Disneyland Paris amends cancellation policy after UK puts France arrivals on quarantine

Starting on Saturday 15th August, arrivals in the UK from France must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival back in the United Kingdom. France has put a similar quarantine arrangement in place for arrivals from the United Kingdom.

With many guests due to arrive in Disneyland Paris from the United Kingdom, the new Disneyland Paris ‘Zen’ booking policies have been updated to take into account these new arrangements.

Arrivals within 7 days

You may cancel, or amend, your holiday (including travel and insurance when booked through Disneyland Paris) without any fees or penalty. In the event of moving an arrival date, guests will pay any difference in price for the holiday (if it is a higher price). Alternatively they will receive a refund for the difference if the holiday comes in at a lower price.

Arrivals within 14 days

The same policy applies and is known as the “Zen Guarantee”.

What to do?

It is impossible, at this moment, to predict how long this new arrangement will last. However, these booking conditions represent perhaps some of the best in the industry allowing families to enjoy their holidays at a later date without a large financial deficit.

More information about the new terms and conditions are on the UK version of the Disneyland Paris website.