Disneyland Paris and the Environment

For Earth Day 2019, discover how Disneyland Paris works tirelessly to protect the environment.

As Europe’s leading tourist attraction, Disneyland Paris has taken various steps across the years to become increasingly sustainable. Every April, Disneyland Paris celebrates Earth Month with a dual goal of celebrating the steps the resort has taken so far in its sustainability goals, but also to encourage and celebrate initiatives throughout the company and its Cast Members.

2019 is a particularly poignant year as the resort begins its move away from single-use plastics. Indeed on April 18th, Disneyland Paris phases out its plastic straws and stirrers and in came paper straws made from 100% biodegradable materials. On June 23rd, Disneyland Paris removed its single-use plastic bags and introduced affordable reusable bags in three different sizes; these changes are in-line with new Environmentality schemes taking place across The Walt Disney Company.

This year, Disneyland Paris has also entered voluntary schemes run by the French Government which ranks hotels on a sliding scale based on the sustainability measures taken; 3 of the Disneyland Paris hotels received the highest A rating (Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe and Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch), and a further 2 hotels received a B rating (Disney’s Sequoia Lodge and Disney’s Newport Bay Club). For this scheme numerous factors are considered including: Climate Impact, Consummation of Water, Non-Renewable energy consummation and use of organic and environmentally-friendly products. With future reductions in single-use plastics (notably in the form of toiletries in hotel rooms which will become refillable bottles from June 2019), it will be interesting to see how these rankings are affected next year.

Whilst Disneyland Paris does have a dedicated team working on environmental-related projects, the efforts being taken by the resort are very much a team effort; lighting, for example, is being replaced across the resort by LED equivalents (these last much longer and are 95% efficient), a project being worked on by Imagineering teams.

Disneyland Paris is also taking additional responsibility to educate guests of environmental issues; a pre-show to the nightly Disney Illuminations show highlights the DisneyNature films which highlight the extraordinary natural environment of Earth. There are also nature trails in some of the Disney Hotels (most prominently at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch).

For Earth Month 2019, DLP Town Square was invited to spend a day with the Disneyland Paris environmental teams to find out just some of the ways Disneyland Paris is building a sustainable resort and the work that goes on backstage to bring these sustainable initiatives to life.

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