Disneyland Paris announces a MARVELous summer

Disneyland Paris today announced the MARVEL Summer of Super Heroes that will take place from June 10th – September 30th 2018. This special season will close the 25th anniversary celebrations in spectacular style and will certainly be one of the key highlights of the 2018 offering at Disneyland Paris. Guests will see MARVEL characters make their Disneyland Paris debut including: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Star Lord and Doctor Strange as well as Disneyland Paris regular: Spider-Man. The Summer of Heroes also promises meet and greets as well as a new 360 degree stunt show in the Cinémagique theatre that will be certain to blow us all away.

MARVEL Summer of Heroes: A new season full of surprises!

Disneyland Paris are going heavy into these new seasonal celebrations, particularly those based around popular franchises such as Star Wars or MARVEL. This is truly a wonderful thing for the Disneyland Paris parks as new audiences will be attracted to the resort to enjoy these special offerings and also to fall in love with the Disneyland Paris we all know and love. MARVEL fans will love meeting their favourite super heroes over the course of the summer but the real highlight is the new show that will be taking place in the old Cinémagique theatre. Being able to watch the action-packed world of MARVEL come to life right in front of your eyes will be quite the impressive experience. The show also promises to be immersive and will literally take place all around guests. This feels like the evolution of stage shows at Disneyland Paris, we saw it beginning in Mickey and the Magician with the Lion King scene, but this will be the next-level of that and it certainly is something to be very excited about.

Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris poster

Whilst not much is known about the season so far, we do know that some of the brightest minds at Disneyland Paris and MARVEL are working on this exciting seasonal offering which can only raise expectations. MARVEL have rarely put a foot wrong and it would be unwise to think that they will be starting now.

A new audience and direction for Disneyland Paris

Also notable in the announcement of the Summer of Super Heroes was the location of this announcement: MCM Comic Con Londonthe announcement was targeted towards those most likely to be enticed by super hero adventures – comic book fans. This untapped audience by Disneyland Paris has a lot of potential to make this event extremely popular and to bring a reputation of being the home of MARVEL in Europe. With the new Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel opening in 2020, this audience is clearly going to be crucial to Disneyland Paris moving forward and it would be wise to say that this is clearly just the beginning; MARVEL and Disneyland Paris clearly have a very bright future ahead.

Iron Man at Marvel Summer of Heroes at Disneyland Paris

Another ‘must-see’ for 2018

Disneyland Paris’s 2018 schedule is fast filling up with exciting events planned for almost the entire year already. The MARVEL Summer of Heroes joins Season of the Force and the newly announced Disney FanDaze meaning that there truly is something for everyone at Disneyland Paris in 2018. Long may this current trend continue, Disneyland Paris might be 25 years old, but its best days are clearly still to come.