight the history of both France and Europe.

About European Heritage Days

Created in 1985, the European Heritage Day programme was created by the European Council and allows Europeans to explore their shared heritage and encourages people to take an active role in preserving it.

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