Disneyland Paris launches a new website (again)

One year after launching a version of the Disneyland Paris website, they are at it again. A brand new website has appeared. This new version seems to be in an attempt to bring the European park more in line with its American counterparts. And on first glance the transition is smooth, the menu items have practically the same headings with some important pieces of information becoming easier to find such as ride closures.

Disneyland Paris Website Home Page

Upon loading the page we are greeted with the beautiful minimalist design, no more pop-up Sulley, no more intrusive booking panel. Everything looks rather sleek and beautiful, yet functional at the same time. As with previous versions of the Disneyland Paris website, each attraction, restaurant and piece of entertainment is given a specific page in which you can get all the information you may need about it. Except from the restaurants, which unlike the Walt Disney World and Disneyland websites, still manages to omit the menus.

New Disneyland Paris website attraction pageEach of the hotels (both Disney owned, and approved partner hotels) have extensive information related to the facilities, dining and recreational activities that are on offer for their guests.

New Disneyland Paris website Hotel Page

All this is information we need to make an informed choice about our holiday. Perhaps one of the biggest leaps forward on this new site, is the admitting of the fact that yes, there is a world outside of Disneyland Paris. An extensive list of local monuments is provided so that guests can explore the local area – and helps improve the resort’s community links.

New Disneyland Paris website 'Around Disneyland Paris' page

The only negative I can find is that the previous ‘Trip Planning’ tab which offered a wealth of information regarding Smoking Regulations, Pet regulations has vanished. The information is there but is hidden under Help, then Frequently Asked Questions.

Back to the positives in regards to Trip Planning, park hours are now incredibly easy to find, as is the entertainment programme and closures.

New Disneyland Paris Website, Park Hours

Closures are detailed in a calendar view allowing for that informed Disneyland Paris visit, no more shock Pirates of the Caribbean closure to wreck your holiday.

Disneyland Paris Closures

Finally on the desktop website, a new map has been provided with the same functionality as the previous website. The aesthetics however are much improved and are such that I would like to see them on a paper map of the parks.

New Disneyland Paris Website Maps

But the big question is: Is the Website Mobile device friendly? The response, I’m happy to say, is yes!

New Disneyland Paris Mobile Website

But the real joy with each new Disneyland Paris website is the wealth of information being offered by Disneyland Paris to its customers increasing. It’ll take hours upon hours to discover it all, and would take an extremely long article! Some of the features include:

  • Sorting each hotel’s different types of rooms
  • Filtering food types to find your ideal restaurant
  • Clear road directions and travel planning taking many different ways of getting to the resort into account. (Such as taking the RER from Paris)

But the reality is, you’ll find new features depending on what you are looking for! This website is the most usable Disneyland Paris site ever. Last year’s website was fantastic, this years is even better.

Check it out today!