Disneyland Paris Pins: March 2014

Another month, another poster. This is the month that Spring arrives, that houses St. Davids and St. Patricks day. So what pins do Disneyland Paris have in store for us?

Pins March 2014 PosterThe answer seems to be, a bit more of the same. The nice Dreams! open edition set continues with the Rapunzel pin which I really do like; the limited edition Dreams! collection continues with the Brave sequence – this is a series that I liked initially, but now disagree with the way they have decided to continue distributing it. It makes no sense to sell half online only, and half in resort only. I don’t like it. The Paris Aristocats pin looks very nice indeed – and is one I’ll try adding to my collection next month, probably. I really like the St. Patricks pin with Scrooge McDuck sitting on the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold, it really does make a lot of sense and looks nice too. But why is it released as early as it is?

Two more Eiffel Tower pins, I like both but don’t feel the need to add them to my collection at all. The Minnie fashionable set continues – they look nice if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Finally, the pin I both like and hate. I am a huge collector of the season pins. Love them. So, whilst I like this pin, there is not a chance I’ll actually get hold of one – Rapunzel will sell out in seconds.

So, that’s my opinions on this months pins. Hope you collectors and traders get the pins you want – Have a great month!