Disneyland Paris launch new photography option

With the refurbishment of Phantom Manor continuing this Summer, Disneyland Paris have found a new and innovative way of keeping guests entertained

With the refurbishment of Phantom Manor closing off large areas of Frontierland in the Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris have created a new and innovative way to create unique and exciting experiences for guests by the Manor. 

The Spirit Photography stand is located just at the entrance of Phantom Manor and allows guests to get a personalised copy of The Mysterious Chronicle with their photo. The backstory given is as follows: 

Ghosts have been seen escaping from the Ravenswood Manor. James Collins Esq. the Thunder Mesa photographer, whose studio is located above Bonanza Outfitters, has set up a mobile studio to try to capture images of these phenomena for the weekly journal “The Mysterious Chronicle” with his innovative “Spectral Camera”. While he’s away, the playful ghosts keep taking their own photos with his camera equipment and printing copies of the newspaper!

The photograph is then printed on a unique newspaper print immediately for guests. The experience is priced at €12 (reduced to €6 for guests with a valid PhotoPass+, who also get an additional digital copy of the photograph). 

The start of more fun photo opportunities

This is the first unique photo location that we have seen in Disneyland Paris which has really struggled with its photography game; whilst it is great to see this type of opportunity extended to Disneyland Paris guests, it is difficult to stomach that PhotoPass+ holders are going to have to fork out an additional €6 for this system. 

It is natural that guests should pay for a physical print out of the photo however it is, as of yet, unconfirmed whether PhotoPass+ users will be able to claim their photo without paying the fee. When scrolling through social media, it is not difficult to find guests who are not pleased with the service. It would be nice if the current service could be boosted before paid opportunities are in place. We have a lot of talented PhotoPass+ photographers in Disneyland Paris, it is a shame that we do not see more of them out and about!


However, it must be said that the quality and theme of the print out is second to none and once again Disneyland Paris have outdone themselves with a fantastic product that fans will adore. 

But we really do need to talk about those escaped ghosts, let’s hope they return to the manor in time!

The Mysterious Chronicle photo souvenir at Disneyland Paris