Disney FanDaze is a new series of events that will take place at Disneyland Paris from June 2018. Designed specifically for the fans, each event is a date with magic that no fan will want to miss and will feature exclusive characters, special foods, limited edition merchandise and much more! This page is your ultimate guide to Disney FanDaze.

Disney Characters!

Confirmed Disney Characters at Disney FanDaze include:

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Daisy Duck



Duffy the Disney Bear



Clarabelle Cow

Horace Horsecollar

Clara Cluck

Roger Rabbit

Eddie Valiant








Hiro Hamada

Big Hero 6 characters

Shan Yu

Li Shang





Elena of Avalor


Mr. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible





Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Ortensia *World Premiere*



George Sanderson





Darkwing Duck

Goof Troop


Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers

Characters from Atlantis

Characters from Treasure Planet

Scrooge McDuck




Launchpad McQuack

Dance your Ducktales Parade

More than 40 performers will bring this energetic parade to life which will feature an original song and will include amazing hot air balloons!

PJ’s DJ Party

Have a wonderful night as you dance it all away in Production Courtyard!

Max Live! Gettin’ Goofy with it

This night time spectacular is going to be the highlight of the night. Join Max in a new outfit alongside other Disney friends.

Jumba & Pleakley’s Mission: Stitch!

A unique experience for Disney FanDaze as Stitch Live! will, for one night only, be presented by Jumba and Pleakley

Oh my, Ortensia!

Oswald and Ortensia are coming to Hollywood Boulevard. They’ll be followed by photographers and newsboys

The Farewell Street Party

A final farewell as a parade of over 80 characters takes to the streets of the Walt Disney Studios Park

Oswald’s Sing-along Challenge

Take to the stage in Animagique theater and prove your singing voice. You could win some amazing prizes!

Questions and Answers

When will Disney FanDaze take place?

There are many events planned, however only the first has been announced for Saturday 2nd June 2018

What can I expect at the Inaugural Party?

There will be over 50 characters, a DuckTales parade, a Max concert, exclusive ride time, limited edition merchandise, special food and drink and much more! It’s going to be an unmissable event.

Can I come in costume?

YES! It’s even encouraged! Come in your DisneyBound and show the world how much of a Disney fan you are!

Please note that Disneyland Paris have provided the following rules for your costume:

Disneyland Paris FanDaze Costume Guide

This all sounds great! How do I find out more?

There are a few very simple ways to find out more information about Disney FanDaze:

Disney FanDaze Packages and Pricing

This grid breaks down prices and packages for Disney FanDaze. Individual party tickets go on sale in the Spring of 2018.

Disney FanDaze package comparison grid

Photos and Videos

Latest News

Disney FanDaze Visual with Oswald and Ortensia

Full details on the lineup of the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party!

Disneyland Paris have today released the full details of the Disney FanDaze Inaugural party including which characters will be there, full line up of shows and special events and even a few interesting suprises!

Read the press release>>

Animagique Theater at Disneyland Paris

NEW: Exciting news about Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party!

Because Disney FanDaze is all about the extraordinary, we have two, yes, two brand new revelations for you!

Ever dreamt of meeting a real life Disney Imagineer? Just zoom over to Animagique Theatre for a conference with the brains behind our iconic lands, attractions and shows.

This night only, you’ll also have the chance to be the brightest star on one of the most famous stages in Walt Disney Studios Park – Animagique Theater. So warm up your vocal cords for a magical Sing-Along contest. It’ll be so much fun, and if you hit the right notes, you could win some exciting prizes, and more!

Hades at Disney FanDaze at Disneyland Paris - Heroes and Villains Alley

NEW: Heroes and Villains Alley

If you’re a fan of Disney Heroes, you’ll love seeing them work their crime-fighting magic in Heroes and Villains Alley. The Disney Villains have had it too easy for too long. And now they’re in for the shock of their evil existence because, for the first time ever, their righteous rivals swoop in to save the day. Have your camera ready to capture the action. And watch out for that swing – you might get caught in the middle of a brawl

Disney FanDaze: The Ultimate Fan Event at Disneyland® Paris

The inaugural festivities will take place during the first weekend in June 2018

Read the full press release >

Disney FanDaze Logo

Disney FanDaze: Announcement

Disney FanDaze a new series of ultimate fan experiences, specifically for Disney Fans!

Read the full press release >

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