Disneyland Paris Solar-Powered Canopy enters operation!

In 2020, Disneyland Paris started construction of a solar-panel canopy over the guest parking area in partnership with energy start-up Urbasolar. The works will be continuing until 2023, but the first section has now officially been turned on producing 10GWh (eventually the canopy will be providing 36 GWh).

Once completed this project will cover 49 acres and contain 82,000 solar panels with the capability to provide for 17% of Disneyland Paris’ current energy consumption. The panels also provide shelter for guest cars from the elements such as rain, snow or heat.

“With the first section of the solar canopy plant that has come online, we have reached an important milestone and another step forward in the implementation of this project, which is at the heart of Disneyland Paris’ environmental strategy, aiming for a significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a full decarbonisation of its energy supply”

Damien Audric, Director of Development and Environment for Disneyland Paris