Disneyland Paris confirms the return of the Festival of Pirates and Princesses in 2019

Disneyland Paris have confirmed the return of the ever-popular Festival of Pirates and Princesses at the beginning of 2019

Disneyland Paris have confirmed the return of the ever-popular Festival of Pirates and Princesses in 2019. A brief statement released by Disneyland Paris says:

We heard you! We are very happy to confirm the return of the Pirates and Princesses at the beginning of 2019 to Disneyland Paris!

The season is scheduled to return in Early 2019 potentially meaning that it could be running alongside the Season of the Force celebrations which typically take place in the January – March window in the Walt Disney Studios Park. We typically expect to get rough seasonal dates for 2019 around October upon release of the following year brochure to travel agents. However, the news today comes as a great relief to fans of the season which became a cult classic during its run between March and May 2018.

Team Pirates during the Festival of Pirates and Princesses at Disneyland ParisThe festival features colourful floats, catchy tunes and infectious dances which saw Central Plaza erupt into a flood of joy and happiness with scenes that we had never quite seen before in the Parisian resort.

How will the festival react to wintry conditions?

Whilst the precise dates of the festival are, as of yet, unknown. The statement does suggest that it will take place in the early part of the year. As we know, the Parisian winter can be particularly harsh with low temperatures being the normal every day with severe snow storms particularly likely in February. How will a season that was immensely successful during the Spring react to the colder climate? The short answer is that we do not know, we have never seen a season that is highly interactive run during the colder months and the Festival of Pirates and Princesses is a season that continually surprises us in almost every possible way. Yes, it is harder to envisage people dancing on Central Plaza in the middle of winter, but in March we all thought that it was hard to imagine happening at all.

Snow in Adventureland at Disneyland Paris

Stay tuned for more news about the Festival of Pirates and Princesses in the coming months.